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  • Kate 12:19 on 2017/05/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Shane Kenneth Maloney was given a ten-year sentence Thursday but has already served a lot of it behind bars. TVA calls him a baron de la cocaïne.

    • Ian 14:02 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      What, just a Baron? You’d think a monopoly over an entire country would rate him an Earl or at the very least Viscount.

    • Viviane 14:34 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      “Baron de la cocaïne” comes from the idiom “baron de la drogue”, which means “drug lord”.

    • Ian 08:15 on 2017/05/12 Permalink

      Yes, yes, I know, but we need some specificity in ranks :)

  • Kate 12:16 on 2017/05/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Notes on road closures in the Sud-Ouest and adjoining areas this weekend – not flooding-related – ; the Mercier will have limited lanes.

    Friday update: flooding-related road closures from TVA.

  • Kate 09:57 on 2017/05/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Corey Fleischer erases hate graffiti on a volunteer basis. Now he’s off to do the same in Toronto, which is why he’s in the news this week, although local anglo media have covered his activities before.

    • Bill Binns 15:01 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      All graffiti is hate graffiti. Kudos to the guy though. The less of any kind of graffiti the better.

    • Kate 00:07 on 2017/05/12 Permalink

      All graffiti is hate graffiti.

      See Bill Binns, nobody has been trolled.

    • Bill Binns 10:19 on 2017/05/12 Permalink

      @Kate – I’m not trolling anybody. I honestly have a strong opinion against ALL graffiti of all kinds. I don’t draw a big distinction as to the content of the graffiti. It is all an aggressive attack on property rights. Theft in a way. Accuse me of being repetitive and predictable if you like but I’m not trolling. Is Ephraim trolling with his predictable and frequent responses to every thread here that involves Airbnb? I don’t think so.

    • Kate 11:44 on 2017/05/12 Permalink

      Bill Binns, you’re wilfully missing a point here. Fleischer is erasing swastikas and other graffiti directed at definable groups. Worship of property rights is not the point of what he does.

    • Bill Binns 14:27 on 2017/05/12 Permalink

      @Kate – “Fleischer is erasing swastikas and other graffiti directed at definable groups.”

      Great! I support him 100%. He is volunteering his time and equipment to make the city a better place. If he was taking donations I would send him a check. I am just as offended by swastika graffiti as you, Mr Fleischer or the ADL. The only difference here is that I am equally offended by some asshole’s scrawled tag. That does not put us at cross purposes. I don’t care if this guy limiting himself to removing racist graffiti, red graffiti or graffiti on bridges. I am all for his efforts.

      If your point is that this guy is against racist graffiti but is a connoisseur of non-racist “street art”, I highly doubt it unless his appreciation is financially motivated. He owns a business scrubbing the stuff off.

      You act as though opposition to vandalism is some kind of extreme, provocative position only a “troll” could hold. If you have locks on your doors you “worship property rights” every bit as much as I do (at least for your own property).

    • Kate 14:29 on 2017/05/12 Permalink

      No, my position is that “all graffiti is hate graffiti” is a trollish statement.

    • jeather 19:11 on 2017/05/12 Permalink

      That’s super nice that you think a tag is as bad as a swastika, I’m sure that’s an easily defensible position because after all, both of them were used for genocide.

  • Kate 01:26 on 2017/05/11 Permalink | Reply  

    SPVM cops plan to hold a protest march around the celebrations May 17 for the city’s birthday.

    • Ian 09:20 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      I’d like to wish a “sauce for the goose” scenario on them where the SQ wades in with matraques and pepper spray, but that won’t happen.

    • Ephraim 09:45 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      There are days that I just wonder if maybe we should just give up and let the SQ do the city’s policing.

    • Kate 09:51 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      I think it’ll be refreshing just to see them on foot rather than cruising in their cars.

    • SteveQ 09:54 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      Indeed, it is amazing to see the most privileged of our society’s employees constantly whine and wanting to disrupt the very same employer that gives them all these benefits etc…

      And while they seem to enjoy marching and since spring is here, why not put the cars in the garage and make them patrol our streets and neighborhoods by foot and/or bike. The city would at least save on gas !

    • Ian 14:03 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      In spiffy uniforms like 1950s beat cops, at that.

  • Kate 00:39 on 2017/05/11 Permalink | Reply  

    The new development on Cabot Square is to be called Le Square Children’s.

    • Ian 09:21 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      Whoah, an apostrophe? How will the French language survive this indignity?

    • Blork 09:23 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      *Face palm.* OK, I can see it’s a reference to the hospital, but what an awkward and ugly name. FFS!

    • Uatu 09:39 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      Bahahaha! I can just imagine the rich d-bag condo owner trying to pickup somebody​…”hey wanna come back to my place at le square children’s” … Such a dumb name, but has the advantage of making the slimeball pickup artist sound like a pedophile :P

    • ant6n 11:23 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      I still don’t get where those 30% green space are supposed to be

    • Viviane 14:53 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      A square is a public garden or public space (like Cabot Square), not a building complex.

    • Viviane 15:24 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      Then again, there’s the nearby complex called “Westmount Square”, which isn’t translated as “Square Westmount” in French. But I’m not a fan of “Children’s Square” either.

    • Taylor C. Noakes 16:27 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      Notice the website has been fully translated into Cantonese or Mandarin… know your audience I suppose

    • Jonathan 20:43 on 2017/05/12 Permalink

      @Taylor, what are you suggesting with that comment?

  • Kate 00:36 on 2017/05/11 Permalink | Reply  

    The Gilles-Villeneuve track won’t be completely closed to cyclists this summer after all, although it’s not clear how often it will be accessible.

  • Kate 00:29 on 2017/05/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Barack Obama is to come give a speech at the Palais de Congrès next month.

    • Hamza 00:37 on 2017/05/11 Permalink


    • Tim 09:24 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      Is there any mention how much he is going to be paid for this engagement?

    • John B 09:29 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      @Tim: Nope. According to the Gazette article, The Montreal Board of Trade, or (“Chambre de commerce du Montréal métropolitain” according to the Journal – are those two the same thing?), was asked how much they’re paying him, but didn’t immediately provide an answer.

      They do say his speaking fees are usually around $400k.

    • JaneyB 11:46 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      How do people justify speaking fees of $400k? Really, that’s ridiculous for anyone.

    • Tim 12:43 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      @JaneyB: The person speaking is justified as there is actually somebody willing to pay that sum.

      I think the real question is how can anyone justify paying somebody $400k for speaking?

    • Ian 14:04 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

      Ex-Presidents have been charging for public speaking since Gerald ford, This isn’t new. Even Mulroney makes decent coin showing up and blathering.

    • ant6n 23:39 on 2017/05/11 Permalink

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