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  • Kate 19:54 on 2017/05/04 Permalink | Reply  

    The trial of Jonathan Mahautière in the killing of Gabrielle Dufresne-Élie has resulted in a hung jury and a mistrial, meaning a new trial must be held. TVA link plays video.

    Mahautière had admitted he killed Dufresne-Élie, so the jury’s task was to decide between murder and manslaughter. But no one can know exactly what passed through someone else’s mind when they killed another. The killer himself may be unable to remember, let alone analyze the state of mind that led to the act. How can any jury agree on a verdict like this when there’s no objective evidence, only the results to go by? They can only rely on their own feelings and biases over what constitutes action, motive and choice.

  • Kate 11:42 on 2017/05/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Pavages d’Amour, roundly criticized for its slapdash snow removal last winter in Sud-Ouest, has been hired by the city to do some excavation and paving work in Outremont.

  • Kate 11:34 on 2017/05/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A chronic Montreal story: tears in the stadium roof are on the increase.

    • Ephraim 14:10 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      And tears in the eyes of the taxpayers.

    • ant6n 15:18 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      Can we rename taxpayers back to people please

    • Kevin 17:55 on 2017/05/05 Permalink

      Nah, too many people don’t pay taxes

    • ant6n 20:43 on 2017/05/05 Permalink

      Everybody pays taxes.

    • Kate 22:13 on 2017/05/05 Permalink

      ant6n, some people weasel out of paying taxes.

    • Bill Binns 22:32 on 2017/05/05 Permalink

      And some people live out their entire existence living off of public money while making children who will do the same.

    • Ian 10:31 on 2017/05/06 Permalink

      Not much of a living – I take it you’ve been on benefits a lot in your life, Bill? When I was a kid we used to regularly get to decide whether to pay the electricity bill or eat that month. Conflating that with the kinds of people that live high on the hog off corrupt city contracts is not only offensive, it’s absurd. A construction magnate that lives in a 2 million dollar house and pays 0 taxes is a far cry from someone living on $572 a month.

  • Kate 10:59 on 2017/05/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A man convicted in 1996 of multiple rapes in and around Toronto has served his full sentence and is now living near McGill under various conditions enumerated in the article.

    Update: The Journal also covers the story. The headline implies the building is a student residence, which it isn’t – it’s an apartment building that happens to be near McGill, but it’s not student housing. This article also says Michael Giroux will be moving somewhere else shortly.

    Both these articles illustrate the story with the same picture of Giroux as a young man, but he’s now 55 and has done twenty years in prison. Would be interesting if someone caught a picture of how he looks now.

    • MtlWeb39 20:21 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      This guy sounds like a real wacko; vicious and without any remorse. Why the he** did he come to Montreal.

    • Kate 20:34 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      You’re allowed to write “hell” on this blog, MtlWeb39.

      Maybe it’s that Montreal is simply more affordable than Toronto?

    • Ephraim 06:43 on 2017/05/05 Permalink

      Maybe he was just hoping for a fresh start. While we generally believe that recidivism rates are high in the case of sex crimes, statistics show that they may actually be as low as 25% in 15 years (higher in the case of molesters). See https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/misunderstood-crimes/

    • rue david 14:02 on 2017/05/05 Permalink

      ^ a serial rapist pretty much has to be both a hardcore pervert and a psychopath – two things that seem incurable.

    • Ian 10:35 on 2017/05/06 Permalink

      @MtlWeb39 probably the same reason Karla Homolka moved here. Quebec is more insular, anonymity is easier to achieve than elsewhere in Canada.

  • Kate 10:50 on 2017/05/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Philippe Couillard has lent his support to Denis Coderre’s desire to squash municipal referendums, with equally vague and hand-wavy talk about mécanismes de consultation which will undoubtedly stop short of the popular ability to simply say no.

    They take us for fools, and we re-elect them.

    • Fab Pine 12:43 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      They’re federalists, and we’re one-issue voters.

    • Kate 13:06 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      That doesn’t account for municipal politics. I still can’t quite forgive this city for re-electing Gérald Tremblay in 2009, when we already knew he was a feeble mayor with corrupt underlings.

      Incidentally, “Fab Pine” – you’re also Brenda and, I suspect, qatzelok. Please don’t play games like this with me and my blog, it’s bullshit.

  • Kate 10:20 on 2017/05/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A May 17 show at the Bell Centre being produced by Lucie and Luce Rozon, twin sisters of Gilbert, is already running a loss despite having reduced the price of tickets. A long list of local celebrities is on the bill for the show, presented as Montreal’s big birthday party.

  • Kate 10:16 on 2017/05/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A notorious east-end crack house has been bought by a community nonprofit and will be converted into social housing.

  • Kate 10:03 on 2017/05/04 Permalink | Reply  

    The “first Friday” food truck event has been cancelled because of expected rain. Environment Canada is already warning us about rain starting Friday morning and expected to last all weekend.

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