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  • Kate 13:04 on 2017/05/03 Permalink | Reply  

    The mayor of Anjou says that a recent pothole-filling exercise was a total waste of time. Lionel Perez disagrees.

  • Kate 12:58 on 2017/05/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Students discarding junk on the sidewalks of the McGill ghetto at the end of term are sharply criticized for leaving a mess for others to clean up.

    • Ephraim 13:45 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      Yeah, this is effective, complain to the newspaper in French, because that will fix the problem. How about discussing with the city, the universities and other residents on a plan to solve the problem… I don’t know, how about a door-to-door flyer (bilingual), delivered just after term starts that explains garbage days, how it works, where to call for large item pick-up etc.

    • Blork 13:46 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      Before anyone makes a wisecrack about millennials, it should be noted that this story has basically been on “repeat annually” for at least 30 years. (Although it does seem to be getting worse, but that’s a subjective opinion.)

    • Viviane 14:05 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      How is this different from the day after moving day in July?

    • Bill Binns 15:00 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      I think it’s worse now because nobody picks this stuff up due to the risk of bedbugs. The first building I lived in when I came to town had a lot of Concordia students and the super used to actually put leftover furniture in the parking garage for a few days for residents to pick over before moving it to the sidewalk. Even the stuff that did make it out to the sidewalk was rarely still there when the truck came.

      I am much more concerned with the pets that are abandoned by students every year than the furniture.

    • ste.ph 15:30 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      Under the current system the city could fine the landlords, let the landlords chase after the tenants. Would it be too much trouble to set-up a residence registry? There’s no reason the state & city shouldn’t know who lives where and start holding tenants responsible for garbage like this. It could also double as the Lease Registry tenants rights activists have been asking for.

    • Ephraim 16:12 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      @ste.ph – One of the things that I would like to see done is a rebate for renters that requires them to declare rent paid on their tax forms. This way we can see if the landlords are declaring the income. And it would be easier to follow the unpaid taxes for commercial use, like AirBnB. It would also solve this kind of problem.

  • Kate 08:56 on 2017/05/03 Permalink | Reply  

    This is an odd one. Denis Coderre’s son Alexandre told his father he was the victim of identity theft, so the mayor called the police. But he wasn’t, and now he faces charges.

    • Zeke 11:09 on 2017/05/03 Permalink


      And from whom exactly would the son have learned that it is easier to lie, than to own up to past digressions?

    • Ian 11:17 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      Addiction is real, however the addiction culture that comes up with terms like “cyberdépendance” minimizes the severity of real addiction as opposed to simple poor impulse control.

      I am reminded of the old gag from the Simpsons, “I’m like a chocaholic, but for alcohol!”

    • Clément 11:39 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      He didn’t just call “the police”, he actually called Philippe Pichet directly. It must be great to the have the head of SPVM on speed-dial to handle personal matters.

      “Hey mon ti-phil, c’est ton boss. Pat Lagacé me fait chier avec des tickets pas payés, occupe-toi en donc.”

      “Hey mon ti-phil, c’est ton boss. Mon gars est dans le trouble, règle-moi donc ça.”

    • Kate 13:12 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      Great dialogue, Clément.

    • Viviane 19:44 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      Even when there is no physical addiction, people do become addicted to the adrenaline or dopamine rush they experience, for example, whenever they place a bet, make a new purchase, beat the highest score, etc.

    • Kate 11:24 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      Yes, but where do you draw the line? If those who can’t (or find it more pleasurable not to) use their willpower are excused on the basis of some sort of illness, why do we still put people in jail?

      I don’t know the answer and nobody does. But it’s an interesting question.

  • Kate 08:50 on 2017/05/03 Permalink | Reply  

    The Rivière des Prairies has risen and flooded parts of Pierrefonds and Île Bizard.

    Thursday update: Flooding is dominating local news with more rain in the forecast starting Friday morning. An entire island in the Rivière des Prairies with several dozen homes on it has been submerged. TVA says bluntly le pire est à venir (video report and text).

    CBC found a professor to say these floods are the result of an unusual concatenation of circumstances.

    • Fab Pine 11:31 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      Most of the homes that are flooding were built in a way that blocks the view of the water from the general population. And yet the general population is asked to bail them out financially year after year. It should be made illegal to build on the waterfront, and the homes that are there now should be re-located to higher ground. Waterfront parks serve both the general interest AND they avoid this kind of fake homesteading on floodplains.

    • Michael Black 16:20 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      The CBC now has a story saying the weekly market in St Anne de Bellevue, which was supposed to move outside after a winter in church this Saturday, is staying inside this weekend. Outdoors, it’s by the waterfront, but that’s either underwater, or close enough. I don’t remember a flooding problem out there before.

      Some of the annual flooding is related to ice, it’s starts to break up but then jams a point so the water behind it can’t go anywhere but to land. But this year seems extra, the rain actually becoming a component.


    • Max 21:22 on 2017/05/04 Permalink

      Yup, it’s pretty soggy out in Sainte-Anne’s. The park a bit west of the bus terminal. The boardwalk beside the summer location of the farmer’s market. Shots taken yesterday.

  • Kate 00:41 on 2017/05/03 Permalink | Reply  

    Yves Francœur, head of the police brotherhood, says the Quebec Liberal Party asked if he’d like to run in the Montreal riding currently held by Robert Poëti – which Poëti has not vacated – the implication being a quid pro quo so Francœur wouldn’t reveal his allegation that two PLQ MNAs (one still sitting) should be investigated for fraud. The PLQ denies making the offer, which Radio-Canada is pretty sure was made by Patrice Ryan, son of the late Claude. Francœur says he turned Ryan down like a bedspread; in his turn, Ryan also denies the offer ever happened.

  • Kate 00:26 on 2017/05/03 Permalink | Reply  

    So we’ll get the new Champlain finished, then replace part of the Mercier, and that will be followed by nearly a billion sweet simoleons spent on refurbishing the Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine tunnel starting in 2020.

    And unless I’m mistaken, none of these vast projects includes a public transit element.

    • Tim F 06:34 on 2017/05/03 Permalink

      The Champlain does; I didn’t hear anything about a dedicated bus lane for the Mercier; definitely not for the tunnel as it’s only shoring up what’s already there.

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