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  • Kate 15:51 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro (the paper) has a question-answering section: Wednesday they responded to a query about where metro trains are parked at night.

    • EmilyG 16:48 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      Thank you for the article link. I’m a bit of a public transit nut and I find this information cool to know. I’m not sure which metro station the Youville place mentioned in the article is near, though.

    • Kate 17:07 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      The Youville transit installation covers a few blocks north of Crémazie and east of St-Laurent. I’ve been inside – it’s pretty amazing. Here’s an earlier blog post about changes at Youville.

      I won a contest held in November 2011 for a night-time visit to the shops and the tunnels, and I brought Ben Soo who took a bunch of photos.

      There’s a special tunnel spur from Youville into the orange line, and I believe also down under Jarry Park to the blue line. If you’re ever on Jarry beside the park you may notice a little cabanon sort of thing there. That’s an entrance to the secret spur.

      That Youville land has been a transit workshop for decades. A man who lived in my apartment between 1937 and 1957 was a night watchman over there.

    • ant6n 18:22 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      The Montreal Track map shows the connections schematically: http://emdx.org/rail/metro/PlanReseauMetroMontreal.pdf

      You can tell the location of the connection to the Blue line by looking for the blue hydrants that the Metro uses to get water down to the tunnels in an emergency, they basically mark where the tunnels are:

      Here’s one at the North side of Jarry: https://goo.gl/maps/QsQJV6aGtpK2
      Here’s one a bit further North, at Clark/Guizot: https://goo.gl/maps/TXpKCyKT8YT2
      And one further North, just West of St-Laurent: https://goo.gl/maps/ZMzUwdsSN5t

    • Jack 21:23 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      I just was on the Blue line and the driver left the door open to talk to a friend.I wish I had that view more often, very cool.

    • Mathieu 10:24 on 2017/04/20 Permalink

      If you look to your right on the Blue line goin from Castelnau to Parc, you’ll see where the entrance to the tunnel is. As for the Orange line, you can see it at the end of where the trains are parked between Crémazie and Sauvé.

    • EmilyG 17:52 on 2017/04/20 Permalink

      Thank you.

  • Kate 11:11 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    A majority of city councillors have never consulted their ethics advisor since the 2013 election. Guy Gilbert isn’t kept busy: he answered 21 calls in 2016. The law professor mentioned in the piece says that ethics have never been a major concern in Montreal’s culture.

  • Kate 11:03 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    An art piece by Michel De Broin using doors from old metro cars will be installed this fall on the Quartier des spectacles.

  • Kate 10:12 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The city posted a surplus of $139 million for 2016. There was also a record investment in infrastructure.

  • Kate 01:59 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The recent snap French tests imposed on international students here are being called a violation of rights and racial profiling by spokesmen David Chalk and Fo Niemi.

    • ant6n 07:23 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      This is is wrong. Once they pass the CSDM French classes, that ‘proves’ the medium language ability, which they took in good faith. If their language ability isn’t in actuality good enough, the government should accuse the schools of fraud, not the students.

    • Ian 12:07 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      Agreed – since when does the government apply a second level of certification on top of that of an accredited educational program, post-graduation?

    • Kate 11:01 on 2017/04/20 Permalink

      It’s a weird tale. I think the government suspects the English commissions of giving substandard French instruction and qualifications, and that this extra testing was intended more as a trap for this situation. But using vulnerable international students as the bait is very dubious.

  • Kate 01:47 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The Washington Post has a touristy piece on Montreal posted a few days ago although explicitly written last fall.

  • Kate 01:44 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Côte-des-Neiges-NDG borough has announced an upgrade of roads around Le Triangle including a park that was originally promised years ago.

    Still no news on two other things in that general area: the progress of ideas for the old Blue Bonnets land, and that massive mall monster proposed for 15-40.

    • carswell 09:19 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      TMR has just paved the way for the expropriation of the last remaining Royalmount parcel or two. Barring some totally unexpected development, the monster mall is going ahead.

    • Phil C. 09:47 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      There is nothing positive that can emerge from this. Local businesses will be cannibalized in favor of international chains, cars will clog the roads and we will be stuck with another mega mall. The connection to de la savane metro is just a TOD cover-up so the project can get approved.

      They can call it what they want, “lifestyle center” or whatever, but it’s the same 60s shit that we can’t seem to get enough of. The attitude of tmr surprises me sometimes. It’s like a suburb in the middle of our urban core.

    • carswell 10:24 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      @Phil C. – Couldn’t agree more. But when TMR looks at the project, they see dollar signs, especially in the form of property taxes. They also expect the mall to be a boon for the adjacent so-called industrial district, most of which lies within the town’s borders and which has been in search of a direction as the former industrial residents have closed or left. And, as the wall along the town’s east border shows, TMR doesn’t really care much about the rest of the city.

    • steph 12:41 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      At least the Royalmount Mall will be adjacent to a huge parking lot we call Decarie.

    • Fab Pine 17:56 on 2017/04/19 Permalink

      One small consolation regarding TMR’s lack of civic virtue… is that it’s so ugly. “For a million dollars, you can live in an over-scaled Carignan-style bungalow made of non-indigenous flagstone, and you’re right next to a real city!

  • Kate 01:42 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The Verdun beach construction is continuing but with a smaller budget – and not for this summer.

  • Kate 01:39 on 2017/04/19 Permalink | Reply  

    TVA says the new, as yet unopened CHUM buildings are already full of mould. Text and video report.

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