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  • Kate 18:44 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Seems we won’t see an STM fare hike this year.

    • Phil C. 09:56 on 2017/04/14 Permalink

      Music to my ears

    • js 19:58 on 2017/04/14 Permalink

      I wonder if the fees they charge advertisers raise proportionally to fare increases.

    • ant6n 19:52 on 2017/04/15 Permalink

      There’s probably an actual market for ads.

  • Kate 13:02 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre is spending a lot on his speechwriters – not only more than his predecessors, but more than the premier or prime minister. I’m mostly amused to find out that two people are working full time editing M. le Maire’s own writings.

  • Kate 11:18 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Newcomers to Quebec have paid high prices for vocational and language courses, while being told that the aggregate hours of study will qualify them for permanent residency. Now the Quebec government is summoning them for French tests which their lawyer says are punishing people who haven’t done wrong.

    As a commenter I saw somewhere observed, if you called up any random Quebecer for a snap French grammar test, what odds they too would pass?

    • Viviane 12:09 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      This was also an issue in the ROC five years ago.

    • Daniel 14:56 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      As someone who’s been through the CSQ application process, reading those articles gave me heart palpitations. I don’t have a single positive thing to say about the experience, and I’ll just leave it at that.

    • jeather 15:19 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      They are making a significant number of changes to what can get you to permanent residency based on a bunch of schools that fucked everyone over.

    • ant6n 20:04 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      I had the kind of work permit that allowed me to take classes at the CSDM for cheap. Quebec immigration allows taking them instead of tests. That was kind of nice.

  • Kate 11:01 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Bixi season is opening with 1000 more bicycles and 80 new stations although, as observed by Metro, no enlargement of its map coverage. Media are still giving time to the “news” from the IEDM that Bixi is not profitable, without the counterweight of fact that Bixi is a public service, not a profit-making venture.

    • Robert J 11:29 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      To be fair, they did need to fill in their coverage of certain neighbourhoods. At one point there were like 10 stations for all of Saint-Henri, which basically meant it wasn’t covered. If the stations aren’t close enough to each other, bike-share isn’t viable. It depends on being able to reliable find either a bike or a spot to park it. If stations are 300m apart on average that’s fine. Much more than that and it’s no longer feasible for casual use.

    • Kate 12:00 on 2017/04/13 Permalink


    • DeWolf 13:17 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      Any word on the pricing plans? At the moment only annual memberships are available, not the monthly or half-season plans they used to have. I guess we’ll found out on Saturday…

    • Kate 04:41 on 2017/04/15 Permalink

      DeWolf, I think it’s all here.

  • Kate 10:56 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Mondo kvetching about the rise in gasoline prices before the long weekend.

  • Kate 10:55 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    The Supreme Court will not hear an appeal from Hamed Shafia, who launched a claim he was wrongly tried in adult court for the murder of his sisters and his father’s first wife.

  • Kate 10:49 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Some possibly useful open and closed lists for the Easter weekend.

  • Kate 10:41 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    The A.V. Club has a piece today on why the Montreal bagel is best, with some history and photos.

  • Kate 01:48 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Montrealers are grouchy about the state of the roads and also about snow removal.

  • Kate 01:46 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Jean Roy has died. He was one of the founders of the Montreal Citizens’ Movement, which successfully dislodged the Civic Party in 1986.

  • Kate 01:38 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    The Crown is appealing the stay of the murder charge against Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham.

  • Kate 01:36 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Photos of a police cruiser stuck in a muddy pool in Baldwin Park made the social media rounds Wednesday. Apparently they were responding to reports of possible vandalism of the park chalet, but what the hell were they doing driving right across a park like this, especially when it’s all marshy from the spring thaw?

    We should have police who aren’t afraid to get out of their cars. I don’t mean riot police either. Just ordinary patrol officers.

    • Chris 07:48 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      But they’d get their clown pants all muddied! :)

    • ant6n 08:23 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      Police, responding to reports of vandalism in park, reportedly vandalize park.

    • Blork 10:03 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      Cops do not like to get out of their cars. Witness this cop car creeping around the fountain at Square St-Louis in October 2013:


    • Fab Pine 11:50 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      Not just policemen drivers, but also most non-policemen drivers don’t like to get out of their cars. It becomes part of your body. (Marshal Mcluhan: “Extensions and Amputations”)

    • paul 13:28 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      I live near this park and the police do it regularly. Their story doesn’t hold water either; if they wanted to get to the chalet it would have been much quicker to go via the adjacent road – their tire tracks indicate they were actually driving away from the chalet, not towards it.

  • Kate 01:32 on 2017/04/13 Permalink | Reply  

    Merchants on Bishop Street whose businesses are being blighted by a three-year construction site are taking the city and the STM to court. They want monetary compensation and other reparations.

    • Ian 07:25 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      That’s crazy talk, 42 months for a ventilation system? It took them less time to build the Guy-Concordia station in the first place.

    • Faiz Imam 10:36 on 2017/04/13 Permalink

      I pass by it regularly. All I can say is that whatever they are doing is a massive project. tons of equipment and constant passage of vehicles from the start.

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