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  • Kate 16:50 on 2017/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Place De Castelnau will be back this summer for the third time.

    • Jack 21:06 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      The project is now finally considered permanent.

  • Kate 12:28 on 2017/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    The Journal says two thousand pitbull permits have been given out in line with the new animal law.

    A woman in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu was seriously mauled by her own two dogs on Monday and will be in hospital for a long time.

  • Kate 12:27 on 2017/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    SPVM chief Philippe Pichet is testifying Tuesday at the Chamberland commission investigating police vs. journalists. It’s an important inquiry into a serious issue and I want to note that I’m not ignoring it, but that incremental posts on commissions, no matter how crucial, are seldom very interesting. I will note any surprises or any conclusions that come from it.

  • Kate 10:25 on 2017/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    A driver going the wrong way on autoroute 30 in Chateauguay caused a crash that killed four people early Tuesday. CBC floats the idea that this bit of highway is poorly signposted because it’s not the first such fatal mistake made in the area.

    • Blork 11:26 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      I’ve driven through that area, and yes, it’s badly signposted, just like pretty much everywhere in Quebec, although maybe a bit worse. I’ve taken wrong turns and/or missed turns, but never into an oncoming lane of traffic.

      That said, I’ve used those news reports and Google Maps to do an armchair forensic analysis, and it is difficult to understand how someone could accidentally go the wrong way on highway 30. Near the scene of the accident, the only way would be to defy the logic of the entry ramp and turn almost 180 degrees onto the highway.

      But if we go farther away and look at the intersection at highway 205 (Chemin de la Beauce), it is possible for an inattentive driver heading south on that road to turn prematurely and end up going the wrong way on the exit ramp (i.e., using it as an entry ramp). But I cannot believe that an experienced driver would make that mistake, although it was late at night so maybe things aren’t as clear then as they are in daylight. (See the dump truck in this Streetview image; it would require turning left and going down the ramp where the truck is coming off the ramp.)

      That would also require the car to have driven nine kilometres the wrong way on highway 30, which seems unlikely, but perhaps late at night that highway is deserted.

      Another possibility is a further 3.5 km west at the intersection of highway 236 (Boul. de l’Energie). It would be much easier to enter the wrong ramp there, because both the exit ramp and the entry ramp are adjacent to each other. In fact, in this Streetview image the turning arrow is very explicitly pointing at the wrong ramp:

      Still, you’d think the driver would notice the arrows painted on the road once he turned, or just get a sense of being on the wrong side of the highway, but who knows? And that means they drove 12.5 km the wrong way. But to me, this is the most likely scenario of the two.

      But one sure thing is that the WRONG WAY signage is woefully inadequate. Compare with such ramps in the U.S. or other parts of Canada, where there is a huge red sign (or two) that literally says WRONG WAY on such ramps.

    • mare 12:31 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      That would not pass the language police, but the Quebec wording of such messages is very weak, and the non-language signs (either the red round sign with white horizontal middle part, or the forward arrow slashed by a red line so you can’t see the arrow head very well) are used intermittently and hence not very clear. Those signs should be big, at both sides and repeated at least twice. But signs are expensive, are damaged every so often by snow removal trucks dumping loads of ice on them, not maintained, etc.

      Exits en entries should never just end in a right angle with the crossing road, but curved into the angle of traffic.There’s a standard cloverleaf design used in Europe everywhere. It uses a little more space but is much saver. But also more expensive to build.

      There’s so much room to lower preventable deaths in Quebec if only there was political will and money. And some better road and bicycle path designs.

    • SMD 13:09 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Re: visibility of road signage. There was an op-ed about this yesterday in Le Devoir with regards to pedestrian safety.

    • ste.ph 13:28 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      @ Blork, the driver turned left onto the highway at this intersection https://tinyurl.com/kgae874 . He traveled 600m the wrong way before the accident.

    • Blork 15:32 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Thanks ste.ph. I’m not sure why I hadn’t considered that, since it’s so close to the site of the collision. I guess it just seems so unlikely. At least in daylight it is very obviously clear that you’re ramping into on-coming traffic there.

    • mare 15:54 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      @blork I’ve seen this setup very often where it is a combined on/off ramp. The fact that the middle curb is shorter than the edge of the corner curb on both sides of the road makes it even easier to turn there.
      Also no sign under the traffic light indicating that left turns aren’t allowed. I’m sure there’s one on the right side of the road, but with such wide roads that’s almost invisible if you’re in the left lane.

      Those “no entry” signs should be huge, and repeated after 100 metres.


  • Kate 10:08 on 2017/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Michel Brûlé is launching his run for the mayoralty with a proposal to stop wasting money fixing potholes, make public transit free, and make the city strictly unilingual. It’ll be nice to have a comic sideshow as the elections draw closer.

    • Bill Binns 10:14 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      This American will again caution you against dismissing the fringe “too crazy to be elected” candidate. I imagine his message is music to the ears of many of my neighbors who insist on keeping Quebec Solidaire in power.

    • Kate 10:53 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Quebec solidaire isn’t in power. Not even close. They have a grand total of two members in the National Assembly, although since it’s likely that Gouin will elect Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois to fill the seat Françoise David vacated, they may soon have three.

    • Bill Binns 11:40 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      I may have used the wrong term but they are certainly in power in my neighborhood. My MNA is Masse. Judging by the adoring photos of Amir Khadir I see hung in my neighbors windows and front doors, they aren’t going anywhere soon.

    • ant6n 12:22 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      QS’s mission includes inclusion, not exactly compatible with unilingualism.

      Only a neoliberal would lump in social democrats with right-wing ethno-centric populists, with the subtle message of “only my capitalism will keep you free”.

    • Frederic Cardin 13:55 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Bill : you are confusing PQ with QS. Not the same thing.

    • Frederic Cardin 13:56 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      And certainly not the same policies and attitudes towards inclusion.

    • Douglas 15:49 on 2017/04/11 Permalink


      No! That is enough for me to vote against him. I can’t stand these french nationalists.

    • Kate 16:46 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Not a lot of French nationalists to be found around here, Douglas. They’re all busy supporting Marine Le Pen where French people hang out. In France.

    • Bill Binns 17:33 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      I see the PQ as the lesser evil than QS. The PQ has nothing to talk about except another referendum. QS sprung directly from full blown communism and hasn’t moved that far away from it since. The major legislative efforts of my MNA (who, instead of an education has a degree in theology) is a bill to not include child support payments as income when figuring out who gets to go on welfare and something about transgender children changing their sex on their birth certificate. I was not particularly fond of QS before but their quick success in stopping the elimination of the Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques riding was alarming and a tough blow to take. I will be donating money to whoever runs against them in my area, even if it’s the PQ.

    • Kevin 17:36 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Michel Brulé was the crank mayoral candidate in 2013, and would have run in 2009 but he was worried about splitting the sovereignty vote with his anti-anglo views after his publication of Anglaid. http://journalmetro.com/actualites/national/38878/michel-brule-celui-qui-a-langlais-comme-ennemi/

    • Kate 17:50 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Bill Binns, why was it important to you to see Ste-Marie-St-Jacques eliminated?

    • ant6n 18:18 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Neoliberals also don’t understand what communism is. It actually has a very simple definition: “communism is the collectivization of the means of production”.

      Show me that in the QS program, and then we can maybe discuss this insipid fear mongering.

    • Bill Binns 19:24 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      @Kate – I do not believe that I or many of the other folks in my neighborhood form a “natural community” with the huge Jeanne-Mance Housing projects. Nothing against those people. That is one of the nicest looking public housing projects I have ever seen but we have little in common. I liked the idea of being bundled with Westmount and NDG which has other people concerned about things like property tax rates and public safety.

    • Joe Mason 17:05 on 2017/04/12 Permalink

      My support for QS was slipping lately as they seemed to be veering toward separatism for the sake of it. Thanks, Bill Binns, for reminding me what’s really important here.

  • Kate 09:54 on 2017/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    A gas leak has shut Laurier West over the border between Outremont and the Mile End.

    • dhomas 16:00 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      That’s the third gas leak in about a week that’s been reported in around town. I wonder if this is a common occurrence at this time of year, or if something is going on with the gas company.

    • Kevin 19:04 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      There are roughly 900 gas leaks a year in Montreal, almost always because construction workers are clumsy.

      Why this fails to generate outrage I do not know.

  • Kate 09:51 on 2017/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Clémence Beaulieu-Patry was killed a year ago while at her job in a Maxi store. Her parents say they hope her death will raise awareness about violence against women. Due respect to the bereaved, but that’s something we already do know more than enough about, as such stories are in our media daily.

  • Kate 01:04 on 2017/04/11 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse says the city inspector general’s office is looking into contracts to upgrade traffic lights, which were divvied up and signed before this administration.

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