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  • Kate 23:19 on 2017/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Three more superclinics have opened, these being Gaëtan Barrette’s invention for taking pressure off hospital emergency rooms. I am not given confidence by the page for what should be my local one, the Clinique médicale 6930 Papineau (GMF Papineau et CLSC Villeray) – catchy, no? – which offers numbers for “Inscription au SANS rendez-vous” so you can get an appointment for the clinic without appointments.

    • JaneyB 10:53 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      This is a step in the right direction; now they need to make a couple of them 24 hour clinics. In another lifetime, I worked in a Toronto Emerg as a clerk. Between 8pm-8am, probably 90% of the many people who are waiting for hours could be treated at walk-in clinics but aren’t because there aren’t any open then. This contributes to the ‘hallway medicine’ visuals we are familiar with. And if they really want to fix things, they should run MRI clinics for 24 hours too. Pay a night premium for the techs and resolve the ‘backlog’. There is no reason that can’t be done.

    • mare 12:37 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      The backlog and waiting lists save money. A lot of people ‘go private’ and others just die while on the waiting list. If you don’t have doctors and specialists, you don’t have to pay them.

      We sent people through years of expensive study and then they can’t practice because there are no job openings. So they leave for other provinces or the US, where the pay is better too, the facilities are more modern and the stress is less.

  • Kate 23:16 on 2017/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    We’ll be getting a piece of art from Paris for that nameless but fairly prominent corner near the La Presse building. It looks like not much in the photo shown, but in autumn those honeylocust trees turn a brilliant yellow that chimes well with the gilded tips of the fence. I hope we don’t lose trees for this item, although it seems gloomily inevitable the parklet will be renamed to the greater glory of the Power Corporation of Canada.

    Let us fervently hope the art piece will be better than the monstrosity being wished on us by Quebec City for the anniversary.

    • rue david 02:39 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      yeah, hopefully the trees stay. really, i’d be embarrassed to bring the paris mayor to that park, just a hundred odd meters from an open freeway trench.

    • Lucas 08:50 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      At least the parklet won’t be named after another inept provincial politician – baby steps.

    • Uatu 09:38 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      “Power corporation” always struck me as a laughably over compensatory name…

      That teen statue installation makes the place look like a creepy pedophile park… Yuck

    • Frederic Cardin 13:58 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      “Let us fervently hope the art piece will be better than the monstrosity being wished on us by Quebec City for the anniversary.”

      Lol. That city hates Mtl so much, they purposefully gave us a eyesore so we’ll be stuck with it for decades…..

  • Kate 17:31 on 2017/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Part of St-Viateur is to close on May 21 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of St-Viateur Bagel.

    • Zeke 13:22 on 2017/04/11 Permalink


      Despite what the article says, I strongly doubt that the clientele for Saint Viateur Bagels is comprised mainly of “immigrants juifs, polonais, grecs et italiens.” Maybe back when Myer Lewkowicz, was the owner, but since then it has changed dramatically.

  • Kate 16:57 on 2017/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    A woman, not young, was knocked down by a driver Monday afternoon, a 90-year-old behind the wheel.

  • Kate 16:29 on 2017/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Oh yeah, the blog. Been outside. Local news is dull today.

    Going back outside. I’ll be back anon.

    Update: Mmm, the petrichor.

    • Blork 21:24 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      It was something like 24 C today, yet every 10th person I saw was wearing a bulky sweater, or a heavy coat with a scarf. I even saw a guy in a shearling coat. It’s like some people are completely unaware of their environment. Pay attention, people!

    • EmilyG 21:52 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      I saw a shirtless guy skateboarding near Jean-Talon market. Also, someone in sandals. As well as people on motorcycles.

    • Blork 22:01 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      Oh, I saw lots of that too. In fact, a nearby condo building that’s slightly lower than my office had its rooftop pool filled already, and there was a crowd of 20-somethings up there in their bathing suits lounging around and being very summery.

    • Tim F 22:49 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      All day meeting in an office tower in Anjou. Didn’t even make it out for lunch. Was it as good as I imagined?

    • Kate 01:40 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      Tim F, it was all summer in a day.

    • Tee Owe 02:17 on 2017/04/12 Permalink

      @Kate – Thanks for petrichor, had to look it up – evocative!

  • Kate 12:06 on 2017/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Sivaloganathan Thanabalasingham, who saw his murder trial stayed last week because of delays, is now before the immigration commission and may be sent back to Sri Lanka. Not a Canadian citizen, Thanabalasingham has already done time for assaulting his wife, and the judge’s stay of his murder trial may yet be appealed. In short, he is not by any means out of the woods yet.

    Update: Thanabalasingham has been ordered deported but he can appeal, and the item says it can take up to four years for this to work its way through the bureaucratic mill.

  • Kate 00:49 on 2017/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    There’s a plan afoot to have the 2026 soccer world cup jointly hosted by Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, and Denis Coderre wants Montreal to have a piece of the pie. The choice won’t be announced till 2020.

    • Bill Binns 05:27 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      Yes please. A chance to experience the economic miracle that swept across Brazil in 2014. Let’s get to work building some stadiums that will be used for a few days and then abandoned. It will be a great practice run for the eventual return of the summer Olympics to Quebec.

    • Faiz Imam 10:33 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      It’s interesting, i’ve been following this for years now. Canada first announced they were exploring a bid almost 3 years ago, and the joint bid rumours have been swirling for months.

      The comparisons to Brazil, South Africa and Qatar are inevitable, and in many ways warranted. Particularly the privatization of public spaces, corporate subsidies and other anti-democratic processes are a huge problem and needs to be confronted.

      But the best comparisons would be WC 1994 and the LA Olympics. In both those cases, almost all the infrastructure was pre-existing. Spending was limited to renovating facilities that were actively being used by professional teams, plus surrounding infrastructure that normal citizens could conceivably actually benefit from.

      Reading some online discussion on what the stadium choices would be, almost every single one is a gargantuan state of the art pre-existing stadium. Why build something new when Dallas already put $2 billion for a luxury NFL stadium just recently?

      It seems like Canada is an equal party in this, and will get quite a few games. The only stadium in Canada that really needs serious money is… DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN. The BigO.

      So a new round of talk of fixing up the BigO is on the horizon.

      Talking about the roof when there are no potential events has been political suicide thus far. Is spending $500 million on it with the concrete promise of a WC semi-final gonna be different?

      The overall bid is pretty much a lock, there are no other serious competitors. So I can’t imagine Trudeau, Coderre, and even whoever the provincial leader is in 2019 to tolerate a WC in North america that doesn’t involve Montreal.

      I was pro-renovating the stadium back when there was less solid use for it, so while i’m not 100% gung ho about a WC, i’m not against it either.

    • Bill Binns 12:44 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      @Faiz Imam – There is never ending hand wringing over the 15 mil a year Bernie sweats out of us for the Grand Prix. This is an event that reliably fills every bar, restaurant and hotel in the city for a solid 7-10 days with people who have money and love to spend it. It’s hard to imagine everybody being cool about sinking another half billion (estimated!) on a giant money sucking hole in the ground that a solid 50% of the population would like to see demolished just so we can host a couple of soccer matches.

      The only way anybody can hope to make financial sense out of such a plan is by attaching an arbitrary value to “Raising awareness of Montreal as a global city” or some such nonsense.

    • SMD 13:40 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      The Big O is fine for a couple of games. It hosted several for the women’s WC a couple of years ago. Just need to put down real sod, and make sure to draw the lines right…

    • Bert 13:46 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      Wasn’t there some sort of hoopla about the men’s WC requiring natural grass pitches? I guess a temporary grass field could be laid in the Olympic Stadium.

    • Kate 19:03 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      Bert, there was also a hoopla about why the women had to make do with artificial turf when the men got the real stuff.

    • Josh 19:03 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      Bert: There was indeed, and the women initiated legal proceedings to try to force the organizers of the women’s event in Canada to have them put down real grass. Obviously, they were unsuccessful.

      SMD: We might all think the Big O is fine for a few games, but this is FIFA’s showcase event. Brazil had a large number of pre-existing stadiums for their World Cup in 2014, but I believe all of the older ones were significantly renovated in the 2-3 years before the tournament.

      One interesting thing I’ll be watching for is how the marquee games will be divvied up. Clearly Mexico and Canada signed onto this thing with the expectation they’d get theirs, but there are only three games in the final two rounds to go around, and you have to think each country gets at least one semifinal.

      And once that’s determined, there’s the matter of each country deciding which city gets the big game. Gotta think that’s New York and Mexico City to start, but in Canada, there are two stadiums capable of hosting such a match – Montreal and Edmonton.

      One other question: Real grass or no, do they play men’s World Cup games inside? I can’t think of one that I’ve seen.

    • Josh 19:36 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      I stand corrected: The articles I’m seeing now say Canada and Mexico will get 10 games apiece, and the US will get the remaining 60, which would include all games from the quarterfinals on.

    • TC 19:49 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      I wonder which cities will host them. Plenty of cities are saying no to the Olympics, even if national governments may want them. Same could be true for the World Cup.

    • Kate 21:17 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      Depending how U.S. politics go it could be functionally impossible to hold a World Cup there by 2020 anyway. Too many players would be turned away at the border.

    • Josh 13:22 on 2017/04/11 Permalink

      TC: To host some World Cup games, all you need is a stadium. Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and maybe one or two others in the country could get ready with minimal prep. Being a host city for a handful of games is nothing like hosting the Olympics.

  • Kate 00:47 on 2017/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    The city inaugurated a new Place de Vimy Sunday in NDG Park. It seems wreaths were also placed at the cenotaph in Place du Canada. Pamplemousse shows us the memorial at the Grenadier Guards on Esplanade, a building most of us will have walked past without ever seeing inside.

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