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  • Kate 14:39 on 2017/04/09 Permalink | Reply  

    The BBC has a feature on the maple syrup industry. A factor they may not have noticed about the 1990s in the industry: did the damage from the 1998 ice storm spur producers on to become more organized?

  • Kate 12:44 on 2017/04/09 Permalink | Reply  

    Fans can pay their respects to Janine Sutto Sunday at city hall.

  • Kate 11:22 on 2017/04/09 Permalink | Reply  

    A demonstration against Bombardier is planned for Sunday afternoon, protesting the high salaries and bonuses the company gives its management out of the pockets of the taxpayer.

    • ant6n 17:10 on 2017/04/09 Permalink

      Also given out of the pockets of shareholders … 🙃
      (many Quebecers are shareholders in Bombardier in many ways they may not even know, mostly via retirement)

    • Bill Binns 10:24 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      I’m not happy at all about Quebec propping up Bombardier but like it or not we are all in the aerospace business. If you are going to be in that business, you have to compete with other companies for talent. That means you have to pay competitive wages and bonuses.

    • Blork 10:29 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      Bill Binns, every one of those “talented” executives are members of the same family. Talent has nothing to do with it when it comes to Bombardier; it’s a family business at the top.

    • Bill Binns 17:06 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      @Blork – Yep, that’s a whole different thing entirely. I shall now join the rabble that are pissed off about this.

  • Kate 01:49 on 2017/04/09 Permalink | Reply  

    The Centre d’histoire looks back at the origins of Parc Lahaie and Enfant-Jésus church in 1898 this weekend.

    Gilles Proulx talks about the massacre des Irlandais of 1843. My great-great-grandfather was working in Beauharnois at the time – not long off the boat from Ireland – and my great-grandmother was born there that year. I’ve no idea whether William Bennett was involved in the strike Proulx describes, but it seems likely; unfortunately, no story about it was passed down to me.

    The Main blog has a good piece on the history of the Monument-National.

    On Radio-Canada, Jeff Yates points out that Montreal was only incorporated as a city in 1832, and elected its first mayor, Jacques Viger, in 1833. Not only that, but humans had lived on parts of the island for millennia before 1642, making the claim of a 375th anniversary a little hollow and arbitrary. An interesting read.

    Speaking of history, there’s a lot of complaint about a current CBC historical drama series called “The Story of Us”, with even the premier demanding an apology. I haven’t seen any of it – anyone got an opinion?

    • JaneyB 10:02 on 2017/04/09 Permalink

      Interesting. I’ll have to check out the CBC but all the flack doesn’t bode well. You’d think they’d have consulted with some Quebec academics at least. Really, how hard is that? Also, I wonder why they did another such series in the first place. ‘Canada: A People’s History’ was a 30 hour epic and was really well-received by everyone as I recall. I think it was incorporated into school history classes too.

    • Michael Black 11:16 on 2017/04/09 Permalink

      If it’s ten hours, something will get left out. If it’s 30 hours, people will tune out.

      It’s likely no better or worse than something else, someone’s likely to complain no matter what. History doesn’t set out to be historical, it’s just something people do. People just doing something may sound very different from how the history books cover it. And I’m sure some complain because history is being told differently, so they aren’t so much arguing a point than “that’s not the way they taught us in school”. My vague memory of high school history is that Louis Riel was treated as a French Canadian hero, but as family history it’s very different. Especially different because the traditional history is propaganda, the “Rebellion” demonized because it got in the way of Canada.

      I watched the second part (I’d forgotten for the first part) and it skipped around. Each episode seems to have a theme, rather than a period in history. So it’s possible that the show will return to some bits now declared “too short”. Indians are often treated as there at the beginning, and then gone, but it was an ongoing process as Europeans moved west. If nothing else, they represent “multiculturalism” before there was a Canada here. But often history treats them as a chapter, as it does other events.

      I don’t know why we have famous people talking about history, but I read that this is a style being used elsewhere for history shows.

      In 1967 there was a Confederation Train. A sort of multimedia history museum that travelled the country (trucks were used instead if trains in some places). I think it was the bit about Irish immigrants during the famine that gave me nightmares. There were probably complaints then, but it wasn’t meant to be detailed. Just get some history out there. This how is probably the same thing, a marker for the 150th, a reminder that there was a past, and that while trains were once really important to Canada, now they aren’t. It can’t all be party time this year.


    • ant6n 20:03 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      @Kate The Gazette article doesn’t seem to mention the Prime Minister (demanding an apology), unless you mean the one from Nova Scotia.

    • Kate 20:22 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      @ant6n OK, the headline said “Couillard government” not the man himself.

    • ant6n 22:34 on 2017/04/10 Permalink

      Oh I indeed … I was trying to find hard where it makes the reference in the article, and totally missed the headline. Maybe their headliner-writer screwed up?

  • Kate 01:32 on 2017/04/09 Permalink | Reply  

    A woman is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle in Rosemont Saturday evening, but the odd part of this story is that she may have been hit twice by different vehicles. Police are still questioning witnesses.

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