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  • Kate 22:05 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Radio-Canada has discovered that, during the mid-March snowstorm that stranded so many people on autoroute 13, director general Martin Prud’homme was leaving for a vacation, and one of his few possible replacements was at a party. These two were higher up than Michel Lapointe, now notorious for having been at a notary’s office signing papers for his real estate empire.

    [NB Radio-Canada has since retracted its claims about Prud’homme’s holiday.]

    The vacuum at the top of the SQ during this affair sucked, so we’re fortunate that nothing worse than a snowstorm hit the city while the bosses were in absentia.

    If one good thing comes out of this, there should be a new rule saying an SQ officer can’t have a second parallel job. Radio-Canada also reports that Prud’homme himself ran a trucking and snow clearing business for twelve years while on the force, a situation that may not only have divided his attention, but could have meant conflict of interest. Martin Coiteux says if the force doesn’t make it a rule, he’ll pass a law.

    Update: TVA says Prud’homme not only maintains he was in his office working throughout and that the snow removal company was essentially a harmless little hobby for his dad. TVA link plays video.

    Another update: Le Devoir says Prud’homme is defending his staff but also that he’s hedging on the key question who was in charge that night because the matter is under investigation.

  • Kate 17:21 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Allison Hanes writes about what’s revealed and what isn’t when municipal plans are presented to the public. (But I think she means “marquee project” unless a French nobleman is involved.)

    • Blork 17:35 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      Also, I doubt anyone will “chop down” 1000 trees at Parc Jean-Drapeau, unless they coordinate that with a lumberjack competition.

    • Kate 17:54 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      Well, that’s a manner of speaking, it’s not wrong. Take down? Saw down? What phrase would you prefer?

    • ant6n 18:29 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      chomp down

    • Viviane 19:44 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      According to the CBC, the trees will be cut down.

  • Kate 15:32 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre is defending $24 million for Formula E.

    After all, that’s a pittance compared to what he’ll be spending on baseball.

    • Daniel 15:52 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      “We’re changing the culture, we want cars but we want electric cars. We want taxis, but we want electric taxis,”

      We do? Personally I’d prefer more buses, more bike lanes, more Metro and less cars. Mind you, I do live in a Projet Montréal borough, so our opinions probably don’t count.

      More cars it is then.

    • rue david 15:58 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      think of what the city could do with 24 million dollars. how many metro cars is that? how many metro elevators? kilometers of bike lanes?

    • Kevin 17:23 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      $24 million is one Azur train, 1/3 the cost of the new vendome tunnel and elevators, or about 90 km of bike lane paint

    • Raymond Lutz 18:19 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      ouch… c’est un quarter for each mm of bike lane paint.

    • Ian 09:49 on 2017/04/05 Permalink

      Imagine how much we spend on paint for vehicular traffic lane painting.

  • Kate 11:52 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec’s roads were safer in 2016 than in previous years – except for pedestrians.

    • Blork 15:52 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      It’s not just Quebec. A study in the US found the same thing. I heard an interview with the author of the US report and he said they couldn’t specifically pinpoint a cause, but that it’s most likely due to distraction from mobile devices — distraction of both drivers and the pedestrians themselves.


    • Jorgh 07:16 on 2017/04/05 Permalink

      From the stats they give, 2015 was the outlier with fewer pedestrian deaths than normal. 63 is indeed 40% higher than 45, but if it’s 8.6% above the 2011-2015 average, that means that this average is 58, which includes the one year with 45. Take it out, the 2011-2014 average is then 61.25. So, 2016 is just a random noise fluctuation away from that.

  • Kate 11:29 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse reports that Martin Coiteux has backed off on his plan to end the possibility of municipal referendums, which had been a contentious item in Bill 122.

  • Kate 10:52 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Environment Canada’s weather page has a big red banner Tuesday morning with a rainfall warning.

  • Kate 10:40 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A sex workers group says Denis Coderre’s plan for shutting down massage parlours will do more harm than good to the people working in that trade, mostly immigrants, mostly women.

  • Kate 10:07 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    An Anjou plastics business burned down overnight; although it was full of plastic and solvents, I’m seeing no mention of whether the smoke could’ve been particularly toxic as a consequence.

    Radio news at 15:30 Tuesday says the fire is not yet completely out.

  • Kate 00:35 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    A gas leak caused by a construction mishap led to a power shutdown midday Monday that affected thousands of people downtown.

  • Kate 00:09 on 2017/04/04 Permalink | Reply  

    Westmount mayor Peter Trent has quit politics after 26 years in that position. He has a statement in the Gazette. With less than a year to go till the November municipal elections, an interim mayor will be named.

    • Michael Black 10:55 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      No, he was first elected to Council in 1980, then became mayor in 1992. But there was a gap, after 2001 and the merger, he wasn’t mayor or on council. He only became mayor again in 2009. 9+8=17.

      It is still a long span.


    • Kate 11:14 on 2017/04/04 Permalink

      Thanks for the clarification, Michael Black.

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