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  • Kate 16:44 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    The CBC says Major League Baseball has agreed that a group of investors has the means to get a team in Montreal; La Presse says nothing has been confirmed.

    • Phil C. 21:49 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Not to seem cynical or anything but
      1) where are the baseball fans? Are they going to suddenly show up out of thin air?
      2)I really really really hope no public money is spent on this stadium (which will be empty most of the time). Let’s be honest, investors can talk, but when it comes time to spend the money, a dumb idea is a dumb idea. If there is even a doubt that this won’t be a money maker, they won’t suddenly become gamblers

    • Josh 22:09 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Phil – there are a lot of teams in pro sports that don’t make money year over year, but whose values – like the price you pay to buy a team – go up and up and up.

      Another thing is that the economics of baseball have changed since the Expos left. When the Expos left, revenue sharing wasn’t really a thing in Major League Baseball, and many people believed small-market teams didn’t have a place in the league. That’s not the case anymore, really. Essentially, all teams put aside roughly 1/3 of their local revenues now, which goes into a pot that is divided among all the teams. No one is worried about the financial health of the Pittsburgh Pirates today.

    • rue david 22:26 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      i don’t believe for even a moment that big league baseball will return to montreal, but if it does and doesn’t cost the public anything, i’m all for a peel basin stadium. the point along the canal has been going upscale for years, and it would be great to get the former goose village to take on some of that burden. also would be pretty cool to get commune street all tarted up from the faubourg des récollets all the way to griffinton. not only that, you’d have the caisse train running right there, and the griffintown businesses would all get a lot better than winners and provigo.

    • Phil C. 22:42 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      @Josh your definitely right that the economics have changed since the expos, but what I’m wondering is if there is even a market at all. Of course when the Blue Jays come it’s a full house, but I think that must be because of the novelty. We get very few baseball games a year. If the stadium is going to have low attendance and a small fan base, then why spend the billion in the first place. We certainly don’t n e e d a stadium to revitalize Griffintown (or any part of the city), these areas will be built up with or without it

    • TC 22:45 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Why wouldn’t a team go the Olympic stadium? That’s where the Expos played, wouldn’t it be the cheapest option?

    • Kate 01:42 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      TC, cheapness is not a virtue. Big league sports are chiefly a mechanism for getting public approval for moving public money into private pockets. There is simply no way a major league team could come here without guarantees of massive amounts of public financial support.

      Anyway, it makes me feel a little sick to read about “getting the Expos back” because this would not be the Expos and the weird nostalgic dream of magically returning to the late 20th century is deceptive.

    • Josh 01:56 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      Phil, I completely agree it’s not a slam-dunk.

    • Kevin 07:57 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      This town doesn’t even support the Canadiens when they aren’t winning.
      Anyone who thinks Montrealers will support a middling baseball team is delusional.

    • ant6n 08:58 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      I wonder how much the hope for a baseball stadium influenced the REM to have their stops in that area moved eastward away from population.

  • Kate 16:42 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    The public security minister is about to lower the boom on police camo pants.

    • Viviane 01:31 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      Time to get cleaned up for the celebrations, folks.

  • Kate 13:28 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Airport officials and ministers are trying to calm things down after a report on workers showing signs of Islamic radicalization.

  • Kate 11:42 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    I’m seeing a few items about the transport bureau’s recent report on an incident at the airport in October 2014 when a plane skidded off the tarmac. It can’t have been a serious matter, though: I didn’t even blog it at the time.

  • Kate 11:09 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Just as transit users would be buying April passes, the STM’s card processing software went on the fritz Wednesday morning. The spokesperson is quoted as suggesting paying in cash – but the machines can’t accept more than $80. The monthly pass costs $83.

    I like the STM and am generally prepared to cut it slack, but occasionally it trips over its own feet, seriously.

    • CE 11:34 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      They’d be smart to just drop the price to $80 until the system is back up since they’re likely paying around $3 for credit card processing fees anyway.

    • ste.ph 14:36 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      I never understood why they’d prevent people from buying monthly passes in cash.

    • Kate 14:45 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      It’s a technical limitation on the machine or the programming, I believe, not a policy principle. Sweet that when they installed that machinery they simply didn’t imagine anything could cost more than 80 bucks.

    • carswell 21:03 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      The ticket machines at Place des Arts station were out of commission at 7:30 this evening. If they get the system up and running soon, there are going to be some very long queues at the machines. And if they don’t, there will be even longer queues at the ticket booths unless they waive all fares until the system is fixed.

    • CE 22:13 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Everybody better dust off their dongles.

    • Bert 10:02 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      Maybe the CTCUM kept a few of their old mobile collection boxes and put them to (re)use. Otherwise we could rely on good old Canadian honesty… http://i.imgur.com/QkmuF6T.jpg

  • Kate 10:56 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Réal Ménard, who won the mayoralty of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve with Coalition Montréal, has joined Équipe Denis Coderre. Coalition’s website is under construction and I doubt it will have much, if any, presence in this autumn’s election campaign.

    • ant6n 17:55 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Does “Equipe Denis Coderre” hold leadership elections within the party?

    • Kate 20:54 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Does the Pope shit in the woods?

    • ant6n 08:59 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      Is the bear Catholic?

    • Kate 10:02 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      < high five >

  • Kate 10:44 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    A year after the untimely death of Jean Lapierre, Denis Coderre has announced that something in Outremont will be named for him.

    Might I suggest Parc Jacques-Parizeau? (Joking! Joking!)

    • carswell 12:01 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      New rule: Politicians should be banned from naming things after politicians.

    • ant6n 12:34 on 2017/03/29 Permalink


    • rue david 13:20 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      They should rename Rockland avenue, since there’s already a chemin Rockland.

    • Kate 13:41 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Arguably Lapierre was not only a politician, or not latterly. He was a widely respected journalist and commentator on the political scene. I wouldn’t begrudge him some honour in Outremont.

    • carswell 13:59 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Agreed, Kate. Lapierre is something of a special case. As mentioned before on this blog, I was a fan.

      But I still think politicians should not be allowed to change the face of our city and province to memorialize their own kind. Especially considering the low esteem in which the public generally holds them. If the change had been put to a referendum, Boulevard Boubou would still be University.

    • SMD 23:08 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      The Îles-de-la-Madeleine recently named a library in his honour.

    • Kate 10:29 on 2017/03/30 Permalink

      SMD, that’s nice to know. Too bad Outremont already named its library – after Robert Bourassa.

  • Kate 02:21 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    I saw a lot of police flashers tonight on my way home via Vendome metro and this is why: a cyclist was hit hard enough to break a windshield on de Maisonneuve near Vendome metro.

    • Vazken 09:22 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      odd, no ubiquitous mention of the wearing of a helmet.

      As someone who cycles around a lot, it’s sad when I see reports like these where the cyclist didn’t use common sense.

  • Kate 01:45 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Veterinarians and animal rights folks are organizing against the rodeo event planned for the Old Port in August.

  • Kate 01:42 on 2017/03/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Denis Coderre is happy with provisions in the Quebec budget for public transit, including the blue line extension and the REM.

    • rue david 13:22 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      The blue line extension’s fate is still murky. What’s the timeline really? How much of that federal money promised to Quebec in their first budget is headed toward it? Is the latest goddambed study even done?

    • Kate 13:25 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      I know. They could reroute that money, or simply plow it into yet another study.

    • carswell 13:51 on 2017/03/29 Permalink

      Definitely in the FWIW department but last weekend I found myself chatting with someone who works at the SAQ Sélection in the Le Boulevard shopping centre on the southeast corner of Jean-Talon and Pie-IX. This employee said the store had been forced to put its renovation/expansion plans on hold because the shopping centre was about to be redesigned and renovated in order, among other things, to accommodate a new blue line station.

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