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  • Kate 21:07 on 2017/03/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Palwinder Singh Johal, the truck driver arrested after the autoroute 13 mess for matters unconnected with the traffic snarl, has been released in Kingston.

    A second SQ officer has been relieved of certain duties in connection with the A-13 thing.

  • Kate 20:05 on 2017/03/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The St Patrick’s parade ended without any problems around 16:00. Denis Coderre and Justin Trudeau were present, along with thousands of others.

  • Kate 11:44 on 2017/03/19 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse reports that the elevator installed at Champ-de-Mars station barely two years ago is prone to breakdowns. The small spiky gravel used for traction on icy sidewalks is tracked into the station in boot soles and gets wedged into the doors.

    • ant6n 13:55 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      … And imagine of you need three elevators to get to platform level, and each breaks down 10% of the time, how often can you not make the trip.

    • LJ 15:39 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      If three elevators break down independently each at a rate of 10%, one or more would be broken 27.1% of the time.

    • MtlWeb39 22:02 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      27.1% seems how often the escalators are working

    • ant6n 23:10 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      Thanks LJ ;-)

    • dhomas 21:21 on 2017/03/20 Permalink

      The gravel would likely mostly affect the elevator on the top floor, closest to the exits, though. So, the other two elevators would not affect your statistics.

    • Faiz Imam 12:17 on 2017/03/21 Permalink

      3 elevators is only at Bonaventure right? most places have only 2 I think. I’d hope the one closest to the outside is toughened against wear. The ones inside should rarely get as affected.

      PS: Bona will have 4 when it’s done. I mean 3 required per trip.

  • Kate 11:39 on 2017/03/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The Centre d’histoire piece this Sunday compares a then-and-now photo of the corner of the Main and Marie-Anne. The article mentions the “petit bout de chemin bucolique et presque campagnard” of 1880, but the stretch of the Main shown in the “now” photo is pretty low-key, small commercial buildings stretching up to Mont-Royal.

    Gilles Proulx talks about the Peace of 1701. The Wikipedia article shows some of the signatures to the treaty.

    Although Gabriel Deschambault recently said he was too busy to blog, he’s had a look at a restored 1898 cornice this week. He’s right that the cornice can be seen as it was on Streetview (look up, look way up) and also that the slates should never have been painted. He also wrote about skating at Lafontaine park.

    • CE 17:14 on 2017/03/20 Permalink

      The Main around that area is interesting because you can still see traces of the widening that happened in, I believe, the 1890s. Before that, it was a pretty narrow street so the west side of the street was razed to add a streetcar line. The buildings on the west side are much newer and tend to have been built as large blocks by single developers which is why you’ll see rows of buildings that look pretty similar. It’s also why many of the buildings on the west side are usually three storeys and one or two on the east side.

  • Kate 10:56 on 2017/03/19 Permalink | Reply  

    A man was stabbed on Crescent Street around bar-closing time early Sunday, but not much more has been reported.

  • Kate 10:47 on 2017/03/19 Permalink | Reply  

    Details on Sunday’s St Patrick’s parade, which starts at noon.

  • Kate 01:28 on 2017/03/19 Permalink | Reply  

    The Gazette has yet another story of police profiling a black man. Six cruisers were eventually involved in ticketing a law-abiding young man $48 for standing in the street.

    • Ephraim 08:57 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      Even body cams wouldn’t help these police officers. They discrimination is so deep that in a group, not one of them was smart enough to tell the others that this wasn’t a good idea. If they are all from the same station, the entire station needs to be reassigned, even those who were not there, because that attitude is pervasive in the station.

    • Uatu 09:17 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      All of these fines…. Just because the cops need to save face and can’t admit they were wrong…. Instead of policing we get petty bullying a la Biff Tannen

    • JaneyB 07:23 on 2017/03/20 Permalink


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