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  • Kate 15:35 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse says one of the truck drivers who refused to be towed Tuesday night on autoroute 13 has been arrested and the other questioned. This brief piece also clarifies that truckers are charged $1800 if they’re towed, but that these two felt that the problem was with the uncleared road and not with their vehicles, so they didn’t see why they should have to pay.

    • Matt G 15:47 on 2017/03/18 Permalink

      It is a significant amount of money. I wonder if the police can force someone to get towed and if so, who pays?

    • JaneyB 15:56 on 2017/03/18 Permalink

      I was under the impression that you would automatically be towed if your vehicle breaks down on one of the autoroutes. Certainly, my CAA towing coverage counts for nothing there. You are not allowed to wait for your tow-truck; you get the ones that are assigned to the highways. I’m amazed they got away with this (well, at least on that day…).

    • Kate 16:45 on 2017/03/18 Permalink

      JaneyB, that’s the point, though: the trucks didn’t break down. They got stuck because the road hadn’t been plowed. Had the SQ been there to adjudicate they might have been able to make the towing company waive the charge to get things moving, but the towing company alone couldn’t compel the truckers to accept a tow, and probably didn’t want to forego the fee.

    • steph 17:02 on 2017/03/18 Permalink

      On what grounds was the driver arrested? Were these trucks blocking the highway?

    • Kate 17:35 on 2017/03/18 Permalink

      That could be debated, steph. Photos show the trucks stuck in the snow with a long line of vehicles behind them. But the other vehicles were also stuck in the snow.

    • ste.ph 20:40 on 2017/03/18 Permalink

      It looks to me like line of cars in front of the trucks have been already towed. Yes they’re holding up the cars behind them, but those trucks can drive as easily through the snow as the tow truck.

    • John B 03:02 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      A CBC story from Friday says that when the tow truck driver arrived on the scene the driver refused to let his vehicle be towed, and since the tow truck driver isn’t a police officer and can’t compel anyone to accept his tow, he called the SQ to force the truck driver to accept the tow. The SQ didn’t show up for something like 3 or 4 hours.

      If that’s the case I’m with steph: why was this guy arrested? He drove until conditions his truck literally couldn’t make it another inch, then waited for snow clearing. A tow was offered, but he elected to wait for snow clearing. No law enforcement officer ordered him to do otherwise.

    • Blork 10:12 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      Only one of the two drivers has been arrested, and it’s because he is wanted in Ontario on an unrelated fraud charge. (I read this in a couple of different places this morning, but I can’t find the links now…)

    • Kate 11:00 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      The driver’s arrest is all over the front page of the Journal this Sunday. Although he’s pulled his hat down so we can’t see his face properly, the Journal names him too.

    • Brad M 06:58 on 2017/03/20 Permalink

      Tangentially, this reminds me of a time when my dad was forced to break the law on Decarie Boulevard when a series of emergency vehicles that he yielded to made him stranded in the intersection through a signal cycle and caught him on a red light camera. He fought and lost that one.

  • Kate 15:28 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    Their union has told firefighters not to enter premises on fire if they’re not confident their breathing apparatus is working properly. There have been problems with this equipment, as the article explains.

  • Kate 15:25 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    CTV says a body found in Anjou Saturday morning. TVA makes it homicide #5 (video report).

    Update: The dead man has been identified as Nicola Di Marco, apparently known for having ties to organized crime. TVA link plays a video report.

    • Kevin 00:08 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      Cops count from when they determine someone was killed. In January, police decided that two people who died in summer 2016 were killed, so they call those homicides of 2017.
      I say that’s silly, hence the discrepancy.

    • Kate 01:26 on 2017/03/19 Permalink

      Kevin, thanks. When I looked at your map, linked in the side column of the blog, I thought it must be that.

  • Kate 15:01 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    Three boroughs have expressed opposition to the Bill 122 provision to end local referendums.

  • Kate 14:31 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    The Journal looks at how Chinese owners have saved the corner dépanneur.

  • Kate 10:57 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    Following from this week’s mess on the A-13, Denis Coderre says he wants the city to be responsible for highways on the island – but snow removal by the city or its contractors hasn’t been stellar this year either and, despite promises, there are big variations from one borough to another. Seen many complaints about snow clearing oversights on Facebook and Twitter, also photos of snowbanks not moved off sidewalks.

    On Facebook Saturday morning, Jimmy Zoubris lists these snow clearance completion numbers from Info-Neige:
    Sud Ouest 26% CDN-NDG 36% Ville Marie 37%
    Outremont 78% Pierrefond Roxboro 72% Anjou 58%

    Here’s a fun photo set from the BAnQ showing snow removal technique through the years.

    • Ian Rogers 13:25 on 2017/03/18 Permalink

      Downtown is still a real mess, I hope it doesn’t adversely affect the parade tomorrow! Meanwhile on Jeanne-Mance my side of the street never got cleared by a sidewalk plow, now there’s about 4 inches of snow packed down until it became ice, along the entire block.

  • Kate 10:41 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    Michel Cadotte, accused of murdering his partner in what’s generally regarded as a mercy killing, wants to get out on bail while awaiting trial.

  • Kate 02:03 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    Everett-Green has some notes on dance troupes in town and how they fare when their founders retire.

  • Kate 01:32 on 2017/03/18 Permalink | Reply  

    A surge of public support has persuaded the federal government, landlord of the Guy‑Favreau YMCA, to give it a year’s reprieve rather than shutting it down this May.

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