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  • Kate 21:37 on 2017/03/12 Permalink | Reply  

    A black Montrealer with a Mercedes is alleging egregious racial profiling by SPVM police. He was pulled over, cuffed and detained, although police eventually let him go, admitting they had nothing to charge him with. He says cops also erased his recording of the incident. CRARR is on the case.

    • Ephraim 09:05 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      From the articles, we can’t even tell if the police did at least the minimum required and apologize to the man. As far as I’m concerned, erasing the data on the man’s camera without permission should constitute theft. But basically that should get the policeman a suspension… because you don’t need to delete something if there is nothing to hide. If nothing else, these idiots have proven why we need body cams.

    • Brenda 10:11 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Drivers kill so many people each year, that they should all be pulled over and handcuffed. No sympathy for drivers at all.

    • Chris 10:15 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Seriously? I’m one of the more anti-car people I know, and… seriously?

    • ant6n 10:42 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Uh, sure… But as long as this is done only to black drivers, it’s discrimination.

    • Ephraim 11:53 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      @Brenda – Poisoning is the number one cause of accidental death, shall we ban everything that is poisonous as well? Like bleach, that we use to remove viruses and bacteria from surfaces so we don’t get sick? And one step below motor vehicle deaths is unintentional falling deaths, so shall we also ban heights? No more bridges, tall buildings, flatten all those mountains?

      Ah a world with no cars or trucks… no bus drivers, they are drivers as well. So, you can have coffee at the airport, but only if you can get a train there, because we have just pilots and conductors left.

    • Kate 12:03 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Once again, I’m wondering if “Brenda” is not qatzelok. Let’s not debate this further – it’s just a troll.

    • dwgs 15:24 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      There was a fairly lengthy interview on Daybreak this morning. There was no apology as the cops let him go. As a matter of fact he said the cop basically issued a veiled warning saying that he might get stopped again by cops who weren’t so understanding (I’m paraphrasing).

    • Brenda 18:23 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      I was profiled this fall because I “wasn’t in a car” (or walking a dog) while traveling in suburbia. A cop questioned me for 20 minutes about “what I was doing.” (biking in Beloeil).

  • Kate 20:35 on 2017/03/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The justice system may be speeding things up in response to the Supreme Court’s Jordan ruling, but it isn’t always convenient: a woman who thought she had months to save up to come back to Montreal for the trial of the man charged with killing her son and his girlfriend now has to get here this week. She’s turned to crowdfunding.

    This is how the murders were reported in 2013 by Radio-Canada, CBC and CTV.

  • Kate 20:23 on 2017/03/12 Permalink | Reply  

    As one bookstore opens, another closes: the Marché du Livre, currently at St-Hubert and de Maisonneuve but originally located in the Palais du Commerce that used to stand where the Grande bibliothèque is now, will close at the end of the month after 32 years of doing business in the area. Books don’t pay the constantly inflating commercial rent.

    • rue david 20:44 on 2017/03/12 Permalink

      i still think it’s a terrible shame that the BANQ wasn’t built on the ontario side, where the “park” now is, and that old mall thing preserved. that palais du commerce would be a great thing still to have in that area, it could have been repurposed into any number of things, from apartments to office to cheap maker space.

    • Kate 21:23 on 2017/03/12 Permalink

      It may not have been suitable for anything else. And I bet it was jam-packed with asbestos.

      I also seem to recall it had a pretty big footprint, and wouldn’t’ve left much room for the library.

    • Michael Black 22:49 on 2017/03/12 Permalink

      I thought Marche du Livre had started on McGill Street, maybe about where it intersects with St Paul. I know I was in a multi-floor used bookstore there in 1976, loaded with books and magazines. I think there was a fire, so then the move to the Palais du Commerce.

      I can’t remember if they were still on McGill when they starred campaigning for the right of bookstores to open on Sunday.


    • Blork 09:13 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      The bookstore that was replaced by the Grand Bib was called the “Colisée du Livre.” Kate, are you sure the Marcé du Livre is the same business?


    • Kate 10:52 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Blork, I may well have confused the two!

  • Kate 14:31 on 2017/03/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The Centre d’histoire’s weekend piece is about a 1955 winter carnival in NDG in front of St. Augustine church, which faces NDG park.

    Gilles Proulx writes about Lord Durham’s report and his opening salvo, saying Montreal has always had an anti-Quebec bias, is choice.

    The Gazette’s John Kalbfleisch considers the hazards of snowy streets 150 years ago.

    On Pamplemousse, Gabriel Deschambault briefly introduces the 1941 Festival of Commerce – given the date it’s not surprising the parade looks quite military – but then mentions that his plans for the 375th mean less time for history posts. Gabriel, I doubt you read this blog, but I’ve enjoyed them and hope you find time for more sometime after this year.

    • John B 10:33 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Love the caption on the first image in the Gazette piece:

      “St. James St., in 1830. A dangerous time for pedestrians because the clearing of snow from sidewalks was done (or not done) by individual residents and shopkeepers.”

      So, in 1830, snow clearing in Montreal was handled like most other cities in Canada handle it in 2017, but it was super-dangerous.

    • Kate 10:53 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Super dangerous because we got a lot more snow, very likely. And when individuals are clearing snow, some will always dump it on the neighbour’s side just to get it off their patch as well.

    • John B 11:22 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      After years of debating this I finally looked up the numbers, and checked cities with equivalent or greater annual snowfall to see how sidewalk clearing is handled. From my non-scientific sampling, it seems that Canadian cities with snowfall like Montreal, or more, do clear at least the sidewalks of major roads. Cities checked were Prince George, BC, Barrie, ON, and Ottawa. It looks like I stand corrected.

  • Kate 11:12 on 2017/03/12 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC has put up a quiz on the women of Montreal a smidge late for women’s day, but no matter.

    • Blork 12:50 on 2017/03/12 Permalink

      8 out of 10. I missed the Edith Piaf one, and the Olympic medalists. :-/

    • Patrick 02:58 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Also 8 out of 10, also missed the medalists, plus the Jehane Benoît–who knew?

    • Blork 09:14 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      Apparently I knew! ;-)

      (No seriously; I knew. I read about it a few years ago…)

    • Kate 10:56 on 2017/03/13 Permalink

      8/10, missed Jehane and the Queen Mother.

  • Kate 10:47 on 2017/03/12 Permalink | Reply  

    A collision between two cars Sunday morning killed a man and effectively cut Île Bizard off from civilization as cops sealed off the Jacques Bizard bridge to study the scene. More video from TVA.

    Update: Some people didn’t like the bridge being blocked but it reopened Sunday afternoon. Video on all those TVA links.

  • Kate 10:40 on 2017/03/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Police shot, but did not kill, a taxi driver who was allegedly using his vehicle as a weapon late Saturday in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. The independent investigators are on the case. TVA link has video.

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