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  • Kate 22:28 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse+ has a charge sheet of costs so far for the 375th, adding up to $811 million.

    • steph 00:16 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      There’s a bunch of things on that list I wasn’t aware were part of the 375th.

    • DeePs 00:32 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      I’d also like to see a status update on each of these projects…

    • mare 01:58 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      “Conversion du complexe environnemental Saint-Michel en parc Frédéric-Back”

      That project is going on for 20 years now. Coderre just appropriated it, spent 26 million on entrances, with architectural follies and some parking lots, and will declare it opened, a gift to the voters in his riding.

      The only problem is that the actual park is not finished at all, and my prediction is that at least half of it will be closed for another 5 years. It’s also very open, with very few trees, so it’s more a golf course than a park. For some reason they didn’t start the project by planting lots of trees or at least plant trees in the parts that they covered with shitloads of sand and dirt, 10 years ago. The last few years there was hardly any activity, I’m curious how much manpower they will throw at it this spring. My understanding was that the work was supposed to be done by city workers, in seasons when there was less work, and with machines that weren’t used for other tasks. But now suddenly a bunch of people got big contracts to jumpstart the thing.

    • Kate 10:36 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      Thanks for the update, mare. I haven’t been to look at the park since they finished the soccer palace.

  • Kate 21:18 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    The CSDM is preparing to move its corps of 766 employees out of its 1960 headquarters so the building can be restored from its mold-ridden, decrepit condition. It’s looking for temporary digs somewhere in town.

    The school commission really needs 766 people to run it? And this is after planned attrition of one post in five, as explained in the final paragraph.

    • Marc R. 21:44 on 2017/03/06 Permalink

      I appreciate the sentiment, but 766 people to run a school board serving 109,000 students doesn’t seem too crazy. They’re presumably responsible for all the maintenance (yes, surely a hundred of them are mycologists ha ha), bussing, payroll, scheduling, hiring (and firing), outreach, etc.

      Would be nice for them to focus on restoring mold-ridden, decrepit schools rather than their offices which could be run out of theoretically anywhere, but the sheer number of employees is probably among the less objectionable elements of the organization.

    • Taylor C. Noakes 21:53 on 2017/03/06 Permalink

      no link

    • Kate 22:13 on 2017/03/06 Permalink

      Ha, Taylor. Thanks. Added.

      Marc R.: Admittedly I am not an habituée of large organizations. You may be right, because I have no idea what number would seem reasonable to me.

      When I was in high school our class schedules were already being worked out on a computer, and the idea was that a lot of the routine organizational stuff would be automated from then onwards. I guess not so much after all.

    • Jack 11:13 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      766 is a ludicrous amount of non teaching personal. It’s basically one functionaire for 9 teachers. Ask a teacher if they believe in school boards.

    • Kate 11:49 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      Jack, I wondered about that – would that number include all the non-teachers who go to schools for various purposes? I had a conversation the other day with someone who has a kid in grade school. The kid apparently has some kind of learning problem, and has an adult with him in class all day who isn’t the teacher, and he’s not the only kid in the class who does. And apparently this is not a special needs class – it’s quite usual now to have several adults in class besides the teacher, each one deputized to keep one specific kid from going berserk (this person described her kid, the biggest kid in the class, losing his shit and throwing desks and chairs around – I can’t imagine how this affects kids without problems who are simply trying to learn a bit and get through their day).

      If that’s how schools are managed now, you’d have a larger pool of people acting as aides in class than you’d have as teachers, and if any of them are included in the 766, I can see how that would inflate numbers.

    • Jack 18:18 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      Hi Kate,
      That number would never include all of the aides supporting students, they are teachers in my mind and anybody who works with them.

  • Kate 21:01 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Apparently we’re getting more tourists doing religious pilgrimages to our fancy churches, so the city is hoping to beef up the promotion of these features. Quick, somebody, have a miracle up at the Oratory. Maybe a Stanley Cup filled with holy water should appear during Easter mass.

    • Frankie 14:31 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      It’s good to know that not every tourist comes here for the lap dances.

    • Michael Black 14:48 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      Though maybe many tourists take in both?


    • Frankie 15:03 on 2017/03/07 Permalink

      @ Michael Black Of course! Lap dance first, confession and absolution second.

  • Kate 20:59 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    A freezing rain warning is in effect, with as much as 5 mm of ice expected overnight. It’s already tapping down on my window over here.

    22:00, everything is well iced up around my place.

    Tuesday morning, there’s still some ice around but the storm has moved on. Kind of an appropriate welcome to the international summit on natural catastrophe being held here till Thursday.

  • Kate 20:57 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Police detonated a suspicious package in Longueuil Monday afternoon, blowing out a highrise apartment window, but apparently it was a false alarm.

  • Kate 20:41 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Hisham Saadi is still behind bars and his bail hearing, for the bomb scare he allegedly sent to Concordia, won’t be held till Wednesday. His lawyer says the evidence needs a deal of sifting.

  • Kate 20:34 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Yesterday it was Valois village, now it’s Pointe-Claire village where people are worried about a bike path possibly causing the loss of some parking spots.

  • Kate 11:03 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec’s taking its time over enlarging the Îles-de-Boucherville park, as promised ten years ago after it bought a piece of land from a developer who wanted to put a hotel and condos on it. As summarized here, the developer got a lot more cash for the land than he’d paid out. The Îles is the closest “national” park to Montreal, by far.

    • Faiz Imam 11:19 on 2017/03/06 Permalink

      The expansion is a relatively minor change. it’s welcome, but what we really need is a pedestrian access.

      The fact that you need a vehicle to get to the island(barring the occasional ferry rides) is a big problem.

    • Blork 11:27 on 2017/03/06 Permalink

      Totally agree with Faiz Imam. I’ve basically never been there because there is no bicycle access from the South Shore even though the Longueuil-Boucherville bicycle route takes you within a few hundred metres of the entrance to the park, but you would literally have to cycle on the autoroute.

      The good news is that apparently that bicycle path is being enlarged and improved (the worst part of it is that section where the highway goes to the islands). Hopefully the improvement includes an easy way to get up to highway level and scoot that few hundred metres to the park on a dedicated and isolated path.

    • Mathieu 14:48 on 2017/03/06 Permalink

      There are three options to get to the island on a bike: the ferry in Tétraultville, another under the bridge on the south shore and one in Boucherville. The one in Boucherville comes every 15 minutes or so all day long during summer weekends. We don’t really need a bridge with these options…

    • Blork 16:22 on 2017/03/06 Permalink

      They don’t have to build a new bridge. A 400-metre addition to the bridge leading to the Lafontaine tunnel — set away from the vehicle traffic the way it is on the Jacques-Cartier bridge — would do it. It could end just before the cloverleaf and a path could be built that runs from there to the park. Relatively cheap and pretty easy. I figured this all out long ago. Here’s a crude illustration:


      The ferries from the south shore aren’t a great option. For one thing, they depart every hour, not every 15 minutes. They turn a casual outing into something bigger that must be planned and not spontaneous, which is annoying for the thousands of people who live right around there and would like to pop over to their local park whenever they feel like it. As it is, if you have two parents and two kids you’re shelling out almost $40 in boat fees. Even if there are just one or two of you, it’s an added expense and up to an hour of idle waiting time each way, which nobody wants.

      I’ve biked between Longueuil and Boucherville dozens of times, and it’s frustrating to see the Boucherville islands so close, yet so far. I’ve never actually made it to the islands, even though they’re right there. I don’t want to wait for a boat, I don’t want to risk waiting even longer to get back (such as if the return boat is full and I have to wait for the next one, etc.)

    • js 22:39 on 2017/03/06 Permalink

      Most of the land on the islands is taken up by agriculture and a golf course, not the park or nature reserve. It’s too bad that they’re only planning on adding an already-forested bit to the park, instead of re-foresting more of it.

  • Kate 10:55 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    The SQ is investigating a company that’s supposed to clean up contaminated sites but seems to have been dumping contaminated soil on the sly in the Quebec countryside – and the firm has been making important friends.

  • Kate 10:46 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    AMT trains had more delays behind freight trains in 2016 than in the previous year, although overall their punctuality was slightly up.

  • Kate 10:36 on 2017/03/06 Permalink | Reply  

    A man died of a heart attack during a police operation in Île Bizard early Monday, so the independent investigators will step in.

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