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  • Kate 18:54 on 2013/02/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Mayor Applebaum says his new integrity squad is up and running at city hall – 20 people, all presumably making a nice fonctionnaire’s salary. Sorry, sounding like the Journal here all of a sudden, but I’m losing count of the special anti-corruption entities being created.

    • Doobish 20:44 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      And who can blame ya?

      Chins up. The gods are out there, mixed in with all the shits. All you need to do is sort them accordingly.

    • Ian 06:43 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      This is increasingly looking like yet another boondoggle. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Why not just give the existing police force the mandate to actually enforce the law here. Heck of a lot cheaper and I’d rather see cops doing it than bureaucrats.

    • Raymond Lutz 09:26 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      Ouais, ça fait effectivement pas mal Journal de Mtl, icitt…

      #1 je suis employé de l’état (donc fonctionnaire) et mon salaire est moindre que dans le privé donc _not_ nice. (Et parlez-moi pas de la sécurité d’emploi, j’ai vécu de contrats de 4 mois, durant 14 ans.)

      #2 Let the cops do it? Hmm, je ne connais pas la culture policière, mais lorsqu’on veut les punir, on les retire de la circulation et on les met au ‘paper work’: je doute que l’aspiration des jeunes (et moins jeunes) policiers soit de combattre le crime ‘de cols blancs’…

      Une brigade anti-corruption composée de policiers est à la longue vouée à l’apathie, donc l’échec.

      — un bureaucrate

    • Steve Quilliam 10:03 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      I wish they would stop putting money in bureaucrats pocket and start putting in in real project or at least infrasctucture. We have enough pens and papers out there, enough now, we need action on the ground for all montrealers. Hopefully Mayor Applebaum wont spend his entire year on that single issue of corruption.

      Less bureaucrats and less politicians means less corruption.

    • Jack 11:15 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      @Steve Quillam put down that Quebecor-Sun News product. It will hurt your head.

    • Ian 12:06 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      @Lutz – “je ne connais pas la culture policière, mais lorsqu’on veut les punir, on les retire de la circulation et on les met au ‘paper work’: je doute que l’aspiration des jeunes (et moins jeunes) policiers soit de combattre le crime ‘de cols blancs’…” Seriously? You think that because enforcing the law is too boring for the cops even though that is actually their job to do so, instead of making them actually oh, I don’t know – do their job, you think we need to hire a whole stack of bureaucrats. If your attitude is symptomatic it’s no wonder so many people perceive city bureaucracy as wasteful.

    • Kate 12:23 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      We should know more about the squad. I should think you’d want some forensic accountants, a couple of lawyers, and some cops, to bridge the knowledge spectrum.

      A major problem at city hall (as in the provincial highway department) has been that the theories of neoliberalism put all the expertise in private hands, leaving the government – supposedly there to protect the citizen – powerless to counter the invoices and claims made by private industry. It may be painful and expensive to hire back some of the knowledge onto the public side.

    • Ian 13:06 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

    • Kate 15:53 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      On a smaller scale, yes. But I’m afraid we’ve got a bunch of squads now that will later be discovered to be ill equipped for the task, unable to cooperate with each other, and will eventually be shown to allow corrupt deals to be made anyway.

      It’s hard to stop being cynical once you’ve started.

  • Kate 18:43 on 2013/02/01 Permalink | Reply  

    A man said to have mob connections was shot mid Friday morning in Laval. He wasn’t killed. This Toronto Sun piece – not the most reliable of sources, sorry – tells us Tony Callocchia is on the opposite side of the ongoing gang war from Vincenzo Scuderi, who was killed Thursday night in Saint-Léonard, but then it bogs down in uncertainty about the state of the alliance between Vito Rizzuto and Raynald Desjardins. The Gazette has more on Callocchia’s background but seems equally unable to discern how Friday’s shooting fits into the ongoing internecine drama.

    In other Mob news, Tony Magi has categorically denied Radio-Canada Enquête’s suggestion he was involved in the execution of Nick Rizzuto Jr. in 2010. (What did we expect? “It’s a fair cop!”?)

  • Kate 12:14 on 2013/02/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Montreal has become a destination for “atypical” weddings, and gay weddings are featured at the Salon de la Mariée this year.

    • Tux 13:59 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      My wife and I were married by a Unitarian lay chaplain, she was really great. Helped us put together our ceremony and get everything legal in order. I would definitely recommend the Montreal Unitarian church if anyone is looking for someone to officiate their wedding.

    • Kevin 14:09 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      Are there many female lay chaplains with UU?
      My wife and I were supposed to get married by one here in Montreal, but we ended up needing a legal ceremony several months earlier so ended up having a friend officiate at a non-binding party ceremony.

    • Tux 14:48 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      @Kevin I know they have at least 3 lady lay chaplains there ’cause besides ours I met 2 more.

    • Mark 13:11 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      @Tux Same! Had a short, simple, small, nice ceremony at the UU church then a bigger do at the main greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens that evening.

  • Kate 11:45 on 2013/02/01 Permalink | Reply  

    Friday is the first day of poutine week and we look like getting a week of cold temperatures to go with it. More details in La Presse, The Link.

  • Kate 10:07 on 2013/02/01 Permalink | Reply  

    A convicted murderer has slipped away from his escort in Montreal. Raymond Rouette was doing time in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines where he’s been locked up since 1988. That CJAD report makes him 5’2″ but on TVA he’s five foot six (an accurate conversion from 168 cm – if that’s the right number for starters).

    Another fellow is on the loose and sought by police.

    • DCMontreal 12:20 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      This is a bit off topic, although it does involve a missing person – Gary Forster. I have taken up the request from both his family and the Surete that we pass along the missing person information and blogged the details. Posters on trees and in shop windows are great, but the Internet offers a wider distribution. Please pass the info along if possible. Thanks.


    • Kate 12:34 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      I did post about Forster a week ago but since he’s still missing I am happy to have the information posted again.

    • Dcmontreal 19:57 on 2013/02/01 Permalink


  • Kate 10:03 on 2013/02/01 Permalink | Reply  

    A woman was found grievously injured and dead in an apartment in Villeray early Friday. There’s already been an arrest and the killing is being called conjugal violence.

    Homicide #7. We’re racking them up.

    • Michel 11:09 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      I think you mean beaten.

    • Kate 11:11 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      “de profondes blessures, probablement infligées par une arme blanche” ?

    • Michel 11:38 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      Yes, but I think injured means hurt, but still alive.
      /as always, I could be wrong

    • Stephane Daury (@stephdau) 12:03 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      WTF is becoming of our city… Did they start putting something in the water? …

    • Kate 12:38 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      Michel, I agree my writing was a little clumsy although not strictly wrong. The fact of a murder should be put first – “dead from knife wounds” would read better.

    • C_Erb 17:21 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      Nothing’s “becoming of our city”. We have an incredibly low murder rate for a city of this size. Compare it to Baltimore, a city about 1/3 the population of Montreal already has 14 murders.

    • Kate 18:05 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      C_Erb is wise.

    • Chris 21:42 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      Instead of comparing us to some other city (Baltimore), compare us to ourselves in previous years… not looking so good so far…

    • Kate 01:36 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      It depends how you look at it. As I posted January 2: “2012 saw 35 homicides on the island of Montreal, the same as in 2011. Half of these killings were gang-related with five specifically linked to the Mafia (compared to two Mafia killings in 2011). Ten killings were ascribed to domestic violence, and of all 35, half have been solved, including all the domestic ones.”

      That pattern is continuing with this year’s homicides:
      #1: Pamela Jean, January 5. Allegedly killed by her ex.
      #2: January 8, a man killed his brother then killed himself, in the presence of their mother.
      #3: January 16, machete killing in Saint-Michel, no mention of gang connections but information on this one is scanty.
      #4: Boy shot dead by his brother in Dorval, January 21. Father owned a lot of guns.
      #5: Gaétan Gosselin, January 23, shot in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Allegedly an associate of mobster Raynald Desjardins. Two suspects were arrested but released.
      #6: Vincenzo Scuderi, January 31. Shot in Saint-Léonard. Allegedly had mafia links.
      #7: Woman killed in Villeray, February 1, allegedly by her partner.

      So we have four family dramas, two mob-related executions, and one random one. Not good, but I’m mostly listing these to point out that the kind of homicides we’re seeing aren’t increasing the risk to random members of the public.

    • Robert J 11:52 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      Lol Kate you should put a murder counter widget on your blog.

    • Ant6n 22:04 on 2013/02/02 Permalink

      The mob murder rate may be a measure of mob activity.
      Is the domestic homicide rate indicative of some problem in society?

    • Kate 05:26 on 2013/02/03 Permalink

      Ant6n, women’s groups would say so. But people have been killing family members since time immemorial. I don’t know how you deal with the twin facts that people are likely to get angrier at family members than anyone else, and that you’re never so vulnerable as you are at home, off guard or asleep.

  • Kate 00:14 on 2013/02/01 Permalink | Reply  

    The SQ investigated a fundraiser at the condo building that used to be a refrigerated warehouse, and the Gazette, bless their hearts, looks at how having gangsters in a building can damage your property value.

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