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  • Kate 23:46 on 2013/01/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Real estate promoter Tony Magi is under suspicion in the shooting of Nick Rizzuto Jr., three years ago.

  • Kate 20:51 on 2013/01/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Rosepatrie is offering to rescue 142 horse chestnut trees Saint-Léonard doesn’t want any more because they’re a bit messy. I wonder if it’s possible to transplant such big trees effectively.

  • Kate 20:00 on 2013/01/30 Permalink | Reply  

    A man jailed on charges of sexual assault stemming from an alleged attack on a young woman in a downtown church was found dead in his cell Wednesday morning.

    • Ian 21:40 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      While it’s sad to hear of a suicide, in the wilds of the world there be monsters, and while I feel for his family, it is perhaps a small mercy that he took care of the problem of his own existence.

    • Michel 11:26 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      He wasn’t yet found guilty, was he?
      Had there been a psych evaluation?

    • Kate 11:34 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      As far as I know he was being held waiting for trial. CTV’s report notes that he was a convicted sex offender so authorities may have relied on an existing file rather than re-evaluating him. I’m lucky enough not to know the exact details of how it works.

    • Bill Binns 11:58 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      A convicted sex offender who dragged a woman off the street into a church basement to assualt her. A good example of how effective “long term supervision” is at protecting the public vs keeping criminals in jail.

    • Kate 12:02 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      The CTV item says Jost was “part of a rehabilitation program at the church” which makes me wonder how that bit works. Are churches really allowed or expected to “reform” sex offenders?

    • Ian 14:52 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      @michel, @kate – I was referring to this: “Corrections authorities said Jost was under a long-term supervision order that started on May 8, 2008 following a third federal sentence of six years and six months for sexual assault, forcible confinement and disguise with intent.” Whether he was in fact “guilty” is secondary to that, but in any case it’s hard to imagine how he wouldn’t be guilty as the young lady he forcibly abducted and sexually assaulted is pretty damning evidence, wouldn’t you say?

    • Kate 15:58 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      That’s the whole point of a trial and to the care taken to write “alleged” and so forth in reports. But the man had form, so that adds to a presumption of guilt.

  • Kate 09:34 on 2013/01/30 Permalink | Reply  

    QMI caught city councillors playing solitaire and reading Facebook on tablets and laptops during council meetings.

    • Mathieu 09:38 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      I read the paper when my clients speak to me on the phone. It doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention. It only means that I understood what they meant on their second word but they seem to need 10 minutes to feel satisfied with their explanation. From my experience, these are the people who go to council meetings.

    • Steve Quilliam 10:33 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Let’s abolish most borough mayors and many city councillors position therefor we will have less of these people doing nothing while being paid by the citizens.

    • Kate 10:48 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      On the one hand, I sort of agree with Mathieu – a lot of what goes on at council meetings can probably be listened to perfectly well while playing solitaire or doing some other mentally non-demanding thing. On the other hand, councillors ought to be aware media are present and be smart enough not to be caught doing it.

    • Jack 10:49 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Playing poker is of course egregious, but Facebook is how many councillors communicate with constituents. Plus its a Quebecor piece so they do have to nail as many Projet councillors as possible. Keep up the good work PKP minions.

    • Steve Quilliam 12:24 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Let’s not shoot the messenger here. Thank god we have medias like Quebecor for all kinds of things and, among them, keeping a close eye on our elected people who have proven to have been a lot more of a burden than helpful in the past several years.

    • Ant6n 12:28 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      The same happens in any parliament. Isn’t it possible that with a city and population that’s the size of a small country, that councillors specialize and those don’t really listen when stuff goes on that doesn’t pertain to them?

    • Dhomas 14:18 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      How many of you are reading (and sometimes commenting on) this from work? Nobody can be 100% productive 100% of the time.

    • Jack 15:35 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      @Steve can you name one constructive piece of investigative journalism that Quebecor-Sun News has done. Taking pictures from a press gallery doesn`t count.

    • Jonathan 19:30 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      I find it more shocking that these councillors are playing solitaire! It really shows how old school they are, and these are the people running our city? Get with the times! They should be playing farmville or Mafia Wars (whatever it’s called)

    • denpanosekai 19:42 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      @Dhomas: not me! Montreal City Weblog is on the pornography/hate blacklist!

      (so says sonicwall)

    • Marc 20:29 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Farmville is so 2010. :P

    • qatzelok 20:31 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      I’m really glad we have megalomaniac media spies to report back to us slaves about the inappropriately non-slave-like behavior of non-corporate persons who they would like to have removed. Was anyone daydreaming at that meeting? Did someone have a personal conversation while on the taxpayer’s dime? As a side note: Imagine how much media Quebecor could own if it wasn’t for all those meddling government types…

    • Ian 21:43 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      I’m with qatzi on this. It’s not like they were texting while driving, and were it not for the occasional opportunity to daydream my workaday life would devolve into nightmare realms. Even city councillors may distract themselves for the sake of their own mental health.

    • Kate 23:34 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      denpanosekai: I was once freeloading off the McDonalds wifi in Old Montreal and was shocked to find my blog blacklisted. Where did you find it to be so?

      Anyone have any idea how to get a non-offensive site off a list like that?

    • Kevin 09:58 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      You can usually contact the admins of the wall and ask them why they’ve classified it as out of reach.

    • Steve Quilliam 10:35 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      @Jack. On an almost daily basis they release or uncover stories on how our money is being spent. On how it is being badly spent, that is. On how it is being mismanaged by our elected officials and/or our heavy bureaucratic civil servants. Just for that it is worth to have such news agency even though it makes me cringe everytime I read such stories. Kudos for them for being the watchdog.

    • Kate 12:46 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      Steve, Quebecor’s media outlets have for years sold papers by constructing scandals but they’ve never done the solid work we’ve seen in recent years by the Gazette (Linda Gyulai in particular) and La Presse as they’ve dug into all the evidence of corruption and brought it to light.

      Most of the “shockers” the Journal digs up are on the order of some elected official playing solitaire while somebody speechifies on a topic of no relevance to his borough or political activities – small things that will make a barber or cabbie go “Tabarnak!” but which make no real difference in the bigger picture.

    • Bert 14:07 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      Sometimes I wonder if they learn urban planning by playing farmville.

      But i agree that this is a non-story, just muck-raking.

    • Jack 14:09 on 2013/02/01 Permalink

      @ Steve Quebecor-Sun News is not a news organizations.They reflect the very specific world view of their proprietor and essentially propagate his commercial and personal agenda.Just your selection of concerns reflect that, i.e. Public sector bad,Private sector good.
      However when PKP gets the public sector (Caisse Depot de Placement) to buy him Videotron and loses 1.5 billion dollars of our pension money, that loss is an “investment”.When he gets the province of Quebec and our entire political class (except Khadir) to build him a rink($400 million),gives him 25 years exclusivity and changes the law to protect him from lawsuits. More importantly he can intimidate politicians too shut the f_ck up, thats responsible public governance.
      PS Can we refer to this organization as Quebecor-Sun News, just so our sovreignist friends can see the internal contradiction of PKP’s nationalist credentials.

    • emdx 23:35 on 2013/02/01 Permalink


      25 years ago, a friend of mine who was a MCM councillor brought the first laptop ever into city council.

      He was told soon after that he could not use such a thing in there…

  • Kate 08:54 on 2013/01/30 Permalink | Reply  

    The STM is officially opposed to the creeping bilingualism that continues to threaten the primacy of French in Montreal.

    Meanwhile, Montreal continues to have more poverty than the rest of Quebec.

    • Stephane Daury (@stephdau) 09:21 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      La loi actuelle prévoit qu’on doit démontrer «la nécessité» du bilinguisme pour un poste.
      They work with tourists all year long, and:

      The City of Montréal accommodation tax represents its main source of revenue.
      Isn’t that enough? Isn’t hotel staff that works with the public expected to know English?

    • Stephane Daury (@stephdau) 09:23 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Actually, the latter statement might not be accurate. It’s unclear if the tax is Montreal’s main revenue (sonds dubious) or Tourisme Montreal’s (more likely). The spirit remains the same. :)

    • Jack 11:04 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      What a world we live in Odile Paradis, the spokesperson for the STM gets her talking points from the Societe St.Jean Baptiste and its off shoot Mouvement Quebec Francais. ( By the way their are at least 8 of these groups with the same membership but different names, these two even have the same President.Its called astroturfing and is enabled by incredibly lazy journalists. The journalists who take these press releases add an intro and conclusion and go to happy hour.)
      In contrast Lisee tells the STM to be decent to their customers and do the right thing.Pigs are flying!

    • William 11:42 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Language issues only arise in Montreal when two nutcases of different languages accidentally happen to cross paths. I wish the 1% wouldn’t ruin life for the rest of us.

    • William 11:42 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Make that the 0.01%

    • ant6n 15:18 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Doesn’t the STM operate in cities that have bilingual status? Wouldn’t that imply that it would be useful for bus drivers operating in those cities to have some knowledge of the language?

    • No\Deli 16:29 on 2013/01/30 Permalink

      Oddly, the STM seems to take its political (and/or “legal”) cues from the provincial level of government, not the municipal. Despite the fact that its funds come mostly from Montreal – not QC City. [Recall this previous discussion, where I also link to the STM’s 2012 budget.]

      It’s an interesting thought, but I’ll bet the assorted city-specific language policies would matter little in this. For the STM it seems to be all about ideology and the PQ distortion field, not facts on the ground. Or customer service.

    • Kate 00:25 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      The official stance is beside the point. Some STM folks are fine with speaking English. (I would never speak English to an STM worker but I’ve seen it happen often enough to know it does.) I wonder whether they’re under pressure from coworkers not to do it, and whether if more noise is made about this issue the net effect will be to institute stricter policy (or heighten feeling and peer pressure, at least) against any use of English at all.

    • Kate 08:10 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      Here’s a brief letter in La Presse that’s interesting: I like the concluding idea “there’s a limit to being nice.” When you find yourself making that argument, how can you not see the flaw?

    • Jack 09:35 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      This wasn’t even an issue until 1. A Colombian playing for the Impact was treated rudely by an agent. 2 A ticket agent posted a sign that said he would not under any circumstances serve a customer in english at Villa Maria ( you know in NDG-Snowdon).3. A ticket agent left her booth to pound a customer that was giving her attitude in english.4. It was found out that one ticket taker had been suspended three times for being offensive in his dealings with english speakers.
      Is that being nice to the customers? Look I am happy to live in a city where French is the predominant language, it makes living here interesting and in many ways compelling. This is however a question of rudeness and the empowerment of the weak minded. This attitude provides the employees a platform to dump on people that they are supposed to be serving. No one said a word about this until zealots used this platform as an opportunity to do harm.

    • Kevin 10:08 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      How do you say ‘tyranny of the majority’ in French? Or ‘We like having second-class citizens’?

      Logic rarely defeats emotional arguments. So sayeth Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Fox News.

    • No\Deli 22:36 on 2013/01/31 Permalink

      Jack, you forgot about this bizarre case in 2009 – sufficiently long ago that it’s already buried under a heap of more recent offenses.

      Honestly though, can’t at least this one thing be free of this poisonous, fruitless language bickering? The STM should be concentrating on one thing: increasing ridership. How is this political bullshit conducive to that goal? Why is a transit authority taking political stances at all? NOWHERE ELSE.

      *takes a Prozac*

  • Kate 08:38 on 2013/01/30 Permalink | Reply  

    A water main has given way in Rosemont, closing part of Saint-Michel Boulevard Wednesday morning.

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