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  • Kate 14:52 on 2013/01/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Fagstein looks at Urbania’s anglo issue and tells us what he thinks. Which reminds me, I should look for a copy while it’s still current.

    • Clément 21:39 on 2013/01/14 Permalink

      Hard to find a copy. So far, I visited 3 magazine shop which, according to Urbania web site, are all distributors. All sold out.

    • Kate 21:59 on 2013/01/14 Permalink

      I bought a copy this evening at the Multimags in Little Italy, but I admit I didn’t notice how many other copies they had.

    • Clément 09:07 on 2013/01/15 Permalink

      Well, at least, that lets me know there are copies out there. I’ll keep looking!

  • Kate 12:39 on 2013/01/12 Permalink | Reply  

    I missed this piece when it was posted in November on an unlikely site, but Jobboom has a good, detailed piece on the port of Montreal and how it operates. With some good photos, too.

  • Kate 12:36 on 2013/01/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The city archives are celebrating their centennial.

  • Kate 12:25 on 2013/01/12 Permalink | Reply  

    A demo in support of Idle No More was held Friday afternoon at the Palais des congrès.

  • Kate 12:19 on 2013/01/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Someone has now set up ice fishing in the Old Port, claiming any fish caught there would be perfectly safe to eat. Video report from Radio-Canada.

  • Kate 11:43 on 2013/01/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Midday Friday, Le Devoir posted a report saying Michael Applebaum was under investigation at the Charbonneau commission. Later that day, the story was overwritten by one in which the mayor was denying it was so. But Saturday morning, not only Le Devoir but also La Presse are back to claiming that Applebaum is under investigation by UPAC and the commission over a zoning change made in CDN-NDG to oblige someone connected with organized crime.

    (Kudos to Le Devoir’s Kathleen Lévesque, who saw her initial story rolled back yesterday, but came back today with renewed credibility.)

    I’m willing to buy that Applebaum would really have liked to mark his interim mayoralty by cleaning house at city hall, but let’s not forget he’s been a Union Montreal stalwart for years and that Tremblay’s resignation didn’t mean a blank slate for everything that had gone before.

    • dwgs 15:37 on 2013/01/12 Permalink

      There’s a big, ugly, dense condo development on Upper Lachine on land that used to house Marathon Construction. I’ve long wondered how they got built. Also, Rizzuto the younger was shot to death in the driveway of one of the buildings.

    • david m 15:50 on 2013/01/12 Permalink

      applebaum seems like a pretty sly character, i doubt there’s anything blatantly corrupt for the investigators to discover. it seems like if they do manage to implicate him on anything more than hints of conflict-of-interest or impropriety, it’ll owe to an informant somewhere along the chain.

    • Jack 17:13 on 2013/01/12 Permalink

      Coolopolis was speculating about this months ago. Real Estate, municipal politics,regulation and zoning is a conflict of interest minefield.We now shall see.

    • Kate 17:52 on 2013/01/12 Permalink

      Kristian looks at the story again Saturday on Coolopolis.

    • qatzelok 20:00 on 2013/01/12 Permalink

      I find it interesting that Montreal – in the midst of it mafia moment – got an interim mayor who looks like Robert de Niro. Many comments in the franco press mention this unfortunate similarity. Also, it doesn’t help that his public speeches are always full-omerta sprinkled with fuhget-about-it’s.

    • Kate 20:47 on 2013/01/12 Permalink

      Too much fluoride today, qatzelok?

    • Ian 18:22 on 2013/01/13 Permalink

      I find it interesting that qatzelok still seems to think that it wasn’t mostly francophone politicians accepting all those fat brown envelopes. Why must everything be a race issue with you, qatzelok? Is it a pathology or are you really that unintelligent?

    • qatzelok 20:03 on 2013/01/14 Permalink

      It’s not a race issue at all. It’s a money and mafia issue. I just mentioned that I wasn’t the first one to notice the Robert de Niro similarity, and that a few comments mentioned this in the francophone press. I haven’t read this in any anglo media, except this one. :)

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