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  • Kate 23:10 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    The Canadiens are promising to do something nice for their fans to make up for the loss of part of the hockey season.

    • marko 02:42 on 2013/01/08 Permalink

      THE WHO?

    • Bert 08:11 on 2013/01/08 Permalink

      Marko, no, they are too old and they just played the Bell Center!

  • Kate 22:41 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec’s Régis Labeaume has been rated the world’s fourth best mayor by an international think tank. Its code of ethics for mayors is brief and pertinent.

    • Poutine Pundit 00:54 on 2013/01/08 Permalink


      I suppose it makes sense that a loud authoritarian populist suburban mayor is popular in a monochromatic city of trash-radio-loving conservative suburbanites. There’s no money for the things that matter, but there’s plenty of money when it comes to putting on a show or setting up a big wheel in our carnivalesque downtown. His one and only project for the city: a new hockey team. The more this prancing autocrat talks, the less I want to live here.

      Meanwhile, he’s pushed back most public transportation projects for another decade, the number of bike lanes is growing at a snail’s pace, the revitalization of the lower town has come to a complete stop, new highways are being built to create additional traffic problems, and they’re tearing down historic buildings left and right.

    • Clément 06:45 on 2013/01/08 Permalink

      So I guess using 400 000 000$ of taxpayer money to build another elephant blanc (the new arena) for the benefit of Quebecor is perfectly ok for these guys.

    • qatzelok 10:09 on 2013/01/08 Permalink

      “Mayor Labeaume insists there is no corruption and none will be tolerated in the Québec City government.”

      This is probably why Mafia Media doesn’t like him.

    • Ian 13:01 on 2013/01/08 Permalink

      Yeah right, and Tremblay had no idea that there were any misdeeds occurring in Montreal. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  • Kate 22:38 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    A glimpse of Google’s Montreal office and what it does.

    • Doobish 19:57 on 2013/01/09 Permalink

      Interesting read, thanks. I had always assumed it was just an ad sales office. Nice to know that Google employs some of the local nerds.

  • Kate 22:37 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Police are seeking a man alleged to have grabbed a young woman in broad daylight downtown, inveigled her inside a church and assaulted her. The Gazette has a fair bit of other background including the year in which the church was built (?!).

  • Kate 12:13 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    A man has been shot inside a plumbing supply business in Outremont Monday morning. No explanations yet.

    Later: more details about the victim, said to be an ex biker gang member.

  • Kate 10:37 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Quel Avenir’s Monday guest blogger talks about putting quality of life first in urban planning; Montreal is singled out as a world city that can resist the blandness of globalization because of its bicultural roots.

    • William 10:49 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      “We live in a global shopping mall and you’re the only one who still thinks there’s a way out!”

    • Kate 11:24 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      If that’s a quote, Google doesn’t know what it’s from.

      There has to be more to life than shopping!

    • William 12:47 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      Ah that’s cos I got it slightly wrong. “We’re living in a global shopping mall, and you’re the only one who still thinks there’s an exit!” It’s Edina Monsoon.

    • Bill Binns 14:54 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      Our crazy language laws may just be worth the trouble if they are what’s keeping the Bennigan’s, T.G.I. Friday’s and Olive Garden’s out of the Province.

      I was in Buenos Aires in October and had to fight the temptation to firebomb the Dunkin Donuts that I found around the corner from my hotel.

    • Kate 22:44 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      Sounds like something she’d say to Saffy, William.

    • Kevin 08:10 on 2013/01/08 Permalink

      I’m pretty sure that Dunkin Donuts outlets in Quebec have been firebombed at some point.

    • William 12:43 on 2013/01/08 Permalink

      That’s exactly who she said it to! It’s from the Paris episode. She’s retorting to this: “Those are the same shops you have in London. You can shop in London. I don’t want to go to a French Virgin Records or a McDonalds or a Walt Disney Store!”

  • Kate 10:22 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    The Impact have a new head coach from a Swiss league, and thus able to speak English, French, German and Italian.

    • qatzelok 10:26 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      It’s great that the coach is multilingual. That way, he can interact with all those foreign players who come here to sponsor a cheese corporation.

    • admin 11:22 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      qatzelok, you’re such a sourpuss.

    • Tantastic Ted 11:52 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      Have to agree with qat here. The Saputos are obsessed with mediocre Italian players. They just got a yet another new one a couple of days ago.

    • Marc 13:18 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      Saputo is the most dishonorable company in Canada. They screw up absolutely everything they touch. What they did to Vachon cakes is an excellent example.

    • qatzelok 17:20 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      From the wiki article: “Throughout its history, Saputo has long been suspected of ties to organized crime and the Mafia in Canada.”

    • C_Erb 19:00 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      What did they do to Vachon cakes? I just assumed the flavour got worse with age.

    • Faiz Imam 22:03 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      For what its worth the team has very limited financial ties to the corporation.

      While the Saputo family is worth Billions, Joey only has access to a small portion of that and thus the team is only run on its own merits.

      Also “Saputo” has no sponsorship agreement nor is involved in any way with the team. Though they might have some in-game banner advertising.

      As for the team’s quality, we’ll have to agree to disagree. As a first year team with no international recognition, we can’t exactly poach Messi. No other MLS team has significant Itialian contacts, so what starts as a “mediocre” can only improve.

      Remember that these same contacts gave us Felipe, Camara and Ferrari, who are doing great.

  • Kate 10:17 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    The city intends to crack down on developers who are too leisurely in completing projects, using the pressure of fines and even the threat to repossess land if buildings are not completed within reasonable amounts of time.

    • Steve Quilliam 10:53 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      Will that apply to the Goverment of Quebec (Ilot Voyageur) as well ?

    • admin 11:21 on 2013/01/07 Permalink

      It might apply to the contractor on the project, but the Îlot is also back in the news today, with students pressing for the completion of the building so they can use it, as intended, as student residences.

    • Steve Quilliam 00:53 on 2013/01/08 Permalink

      Well, if the students can put pressure on the goverment to do something useful with that empty structure, it will probably be the best thing they came up with in years !

  • Kate 10:11 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Pamela Jean is confirmed as having been killed in Montreal North and her ex has been charged with the murder. And it is the first homicide of the year.

  • Kate 09:39 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Members of the Canadiens, playing in all corners of the hockey world, have to drop their teams and reassemble in Montreal for a couple of quick training sessions before the first game against the Penguins on January 16. Owners of NHL teams have come out of the lockout with the potential for much higher profits.

  • Kate 00:01 on 2013/01/07 Permalink | Reply  

    Peter Sergakis seems to have the ear of CTV. Now he’s quoted in a piece on the possible consequences of disbanding the police Eclipse Group that’s meant to keep an eye on gangs.

    However, considering that half the homicides in this town last year were gang-related, plus the fact that gang-related arsons are so usual they only get a couple of bored lines in most media, I do wonder if this is really the time to pull the plug on that squad.

    • denpanosekai 00:48 on 2013/01/09 Permalink

      Never forget Daniel Desrochers. Keep Eclipse alive.

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