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  • Kate 09:42 on 2012/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    Archives de Montréal has found someone on Flickr with a collection of Quebec licence plates going way back.

    • Chris 08:15 on 2012/09/14 Permalink

      Interest… no accent in Québec until 1951…

    • Kate 09:40 on 2012/09/14 Permalink

      In general there were not usually accents on capital letters until computer typesetting arrived in the 1970s, so having the accent appear as early as 1951 is interesting.

  • Kate 08:55 on 2012/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    The city has turned down the only offer it’s had for the old Planetarium building, which came from a cooking school that wants to use it as a studio for shooting instructional videos. Besides wanting money, the city is imposing a lot of restrictions on any owner of the building.

  • Kate 08:14 on 2012/09/11 Permalink | Reply  

    On Monday a Quebec superior court judge ordered the preservation of the long-gun registry data collected in Quebec, although it’s expected the federal government will fight the ruling to the Supreme Court.

    • steph 08:24 on 2012/09/11 Permalink

      What’s the motive in destroying the information? are they trying to protect the pedophiles?

    • dcmontreal 09:03 on 2012/09/11 Permalink

      Speaking of guns and shooters, I found the FREE BAIN graffito on Ste. Catherine Street a bit disturbing…


    • Matthew 09:04 on 2012/09/11 Permalink

      19 out of 20 of Bain’s weapons were registered. I’m still not exactly sure how a registry saves lives…

    • Kate 09:17 on 2012/09/11 Permalink

      Matthew, evidence shows that it’s been extremely valuable to police to know e.g. if there are arms stored at any given address, under various calls and circumstances. Nobody says the firearms registry is foolproof or will make everyone 100% safe forever but there’s clear evidence it’s a valuable resource for police.

      I’m no law-and-order fanatic but let’s say if someone on my block is stockpiling AK-47s, I kind of want the police to know.

    • Marc 10:57 on 2012/09/11 Permalink

      That person stockpiling AK-47’s would be a criminal and, as such, won’t register their firearms. Just because an address is listed as having no guns there doesn’t mean there aren’t any. The only true way to track guns is to equip each and every one with a GPS chip. Otherwise, it all falls under security theatre; like all the crap you have to deal with before boarding a plane.

    • walkerp 11:32 on 2012/09/11 Permalink

      Of course gun ownership should require registration. Just like any potentially dangerous tool. Should we not have to register cars? Likewise, gun owners should need to take a task and pay for a regularily-renewed license. It’s not going to stop every psycho or illegal gun, but it certainly helps.

    • Kate 12:22 on 2012/09/11 Permalink

      Marc, Bain’s guns were registered. Had the cops needed to encircle his house, they would have been aware of the armaments contained in it. That’s the kind of situation police say they do encounter.

    • Chris 08:58 on 2012/09/13 Permalink

      Remind me again why guns are legal at all?

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