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  • Kate 22:11 on 2012/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    We’re getting new high-tech $1 and $2 coins with security features. I don’t recall reading about a problem with counterfeit loonies – did I miss that?

    • Mal 22:27 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      I wouldn’t have thought it was profitable to invest time in producing counterfeit $1 coins. Hopefully this will never apply to all our coins, or I won’t be able to slip American dimes in with the rest of my change.

    • j2 09:13 on 2012/04/11 Permalink

      I received counterfeit toonies, on the south shore, a couple of years ago. They were awesome. (greyer metal)

    • NB 11:04 on 2012/04/11 Permalink

      I once received a chocolate loonie as change from a vending machine (the chocolate was wrapped in foil in the form of a loonie – the foil even had all the loonie engravings). I would have thought the machine would reject that!

    • Kate 21:33 on 2012/04/11 Permalink

      Even crazier: short-run $2 coins that glow in the dark.

      What next, Stephen Harper launches a loonie that plays “God Save the Queen” when you shake it?

    • Faiz Imam 01:26 on 2012/04/12 Permalink

      oh come on. The mint is as non-partisan a government entity as they come.

      They do this regularly, don’t you remember all the different quarters we’ve had over the years? I have at least 20. Plus there was that one with the red poppy a few years back.

      It’s like stamps, nothing more than an opportunity to spread some cultural message. It’s the closest thing we have to the Google front page :)

    • Robert J 07:47 on 2012/04/12 Permalink

      Well glow in the dark dinosaurs is cool. I like the part where “Her Majesty does not glow in the dark.” Anyway I want one…

    • Kate 09:51 on 2012/04/12 Permalink

      Faiz Imam, I know Harper doesn’t directly control the mint, I just thought of the musical coin in the spirit of Garnotte’s editorial cartoons featuring Harper and the Queen.

  • Kate 21:49 on 2012/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    The musical swings on the Quartier des Spectacles, a big hit last spring, will be back for a couple of months starting April 19. Video link from Radio-Canada.

    • Robert J 09:25 on 2012/04/11 Permalink


  • Kate 09:18 on 2012/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Some students who are against the tuition strike are pondering mounting a class-action suit for a return to classes as the point is reached for the cancellation of the academic term. La Presse examines possible cracks in student group solidarity; the Gazette finds an expert who says the government will back down. Demonstrations continue east of downtown – follow manifencours on Twitter.

    • ant6n 10:23 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Can’t they just cancel the summer term? They could finish the two missing months in July and August.

    • Tux 10:35 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Just guessing, but I doubt the bureaucracy is agile enough to do that.

    • Raoul 17:02 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Why should summer students be penalized for students who already forfeited their term?

    • ant6n 17:45 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Why should today’s and tomorrow’s students have to pay for the generations before them who’ve drained the public coffers?

    • Josh 17:58 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      @ant6n Yes, much better they should follow in their parents’ footsteps and sacrifice future generations’ education.

    • Raoul 18:01 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      so your solution to the boomers’ deficits (which most western countries had at the time) is more deficit? on the logic that we shouldn’t have to pay more than the boomers for school even though you admit they didn’t pay enough.

    • ant6n 18:05 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      No, I am saying simplistic arguments go both ways.

    • Raoul 18:07 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      An argument doesn’t usually end with a ‘?’

    • ant6n 18:13 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Well, then you just learned something new.

    • Raoul 18:14 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      If you feel like you’re shouldering the tax burden of an ageing population why don’t you move somewhere with a much younger population? Live somewhere where the government counts on your age group to win elections.

      40 years ago that was the situation here. not to mention they were scared of the commies, they thought a generous welfare state would keep the young people happy with the status quo. we all know how that ended.

    • ant6n 18:17 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Haha, the “If you don’t like to go Russia” argument! We’re reaching new heights in meaningful discussion.

    • Ian 18:17 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      I can’t believe we’re arguing the same old tropes – tuition increases have nothing to do with deficit management. Quebec could easily afford free post-secondary education for all qualifying residents (let alone maintaining the freeze) without any effect on quality of education or the larger economy. I’ve been posting links to various sites for weeks, so here’s one more: http://ssmu.mcgill.ca/tuitiontruth/news/tuition-hikes-here-are-the-facts-2/ educate yourselves before criticizing student activists.

    • Raoul 18:18 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Russia? if theres anything worse than bush jr or harper it’s putin lol.

    • ant6n 18:20 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      But if you try to make a cogent argument here, you already lost.
      Err, what? The “go to Russia” argument has nothing to do with Russia.

    • Raoul 18:21 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Well here’s a fact that doesn’t need linking: the government made it eminently clear that the increases are here to stay.

      As soon as that becomes clear to some students, divisions will form and that will be the end of that until election time.

    • ant6n 18:23 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Here’s a fact: It don’t matter what gubn’t says today. Also, nobody cares.

    • Raoul 18:32 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      wtv, im in the middle of learning C and lua (despite the strike actions), i get more joy from that than constantly debating this crap.

    • Ian 18:36 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Please, folks, let’s put some effort into our witty banter lest Kate’s charming news aggregate devolve into youtube commentary territory. There are a wide variety of opinions here and we can learn from one another or at least treat one another with a modicum of respect, I know we’re all capable of it.

    • Alex L 19:05 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      If people can’t contest their governments’ decisions, then we’re clearly out of democracy.
      @ Raoul, We could take that argument on both ways:

      Here’s a fact that doesn’t need linking: the students made it eminently clear that the increases were not here to stay. As soon as that becomes clear to some government officials, divisions will form and that will be the end of that until election time.

    • ant6n 19:31 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      It seems any time the tuition issue comes up, the level of discussion is usually pretty low. That said, it’s usually still much better than the comments you’ll find for Gazette articles.

      (“Those lazy students should work hard and just get rid of iphones to pay”, “I don’t want to pay more taxes for those selfish students”, “I got my education for cheap, and that’s why I am not in debt, so I think new students should go into debt.”, “They should go to Syria, that’s where protesters are struggling for real – these hooligans should just all be put in jail”, “Their protests block my roads, and that’s where I drive! Clearly, protests should be forbidden.”…).

    • Kate 21:44 on 2012/04/10 Permalink

      Ian, I think I’ll hire you as blog bouncer.

    • Raoul 06:27 on 2012/04/11 Permalink

      @Alex, well back to my first question, what are the students’ options? they cant refuse to pay forever. Eventually the schools will make room for people who want to learn.

    • No\Deli 21:34 on 2012/04/11 Permalink

      Ah, now I see the problem, Raoul! You’re under the impression that ‘pay’ and ‘learn’ are synonyms! Common mistake.

    • ant6n 07:19 on 2012/04/12 Permalink

      I just don’t understand how people can ignore that the 325$ increase for next year is close to irrelevant; it’s all about the total increase five years from now, which many students feel will make education inaccessible. Just consider the amount of work and effort that when into this wide-spread activism. If students were lazy, would they spend tens or hundreds of hours fighting this, or would they rather spend an extra 30 hours at their near-minimum wage jobs?
      By spreading the increases over five years, every year’s increase doesn’t look so bad (even thought it’s way higher than inflation), so it’s easy to dismiss the overall issue.

  • Kate 09:00 on 2012/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    The city’s facing a mounting bill for new traffic lights.

  • Kate 08:59 on 2012/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    A man was stabbed Monday evening at the corner of Ste-Catherine and Saint-Laurent, but not murdered. Journal notes he was known to police.

  • Kate 08:43 on 2012/04/10 Permalink | Reply  

    With the Easter holiday over, construction cones will begin to proliferate again on Montreal roads.

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