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  • Kate 23:08 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Students held a funeral for access to education on Friday, while UQÀM begins on plans for academic recovery after the strike ends.

  • Kate 23:04 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    There were 226 arrests in connection with the anti-brutality protest on Thursday, and the mayor says he’s disgusted with the damage and violence.

    Tremblay also noted that there are 1000 demos a year in Montreal and it’s getting expensive to manage them.

    • Raoul 08:13 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      They have no such reservations about people camping out on the street to buy an ipad.

      And by “managing” are they talking about arresting leaders a day or two ahead of time, and planting “agents provocateurs”… yeah i can see how all that OT can be expensive.

    • Chris 08:03 on 2012/03/19 Permalink

      People (suckers) camping out for iPads are non-violent and not damaging property. Do you not think that’s a significant difference?

    • Mark 11:19 on 2012/03/20 Permalink

      By the time the media has forgotten about this, they’ll have drop charges on most of the people they arrested. They only do mass arrests to break up a protest and to prop up numbers like this. Toronto’s protests a couple years ago followed this pattern perfectly.

    • Mark 11:20 on 2012/03/20 Permalink

      *dropped charges

  • Kate 15:23 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Midnight Poutine ponders the St. Patrick’s parade and the Expo Manger Santé falling on the same weekend while Kristian G. compares the Irish parade to the Carifiesta. OpenFile asked me to inquire into what the St. Patrick’s parade’s organizers have done to avoid accidents like the one that killed a young man two years ago, and I did. The Mirror reels around the musical options for a weekend of Celtic excess.

    • Brad 16:15 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      While it might not appeal to the green beer crowd, it’s worth noting that there will be a traditional Irish ceili dance with live music from the Siamsa Ceili Band at the NDG Legion (coin de Maisonneuve and Addington) on Saturday night from 8pm until midnight. All dances are taught, it’s good fun.

    • Kate 16:18 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      (It wasn’t me that wrote the lead mentioning green beer.)

    • Brad 16:31 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      I know it wasn’t you ;-) I just noticed that the ceili was missing from the Mirror’s list of options, but maybe it’s just as well.

    • Kate 16:53 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      As far as I’m concerned, Irish beer is black!

    • Ian 20:45 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      As far as I’m concerned, the Irish are naturals for Quebec culture, which is why it’s more relevant than Carifiesta. The Quebec Irish: Hate the English, were discriminated against as a lower class race only fit for labour by Quebec’s dominant cultures before the 60’s, listen to fiddle music, drink beer, and go to Catholic churches. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

    • Kate 21:34 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      There have been crossovers at least since the famine. Not unusual to encounter people with an Irish surname here who don’t speak English, and I’m one of the rare Micks in town who actually doesn’t have French ancestry too.

    • Ian 22:21 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      I used to be surprised when I met people with Irish last names that don’t speak any English at all but there’s plenty of them in the city. I’ve been called tête carrée by a few in the Point and Saint-Henri too, which always made me chuckle some since I’ve got an Irish last name, too.

    • craig macaulay 00:13 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      more suggestions for St. Paddy’s fun in CDN-NDG

      I’m surprised that you’re having your parade tomorrow – in Ottawa we had our parade LAST Saturday, the idea being that the faithful shouldn’t be out carousing on a religious holiday.

    • Kate 00:23 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      Quebec City doesn’t have theirs for another week. They told me they’d made an agreement with Montreal not to use the same day, plus they want a chance at slightly better weather.

  • Kate 11:11 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Bell Canada has bought Astral Media for more than $3 billion, causing concern about the concentration of media in so few hands.

    • Tux 14:04 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      I can’t imagine why there’s concern… they’re just controlling the delivery mechanisms AND the information producers. I’m certain they wouldn’t use that immense power to censor stories that make them look bad, or push their own political interests. Of course we can trust the megacorps, where would we be without them? Who wants competition in telecommunications or entertainment anyway? Certainly not Canadians! We like paying more for internet access than anyone else! And we like our news stories with as much spin as possible!

    • qatzelok 15:05 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      Tux, you’re being too selfish. Think of all the golden handshakes that were exchanged to make this deal come true. Don’t you want the current crop of politicians to have a comfortable retirement?

    • Doobious 16:42 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      Fuck Bell. I cancelled the last of my services with them last year and will never give them another dollar for the rest of my life. Look around, people. There are better options.

    • Robert H 15:49 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      Tux, Qatzelok, :-)

      «Selon M. Bélanger toutefois, la nouvelle concentration au sein de Bell, notamment pour ce qui est des stations de radio, pourrait inciter le CRTC à demander à la compagnie de se délester de certains morceaux avant de donner son feu vert à la transaction.»

      Bonne nouvelle: Au moins, il nous resterait des petits morceaux ici et là, ENJOY!

  • Kate 11:07 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    The Hui Tack Wing herb and tea shop in Chinatown was destroyed in a fire Friday morning.

    • Robert J 04:46 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      A real fire or an on purpose one?

    • Kate 11:24 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      None of the reports was very detailed but I saw no mention of an arson investigation.

  • Kate 10:14 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    The Nicholas Hoare bookshop on Greene Avenue is closing up and going away. I always preferred the branch in Ogilvy’s basement, but it was closed a few years ago.

    • Tux 14:07 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      Awwww man! I love Nicholas Hoare! Of the independent bookshops in town, they’re one of the best. Great selection, friendly service, and they do cool community events too! I’ll have to drop by before it closes :\

    • Kate 16:20 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      Oh come come. We should rejoice that another outpost of anglo hegemony has been defeated.

      Anyway, CBC radio says it will only close in July.

    • Lucas 22:07 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      This is very sad. They were the only store that always had the books I read about in The Guardian. More business for Amazon I suppose.

    • Nathaniel 01:22 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      Are there in fact other independent Anglophone bookshops in the city? The only one I know of that actually sells *new* books is Drawn & Quarterly, which stocks a small selection of literary fiction and non-fiction but doesn’t have much in the way of backlist. Suppose you wanted to browse the last few years’ worth of titles published by the New York Review of Books’ imprint: where would you go?

      Apologies if this is a naive question. I’m relatively new to the city.

    • Robert J 04:49 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      Please go to the Argo at 1915 Ste-Catherine W to buy your books. It’s under new management (friends of mine) and they’re fighting hard to keep at least one good English bookstore downtown.

      Of course, if you read French then Montreal has some of the best in the world…

    • Argo Bookshop 01:51 on 2013/03/17 Permalink

      “Suppose you wanted to browse the last few years’ worth of titles published by the New York Review of Books’ imprint: where would you go?”

      Well Nathaniel, on those grounds you’d go to Argo! We actually have a NYRB section separate from the rest of literature that consists of revolving stock of around 50 or so titles. And we are happy to handle special orders for anything that we don’t currently have in-store.

      Hope to see you soon!

  • Kate 10:00 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Whether Guy Turcotte is safe out is a matter of divided opinion, one specialist saying he’s just fine, “showing no signs of mental illness,” another wanting to keep him inside under observation for some time yet.

    This guy killed his two kids in a violent manner in 2009. I have to admit I have a qualm or two about the idea of him sauntering out in 2012, maybe dating women, having more kids. His ex-wife doesn’t think he’s safe, thinks he says what people want to hear – and, as a doctor, he probably has a pretty good idea what other doctors want to hear. Maybe we should listen to her.

    • Jack 14:11 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      I have to admit I have much more than qualm or two.Having read what he did to his three year old daughter on the bus going to work, it was all I could do not to scream.When we sermonize about our equitable justice system in Quebec to somebody from say, Texas, we are utterly full of it. This but another example of a person with the financial resources to choose a perfect jury, pay for the right talking heads and get his three elite lawyers to feed doubt and blame his wife, that “trollop”. Claude Robinson’s case also has demonstrated that money wins. When one of my ex-students come up to me and say they are in law school, I always say the same thing. “What a shame!”

    • Kate 15:17 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      The CBC news reader just said that one of the shrinks said they shouldn’t give in to public opinion and punish Turcotte any more. That seems utterly beside the point to me. He’s not being kept inside as a punishment, but because we’ve seen what he’s capable of when under stress.

      He’s a smart man, though, and will probably talk his way out of Pinel – we’ll know within 90 days.

  • Kate 09:47 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    There’s been a tempest in a soup pot this week with the PQ claim that meat in Quebec is mostly halal, an issue that echoes a recent kerfuffle in France. It’s not been entirely clear whether the problem is that halal slaughtering is (or can be) less humane than what we do anyway, or if there’s some obscure objection to eating an animal that somebody said a Muslim prayer over as it died. La Presse looks at the weird hypocrisy of the claim, given that regular old battery chickens are not exactly treated well either, and Voir has a couple of columns on the same topic. Rima Elkouri tries to calm the hysteria.

    • Jack 14:16 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      Wow the P.Q realizes that attacking the most recent immigrant group and least powerful can create real traction in the regions and 450, bravo! It is also nice to see the P.Q. using the Le Pen’s Front Nationale playbook, man do I miss Andre Boisclair and Civic nationalism. Levesque is rolling over in his grave.

    • qatzelok 15:12 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      Hey Jack, was it the PQ who decided to bomb Afghanistan, screen Muslims and airplanes, and push the Palestiians into reservations? Or was that our Banking masters, and you just don’t want to anger them?

    • Jack 17:19 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      Yes of course it was the PQ who decided to bomb Afghanistan and screen Muslims and push the Palestinians into reservation and organize the Darfur genocide and supported the Hutus in Rwanda and are responsible for the grounding of the Costa Concordia, everyone knows that qatzelok. As for the Banking Masters canard that makes you an anti-semite and that is reprehensible.

    • qatzelok 19:08 on 2012/03/16 Permalink

      So the “anti-semite” accusation is used to protect Bankers? I guess that’s one of the ways they get away with so much horrible behavior.

    • Robert J 05:31 on 2012/03/17 Permalink

      This is bad news guys. Bankers and terrorists aside, North America has the correct approach to immigration and France/Germany and the gang have a ludicrous one.

    • Kate 10:54 on 2012/03/18 Permalink

      qatzelok, you do realize that your excursions into antisemitism totally undermine your radical bona fides?

      I like having a radical sniper. I don’t like having someone parroting the worst antisemitic canards from the last century, though. So if you keep up that theme, I’m afraid you’re history.

  • Kate 09:32 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    A Journal de Montréal reporter who did a piece about hospitals leaving confidential files lying around had his house raided by the SQ Thursday in a move found bizarre, heavy-handed and just plain dumb according to the Gazette. Projet J looks at what may lay behind the complaint that led to the raid.

  • Kate 09:28 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Nice piece by Marie-Claude Lortie says goodbye to Luc Laporte, who designed such classic Montreal interiors as L’Express, Laloux and the regretted Lux.

  • Kate 09:26 on 2012/03/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Although we’ve been told several times now that the Champlain bridge is falling apart, we’re not to get a replacement bridge before 2021.

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