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  • Kate 14:57 on 2012/02/25 Permalink | Reply  

    The city’s firefighters have ratified a new contract although with a non-overwhelming majority of 64.3 per cent. The contract is good till the end of 2017.

  • Kate 14:44 on 2012/02/25 Permalink | Reply  

    Posters for the new Jay Baruchel movie Goon have (allegedly?) been removed from the metro because they show a man making a sexually suggestive gesture. The film’s producers are supposedly not best pleased although since this fuss is getting media attention it’s probably a pose. The poster shown on the IMDB page is different and would’ve passed unremarked. The Toronto transit commission had removed the “suggestive” posters earlier in the week.

    • Blork 15:07 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      For pete’s sake. Are we getting as crazy as USers around here? Can’t tell the difference between “vulgar” and “obscene?” :-/

    • Matt 15:27 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      I have to admit that when I first saw the ad, I had a feeling this was going to happen. Anyway, I’m fairly certain that the demographic this take-down is meant to protect doesn’t even know what the offensive gesture implies.

    • Bert 20:23 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      Thank God!

      Now there is more room for ads for lingerie shops and plastic surgery clinics.

    • Hamza 22:02 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      isn’t this the city that put a man’s ass on the sides of buses all over the place

    • Blork 23:28 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      As of 10:00 PM tonight, at least one of the rude posters is still up at Berri/UQAM.

    • Blork 23:37 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

    • William 10:15 on 2012/02/26 Permalink

      I’m offended that they took them down. In fact, I would say the symbolism of taking them down is far more offensive to our society’s values than the contents of this extremely mild picture.

    • William 10:17 on 2012/02/26 Permalink

      When are we going to start saying NO to the Dictatorship of “Offense”? Well, thankfully it’s already starting: http://bit.ly/xV8JxY

    • James 19:01 on 2012/02/26 Permalink

      i assume you all have heard of the controversy over the opéra quatsous http://www.ledevoir.com/culture/actualites-culturelles/333433/affichage-la-stm-affirme-qu-il-n-y-a-pas-eu-de-censure

      which was even more messed up, IHMO. i wonder if some people pissed that this american style film, with a cruder ad, passed and made a complaint, still angry about the above controversy. recent letter to the editor about the Goon movie http://m.ledevoir.com/societe/actualites-en-societe/342607/lettres-un-manque-de-jugement

    • Kate 00:10 on 2012/02/27 Permalink

      I did post about the Quat’Sous thing last year, but it turned into a discussion about why “3 groschen” became “4 sous” in French. The article you reference also mentions a poster for a French adaptation of the play Blasted which was removed from the metro in 2008 because it showed Roy Dupuis with a lot of blood on him.

      You’ll note that the posters were removed for somewhat different reasons – the Goon poster (if indeed it is removed) because of a sexually suggestive gesture, the Quat’Sous one for skimpy clothing, drink and cigarettes, and the Blasté poster for gore.

      I don’t see why someone who doesn’t want to look at a poster for the five minutes or so they’re on a metro platform can’t move along and look at something else, but maybe there’s some validity in the notion that some people can be on edge in the metro and find violent or sexy images one thing too many to process.

  • Kate 14:24 on 2012/02/25 Permalink | Reply  

    Book review in Le Devoir tells us all we need to know about Clément de Sabrevois de Bleury, who gave his name to a downtown street.

  • Kate 14:12 on 2012/02/25 Permalink | Reply  

    People are getting nervous about changes at Radio-Canada as the firing of a respected news director is followed by the abrupt reassignment of their top Quebec City political reporter.

  • Kate 11:31 on 2012/02/25 Permalink | Reply  

    Late Friday, a trucker lost control of his rig on the 40 in Anjou, and piled into some of those crash barrels, one of which flew through someone’s windshield, killing him; the rig then hit a sign structure, which fell onto another truck nearby. Picture the sort of crash little kids make with their toys and you’re probably close. Neither trucker was hurt.

    Later note: The man who lost his life was a respected surgeon.

  • Kate 11:18 on 2012/02/25 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse weighs in with its Nuit blanche picks; a wide selection from Voir, which also has a preview of the Art souterrain segment.

  • Kate 02:28 on 2012/02/25 Permalink | Reply  

    Friday’s snow was news after weeks with none, adding 25 cm to the contours of our almost snowless winter. Inevitably some traffic incidents ensued.

    • Bill Binns 14:46 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      It’s beautiful. I wish it would snow like this 2-3 times a week.

    • Charles 15:27 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      That snow sticking to branches and wires was beautiful! Did anyone take great photos of it?

    • Kate 15:43 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      this is nice. Probably lots more circulating on Instagram, although I’ve seen too many that were out of focus.

    • Ian 22:01 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      I got a few good ones. Snow is Montreal’s little black dress.

    • Kate 01:48 on 2012/02/26 Permalink

      Where are you posting photos these days, Ian?

    • Ian 08:59 on 2012/02/27 Permalink

      On instagram & the book of faces.

  • Kate 00:19 on 2012/02/25 Permalink | Reply  

    The massive tower that was to rise over or near the Bell Centre has already lost 20 floors, the part that was supposed to be a hotel.

    • Robert J 10:11 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      I’d rather see another parking lot filled elsewhere downtown and all the tax revenue that comes from real estate than a single, enormous project.

    • Steve Quilliam 11:02 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      Human psyche is interesting. If this project had started as a 20 storeys project and ended as a 40 then all would be positive but because they let us believe, for a while, about a possible 60 storeys building and downgraded it to a 40 then it is suddendly a negative thing!

    • Robert J 15:23 on 2012/02/25 Permalink

      I think it would be nice to eventually see a tower the same height as PVM, but I’m not sure that location was the best. As it stands, a 40 storey tower at that corner would be roughly between the 1250 René-Lesvesque tower and the Cité du multimédia complexe, creating a sort of descending skyline towards the west. If built, it should fit in nicely.

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