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  • Kate 23:02 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    On Spacing, Alanah Heffez previews Opus 2.0, a proposed upgrade and improvement to how our transit fare system works.

  • Kate 17:34 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The student demo, thousands strong, has marched around downtown Thursday afternoon, briefly blocking the Jacques-Cartier bridge before moving along back to Berri Square.

  • Kate 15:09 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Nuit Blanche is this Saturday overnight to Sunday and there’s a growing list of items about goings-on planned for the soirée. The Mirror has some suggestions; the Gazette has its picks; a “guy stuff” blog praises the festival (although with a photo of last year’s illuminated globes); the CCA is doing architecture bus tours; DHC/ART has an exhibit of Andrew Emond’s sewer photos more on Spacing; there’s a spread on Pinterest.

    The metro will be open all night for the event and you can get a $4 pass that you can use as much as you want between 6 pm and 5 am; there are links to mobile apps for Apple and Android devices on the official site.

    Art Souterrain also opens Saturday.

    More tomorrow, I don’t doubt.

  • Kate 14:33 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    The Mirror asks and answers why we don’t have hybrid taxicabs in this town.

  • Kate 14:24 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Radio-Canada news director Alain Saulnier is leaving the job after working for them in various roles since 1984. Further from Le Devoir.

    Also today, David Levine is quitting his job as head of the Montreal public health agency, a job he’s done since 2002.

    Later: there are hints Saulnier was fired although the reason why is not yet public knowledge.

  • Kate 12:44 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Mayor Tremblay has finally pushed back at Quebec over the photo radar issue, saying the city wants control over where the cameras go and, more importantly, gets to hang onto the proceeds. Quel Avenir ponders Quebec’s insistence on regarding Montreal as just another little Quebec town; Le Devoir also looks at the mayor’s beefs with the province.

  • Kate 11:12 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s become seriously newsworthy that snow is expected on Friday, 10–15 cm over southern Quebec, including Montreal, starting in the morning.

  • Kate 11:08 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec plans to give Metropolitan Community mayors closer and tighter controls over the AMT under a new bill. Quebec’s still keeping the upper hand, though, with final deciding power on major projects.

    • Robert J 12:06 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      It’s frustrating, but unless we give the city or community more sources of revenue (by repatriating taxes from the provincial level) I don’t see how it could be any other way. As it stands we can come up we great plans but are left hoping the province will want to free up the money, no matter how the administration is handled.

      (even if we did have the deciding powers, if the money is in Quebec’s hands, they will always be able to veto a project)

    • Kate 12:16 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      There is some provision in the bill to raise a little more revenue for transit, 1 cent per $100 of fiscal value, which is supposed to raise $34 million a year, not nearly enough it seems to me.

  • Kate 11:05 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC’s Homerun radio show wants people to identify their biggest transit/commute problem and tweet about it at 5:15 p.m. Thursday with the hashtag #CBCa2b and mentioning @cbchomerun (there’s 18 characters gone already). The page also mentions a few other ways to telegraph(!) your opinion to the Ceeb.

  • Kate 10:54 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    OpenFile looks at a man who’s intent on making the Lachine Canal a skateway even though the federal government, which controls the waterway, says no.

    • Marc 11:02 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      I’m sure they could find a way to keep a lower water level between locks 3 & 4 to allow for a skating surface. That’s the only part of the canal that makes sense to open up for skating as it’s where you find the Atwater Market and such. But I’m not an engineer so I could be wrong.

  • Kate 10:40 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Another demo against tuition hikes is planned for Thursday afternoon downtown, meanwhile the media have begun a counter-theme based on the intimidation of pro-hike students.

  • Kate 10:37 on 2012/02/23 Permalink | Reply  

    Mayor Tremblay is returning to the issue of naming something after Robert Bourassa, an idea that turned into one of the major fiascos of his long reign when he tried it before. At least he has the grace to say he’s going to be more careful this time.

    I don’t know why he persists. I don’t get the impression that anyone looks back on Robert Bourassa as a great guy or a political ideal.

    • Marc 10:54 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      Bourassa was an opportunist. You have to be so in order to be a leader of the PLQ; you can be damn sure he would have held a sovereignty referendum if that’s what it took to stay in power.

      But that aside, the mayor seems obsessed with creating the intersection of René Levesque & Robert Bourassa. The great visionary pundit Jean Lapierre predicts he’ll rename University St.

    • Kate 11:17 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      McGill will have kittens if they try that.

    • Noah 11:29 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      Love him, hate him, or otherwise, Bourassa was a titan of Quebec politics for the better part of 3 decades. If Levesque gets a major street named after him, Bourassa deserves something of equal scale.

    • David Tighe 12:01 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      Kate, my mother (Irish) used to use that expression re McGill. I have never heard it used by anyone else.

    • Kate 12:33 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      David, I don’t know where I picked it up, because although I’m 3/4 Irish by ancestry it’s been a couple of generations since any of us lived on the old sod.

      Noah, people loved René Lévesque. I don’t think anyone loved Robert Bourassa.

    • William 14:05 on 2012/02/23 Permalink

      New Zealanders use the expression “to have kittens” all the time :)

    • Steve Quilliam 00:08 on 2012/02/24 Permalink

      I am all for naming something relevant after Robert Bourassa but i would prefer something new and not changing something that’s already in city’s dna.

      Why not name the new Champlain Bridge after Bourassa? A new bridge, a new name.

      Or in front of the city hall, when they’ll cover the Ville-Marie expressway, there will be a huge place there. It could be Place Robert Bourassa or have a monument after him.

      Or the new bridge they just finished building beetwen Montreal and Laval. Or the highway 30 which will be terminated this year.

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