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  • Kate 17:16 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Lots of tweets at this hour mark the death of Gary Carter, who spent part of his baseball career with the Expos.

    • Shawn 19:33 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      Mitch Melnick did a great, extended segment on it, interviewing Dave van Horne, and playing excerpts of Carter at his HoF acceptance speech. Really moving, solid stuff. Melnick is the best.

    • Steve Quilliam 10:49 on 2012/02/17 Permalink

      As kid and as a teenager, during the winter, I was Guy Lafleur. But during the summer I was Gary Carter. I even had my Gary Carter routine when coming at bat !!!

      He was truly part of Montreal and a great example of a baseball hero.

  • Kate 13:04 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Projet Montreal is interested in making Park Avenue a safer place for cyclists and pedestrians, which it has asked city hall to act on many times without success. They’ve also posted a list of traffic-related accidents between Mont-Royal and Van Horne from 1993 to 2008, before the extensive roadworks began.

    • Robert J 14:22 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      Nobody wants to see more construction on Park ave. after the interchange and subsequent street reparations, but I can’t help thinking that they should just get rid of the Cote-Ste-Catherine/Park intersection and create just one square intersection, with big, clearly marked crosswalks on all for sides (they could even widen Mt-Royal west of Park to make up the capacity and avoid a bottleneck). Take the diagonal section of Cote-Ste-Catherine south of Mt-Royal and extend the park.

      Simple, square intersections are easier for everyone to navigate. The only losers would be residents of the apartment/condo buildings with frontage on Mont-Royal between Côte-Ste-Catherine and Park. They would have to put up with more traffic, but arguably less chaos and dangerous maneuvers.

  • Kate 12:58 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    A demo blocked the Stock Exchange tower Thursday mid-morning, with students, union members and others agitating for a whole range of social justice issues. As I post this, around 13h, tweets say the demo is on Ste-Catherine moving eastward.

    CTV has a mention of pepper spray.

    • Adam 13:53 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      What kind of people prevent a man from getting to his medication? Whoever told him that he would have to wait must be a sociopath. Disgusting.

    • qatzelok 15:36 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      Adam, that story about medication is there for a reason. You are supposed to have less sympathy for the protestors because commercial media (your master) told you a story about a man and his meds.

    • Tux 15:44 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      Couldn’t the protesters have blocked access to the stock exchange tower from the inside, instead of blocking off the whole Delta? Couldn’t the protesters have asked the man to show his hotel key and let him pass through? That said, every time you raise tuition you make it so higher education is out of reach to more people, a deeply stupid action in a province where many of us can barely get out of high school. There are other ways for schools to raise funds.

    • Antonio 19:48 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      Marx was right after all, qatzelok. Those protesters are going from being halfwits in themselves to being halfwits for themselves. They have nothing to lose but their hackneyed, leftist claptrap. Slackers of all countries, unite!

    • qatzelok 21:44 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      Antonio, your parent’s generation destroyed the environment while putting their own kids into debt before they were born. If you don’t think young people have anything to protest, you aren’t paying attention.

    • Antonio 07:42 on 2012/02/17 Permalink

      qatzelok: My agreement with the first sentence of your latest post doesn’t change the fact that the student contingent of the protesters (if not all of them) want society to keep subsidizing their unproductive, self-indulgent degrees in subaquatic basket-weaving and their fetish for iPads and iPhones. They are the modern-day equivalent of the lumpenproletariat so reviled by Marx in the latter stages of his life. They are slackers of the lowest order and the pepper spray and batons to clear them away did not come out soon enough.

    • James 08:46 on 2012/02/17 Permalink

      We need a kate ad-hominem intervention. (re: self-indulgent degrees in subaquatic basket-weaving and their fetish for iPads and iPhones.)

      I have so much to say about the above but this is obviously just a hatefest.

    • Kate 09:31 on 2012/02/17 Permalink

      Antonio, do you really think people go up against police batons and pepper spray because they’re lazy, spoiled brats, and not because they care about the way society is tending toward stronger oligarchy and fewer freedoms?

      Enough on this thread, anyway. (Thanks James.)

  • Kate 12:50 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Police shot and killed a man Thursday morning in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, and now the SQ is investigating the circumstances.

    • Tux 14:46 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      According to the cops he was waving what ‘may have been’ a knife. So they don’t know why they shot him? Replace their guns with tazers already, yeesh. Villanueva, Mohammadi… how many people have to die?

  • Kate 12:47 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Actor Tony Conte will have to do jail time for his coke conviction.

  • Kate 10:03 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Not the first time this story has made the rounds: a plague of phone and gadget theft is rising in the metro, as everyone walks around dinking obliviously on their devices. But now police are getting more involved although, despite the photo there of a cop with a dog, it mostly seems to be an “awareness” campaign.

  • Kate 09:40 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Quel Avenir focuses on the transformation of the Mies van der Rohe gas station on Nuns Island, although I think he’s a bit wrong about it passing inaperçu.

  • Kate 09:19 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    This Burlington Free Press piece on Montreal in winter seemed unusually coherent for a tourism piece, but then I saw it was written by someone who works at Dépanneur Le Pick-Up.

    Also today, a piece on the High Lights fest from Noah Richler; Midnight Poutine’s take; Hour’s food writer focuses on the fest’s nosh side; a preview of the ice slide planned for the Quartier des spectacles, although the way things are going it may be more like a water slide.

    Later: Adding Lumière links to Voir, Voir focusing on food, Hour focusing on music.

    • Frederic Cardin 10:49 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      “Buried in snow for half the year”??? Come on! Even in real winters it’s not true. Can you imagine in the last years, especially 2012? It looks more and more like NY city winters here…… We tend to grossly exagerate our “winterity” factor.

    • Shawn 11:10 on 2012/02/16 Permalink

      Very nice piece, and it makes me want to go back to the Depanneur to sample more of her baked goods, which are quite good. She’s got to be a little tongue-in-cheek when she refers to the mountain as “a towering peak,” though. It’s a big hill, though we don’t want to admit it.

  • Kate 09:04 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    McGill principal Heather Munroe-Blum has announced she’s leaving the school in 2013, after a fairly contentious term in the job.

  • Kate 09:02 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    The daycare union decided late Wednesday to cancel the strike planned for Thursday because of progress in negotiations.

  • Kate 00:48 on 2012/02/16 Permalink | Reply  

    Chris DeWolf confesses to enjoying a campfire on Mount Royal.

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