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  • Kate 21:02 on 2011/12/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Six hundred people work for sports and leisure groups in the old parking areas under the Olympic stadium.

    • mare 06:20 on 2012/01/01 Permalink

      Brilliantly used as the location of social services in “Les invasions barbares”.

  • Kate 20:40 on 2011/12/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Bars have been putting up New Year party posters in English only.

    • Jack 21:23 on 2012/01/01 Permalink

      Dear Quebecor and PKP,
      Happy New Year!

  • Kate 20:27 on 2011/12/31 Permalink | Reply  

    CTV has a solid list of Montreal’s top stories from 2011.

  • Kate 12:18 on 2011/12/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Blog post with photos about Montreal’s approach to winter (fine coming from me, you may say, where it’s 5°C and raining outside…)

  • Kate 12:04 on 2011/12/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Nice Urbanphoto piece on the nameless neighbourhood west of the Main and south of Jean-Talon.

    • Shawn 12:15 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      A friend of mine is condo-hunting and tells me the real estate folks, at the very least, have a name for it: Mile Ex.

    • Shawn 12:16 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

    • Kate 12:20 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      I have to admit Mile Ex has an inevitable sound to it, and makes a reasonable parallel to Park Ex. (It doesn’t subtly irk me like HoMa.) Thanks for the data point!

      People have tried to convince me that area is part of Little Italy, but I never thought it had a similar enough vibe.

    • Shawn 12:30 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      I do think it deserves to be distinct. It’s a wonderful little annex. I’d hoped to find a place there, myself.

    • Patrick 13:10 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      I agree with Shawn, but it’s used to be called Alexandra-Marconi before architects took advantage of the industrial zoning of that part of the city to experiment with their own houses : http://www.imtl.org/montreal/montreal.php?vsearch=1&expo=Mile_Ex&m=Alexandra-Marconi%20district

    • Shawn 13:33 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      Oh is that it? Thanks Patrick. I wondered why there were so many interesting homes in that district. (A former colleague, married to an architect, lives there, in one of those great houses, I believe)

    • Arjun Basu 13:36 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      If it was Alexandra Marconi, it should become AlMa. Catchy. Mile Ex sounds kind of wrong to me. Neither here nor there. Though anyone could situate it.

    • Fon 15:59 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      The area on both sides of the St-Laurent directly south of Jean Talon is called Little Italy or Petite Italie or Piccola Italia.

    • Guillaume St-Jean 12:06 on 2011/12/30 Permalink

      Le numéro de novembre 2011 de la revue ARQ est justement sur ce quartier : Marconi Alexandra. Plusieurs nouveaux édifices y sont présentés.

    • Kate 07:42 on 2012/01/01 Permalink

      Alexandra Marconi vs Marconi Alexandra? That’s a long name for a small area, even compacted down to AlMa, which I feel should be deprecated: there’s already a rue Alma not far away, a few blocks east of the Main, so it could be confusing.

      I simply don’t buy that those streets between Saint-Urbain and the tracks count as Little Italy. They have none of the features that mark that neighbourhood. In a flash you go from gelato bars, little sports cafés with soccer memorabilia, pizza and pasta and risotto, to small industrial installations (some now converted into condos), repair garages and undistinguished little houses. Even the rather depressed part of Jean-Talon that borders it on the north has no Italian vibe – at most, a couple of espresso machine repair places (both admittedly pull a nice shot, but they don’t offer places to sit while you drink it).

      I used to work near the area just before it was discovered by developers. It wasn’t surprising then that it hadn’t been given a name of its own. But I admit to liking Mile Ex, even though it transparently tries to co-opt Mile End’s popularity.

  • Kate 05:01 on 2011/12/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Despite nonoptimal climatic conditions, the snow village in Jean-Drapeau park is gradually taking shape.

  • Kate 04:59 on 2011/12/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Voir on food in 2011, likewise from Hour; Mr. Lew on poutine.

  • Kate 16:06 on 2011/12/28 Permalink | Reply  

    A car flipped off an overpass Wednesday afternoon in the southwestern part of town and blocked the Montreal-bound Via 056 train from Toronto. Nobody was hurt on the train (this info direct from a friend aboard) but people in the car were injured.

    • joe 19:13 on 2011/12/28 Permalink

      “[…] people in the car were injured”…?

      They weren’t injured, they’re dead. The linked article’s title reads:”2 dead after truck flips off Montreal overpass”…

    • Kate 19:49 on 2011/12/28 Permalink

      The article was updated after I first linked it.

    • SN86 20:59 on 2011/12/28 Permalink

      Judging by Google Street View images it makes you wonder why concrete “Jersey” barriers were not lining this street with a cliff next to it. Lining a street with a single steel barrier doesn’t make sense when cars can go perpendicular, although 3 bands of steel stacked like on race tracks would.

    • Kate 04:28 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

    • Doobious 18:53 on 2011/12/30 Permalink

      The Gazoo article implied that the woman managed to make a couple of phone calls in the time between when the truck went off the road and when the train struck. Cripes, what a way to go.

  • Kate 14:46 on 2011/12/28 Permalink | Reply  

    The serveuses sexxxy at Les Princesses d’Hochelaga will no longer be topless, as a ruling has ordered that they have to cover up.

  • Kate 14:39 on 2011/12/28 Permalink | Reply  

    Lysiane Gagnon ponders the uncertain fate of Ogilvy’s which has been on Ste-Catherine for 145 years.

    • Bill Binns 07:50 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      The sons and grandsons of the rich old ladies who shop at Holt’s run this city. They will put a stop to Holt’s moving off Sherbrooke. I believe Holt’s gets a lot of it’s business because it is on Sherbrooke. Who wants to mix with the commoners on St Catherine?

  • Kate 14:36 on 2011/12/28 Permalink | Reply  

    Possibly useful list of New Year’s parties this weekend; the Mirror also has a list.

  • Kate 14:35 on 2011/12/28 Permalink | Reply  

    A reader asked Openfile to find out why Belmont Park closed, and I researched and wrote a piece including a wee slideshow of artifacts from the park’s glory days. Look out for Part II soon in which I answer the same reader’s second question about why the city should or should not consider developing a new amusement park.

    Later note: Part II.

    • alanah 22:47 on 2011/12/28 Permalink

      Thanks for this article. I had heard that Belmont park was owned by Margaret Trudeau’s family at some point – did that turn up in the research?

    • Singlestar 22:55 on 2011/12/28 Permalink

      I seem to remember it was Margaret’s husband’s family.

    • Kate 04:13 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      Pierre Trudeau’s father was a businessman and, as one of his many interests, was part of a group of investors that owned the park for awhile. Charles-Émile Trudeau was not involved for long before he died, but some family money must have stayed in the pot because Pierre was on the board later himself, in the early 1960s, and apparently asked a few tricky questions then about how the funds had been managed.

      Margaret Trudeau was only involved inasmuch as her first husband’s family had been part investors. As far as I know, her own family – the Sinclairs – had nothing to do with it.

    • Michael Mcmanus 12:01 on 2016/10/13 Permalink

      Margaret was the one on the roller coaster!

  • Kate 14:31 on 2011/12/28 Permalink | Reply  

    Slate has a brief piece about how politics has made Montreal “cheap and cool” and enabled the existence of bands like Arcade Fire. Anyone want to comment on the statement that it’s a “majority Anglophone city”?

  • Kate 05:07 on 2011/12/28 Permalink | Reply  

    Sounds like the snowstorm promised for the Montreal area is turning to a slushfest instead. Another widespread topic of discussion is of the youtube capture of invisible snow clearance by city workers. Here’s the video, which was widely mentioned in the media, but not actually linked.

  • Kate 04:55 on 2011/12/28 Permalink | Reply  

    People are talking about this Anthony Bourdain segment shot in Montreal.

    • Jack 13:58 on 2011/12/29 Permalink

      What are they saying?

    • Kate 12:25 on 2012/01/01 Permalink

      Good question. I noticed a scattering of incidental mentions of it as a positive view of the city but I didn’t collect links. If I see any interesting crit I will link back to it here.

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