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  • Kate 10:39 on 2011/10/30 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse’s Lysiane Gagnon launches into Gilbert Rozon’s proposed Fun City idea, pointing out that, among other things, Rozon’s party zone includes three universities with thousands of students, and do we really need to mess with their heads by offering them bars open till 6 a.m.?

    • MB 11:23 on 2011/10/30 Permalink

      Must be why New York and Paris churn out lazy drunkards from their universities? Sounds like a knee-jerk reaction to me. Only the wildest student house parties linger much past 4 am, and that’s with already-paid-for/free booze and no adult supervision.

    • Kate 11:35 on 2011/10/30 Permalink

      Well, read the whole thing. I just singled out one of her observations but she has others.

    • MB 12:03 on 2011/10/30 Permalink

      Thanks Kate, it is an interesting read. While I was at McGill I don’t think I ever met anyone who would be able to afford to drink through the night, overall I think it’s a rather weak argument…though there was that one time during my undergrad when we stumbled out of the old Old Dublin and realized it was rush hour… As for drug dealers…well…addicts will find them regardless of when the bars are closing. Her line of reasoning would close the city parks after dark too…or, is that the status quo in Montreal? If it is I can’t say I’ve seen it enforced.

      I don’t know if I’d support a 6 a.m. closing one way or the other, but certainly something like New York or Paris, where certain licenses are able to set their closing times much later, (Parisian nightlife hardly shuts down at 2, same with New York City at 4) would work quite nicely here and yes, could be a boon to sectors of the tourism industry.

      As for the peace and quiet argument…of course nobody wants a rowdy party in their front yard 24/7 but I hardly think that off the main drags you’d find too many places responsible for a racket that late anyway. We’re not trying to imitate the Brossard cul-de-sac here, but there are certainly reasonable complaints to be made. I’m somewhat conflicted over a few of these points. Thanks for posting this.

    • no\deli 12:07 on 2011/10/30 Permalink

      Counter-proposal: Functional City – with pharmacies, markets open until 6AM! Woo! You can do it, Montreal!

    • MB 12:08 on 2011/10/30 Permalink

      no\deli there are several neighborhoods here that currently enjoy this great amenity, totally in agreement!

    • no\deli 12:56 on 2011/10/30 Permalink

      It’s an astoundingly short list, and – while it’s nice that Greenfield Park and CDN have the pleasure of 24-hour medicines – the centre-city might also benefit. People live there too.

    • David M 15:43 on 2011/10/30 Permalink

      quite apart from the merits of later bar hours (which seems to me like a no-brainer), i love any idea that gets people into that corridor – a change that would do as much as any single building would to revitalize.

    • William 18:27 on 2011/10/30 Permalink

      I just hate the idea of nursemaiding people (including university students, who are adults), especially when it involves punishing people who are more than capable of looking after themselves. I was surprised that no one pointed out that there are already several establishments on Ste-Catherine open far into the wee-hours, but they specialize in catering to a crowd who enjoy a different form of intoxication. Let the bar patrons and their customers decide when closing time should be, and deal with any eventual noise and social issues using the regime that already exists.

    • Robert J 11:00 on 2011/10/31 Permalink

      @William totally agree. Those temperance league types are so tiresome. It’s up to students to keep their priorities straight — I know I didn’t and don’t have a degree but that’s my own damn fault and nobody else’s.
      I think New York has got it right. Stop the sale of alcohol in bars at 4am for the sake of the employees but allow sale in liquor stores 24/7. Also completely deregulate retail and services hours. We should also open the metro one hour earlier so that people can get home faster, cheaper and safer (this could be only sat. and sun. mornings.
      Leave the bar at 4, pick up some hangover groceries (not at 4 Frères but at a real grocery store) and catch the first metro at 4:30. That’s the life…

    • Kate 14:35 on 2011/10/31 Permalink

      Chris Erb has sent me some additional entries for the 24-hour listing and if anyone has others I would be happy to get them.

    • ant6n 20:39 on 2011/10/31 Permalink

      2nd cup on 1602 Ste. Catherine West, just west of Guy.

    • Kate 22:11 on 2011/10/31 Permalink

      Is coffee what @william means by a different form of intoxication?

      Thanks @anton!

  • Kate 10:19 on 2011/10/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebecor released a bit more reaction to their Montreal-Quebec rivalry survey Sunday, noting that many people still defend Montreal and claiming that politicians are being extra careful what they say about it.

  • Kate 10:16 on 2011/10/30 Permalink | Reply  

    A rally for sovereignty took place Saturday, as did a people’s march by the Occupy protesters, preparing for winter.

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