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  • Kate 18:06 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Possibly useful list, via Zeke, of great Montreal comic shops.

    • Charles 01:07 on 2011/09/02 Permalink

      Looks like he forgot Port de tête on Mont-Royal ave east between St-Denis and St-Laurent which has recently expanded it’s comic book section (looks like they took over Fichtre’s inventory). Renaud-Bray also has a good collection of european comics.

  • Kate 16:34 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Richmond Street in the Point is to change its name to Rue de la Sucrerie, apparently to avoid confusion with a Lachine street of the same name. The sucrerie in question is the big old Redpath sugar factory in the area.

    (I’m made a bit sad by this, because although I’ve never lived in the Point, my mother did, so names like Shearer, Richmond and Ropery were woven through the stories she used to tell about her childhood.)

    • Chris 17:03 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      For us old fogies, that’s not Lachine, it’s Ville St Pierre! VSP had it’s 1st through 8th avenues renamed when it merged with Lachine. I’m happy it doesn’t have to suffer another renaming!

    • Marc 19:08 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      Yes they were renamed after the VSP councillors who found themselves unemployed. Though I believe it is very tacky to name something after a living person.

      Hmm…no more intersection of Richmond & Richardson in the Point.

    • Chris 19:46 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      Marc, yes, I was aware of that. Disgusting. Though it wasn’t the case for Richmond, which has had that name for as long as I remember.

    • Singlestar 21:29 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      I am under the impression that only part of Richmond is being changed, the rest would stay the same. Richmond is one of the few streets which had a similar series of street numbers both below and above the Lachine Canal. The below-numbers used to have an 0 as its first digit e.g. 0123 Richmond, but Post Offices and other agency computers do not recognise this, hence problems.

  • Kate 16:18 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    A construction beam fell on a taxi Wednesday afternoon from the CHUM construction site. Nobody was hurt but the two passengers got a hell of a scare.

    • Chris 17:04 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      For once a taxi accident that isn’t because the cabbie was driving like an idiot!

  • Kate 11:23 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC has a piece explaining the ins and outs of the digital TV transition. Fagstein has a blog piece on the subject, with plenty of additional details.

    Of course if you don’t have a TV (ahem) this just sails past you.

  • Kate 11:19 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    AMT has announced details of the deceptively named car-free week, September 19-23.

  • Kate 09:05 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Well respected actress Marthe Turgeon died on the weekend of lung cancer. She was 66.

  • Kate 09:04 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Pieuvre previews the rentrée musicale.

  • Kate 08:59 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Nice piece of the city’s history is revealed in the story of Gilford Street, which all agree was misnamed after a typo. But I wonder whether in 1876 the city could’ve countenanced naming a street after the controversial Joseph Guibord, whose story is told in the article. Maybe the “typo” wasn’t a mistake, but a way of memorializing Guibord on the sly. (There’s also an Avenue Joseph-Guibord in Saint-Michel, named in 1987 long after the Church’s grip here had slackened – rather a bleak little thoroughfare, but official.)

  • Kate 08:55 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebec is promising to announce its plans for the Îlot Voyageur this autumn. The Journal calls it “the wart of Montreal” which is not far off: see how it looks in this photo. But first we have to know whether it’s even safe to resume construction on bare concrete left open to the elements for four years. We’re all a bit antsy about concrete by now.

    • Chris E 17:29 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      Whenever I see this building, it always makes me think of the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang. The difference being that even the North koreans have gotten around to finishing their building while the Îlot Voyageur still sits there waiting.

    • Kate 18:15 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      To be fair, construction began on the Ryugyong Hotel in 1987 and the Wikipedia article implies the building is still far from being open for business. At least the Îlot Voyageur can’t claim such a long history.

  • Kate 08:51 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Excavations have caused an infestation of rats in a neighbourhood just east of Lafontaine Park.

    • Ian 09:59 on 2011/09/01 Permalink

      TIL there are 2 rats for each Montrealer. How cosmopolitan!

  • Kate 08:42 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Jean Béliveau is celebrating his 80th birthday today.

  • Kate 08:42 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Metro has a brief except from Ulysse’s Marcher à Montréal suggesting three wooded areas to visit in the Montreal area.

  • Kate 08:40 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Glimpse of the city’s Zoroastrians, a group of around 250 people. I would’ve liked a little more about how their religion influences their way of life, but it’s always interesting to hear about these smaller traditional communities among us.

  • Kate 08:28 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    Although recent stats show cycling is more and more popular among adults, they also show students are not cycling to school much. Nervous overprotective parents are largely blamed, but I wonder whether some kids are not also worried about looking after a bike around schools where bullying and theft might be common.

    Bike theft also inspires another story today: the STM is considering placing bike lockers near metro stations. Some cities have them. But it occurs to me that if you can steal a bike, you can also break into a bike locker, which would reward you with as many as six bikes for the price of one.

    • qatzelok 10:47 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      One of the main reasons kids bike to school less and less is bike helmet paranoia. Bike helmet ads and laws have convinced enough parents that riding your bike to school is as dangerous as alligator-wrestling. Nice work, Big Money.

    • ant6n 12:28 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      Maybe it’s just a matter of bike paths not being designed with schools in mind. I think there was some piece about how New York’s bike paths don’t connect well to certain interest areas like Schools very well, but I can’t find it.

    • William 18:15 on 2011/08/31 Permalink

      Oh yeah, helmets are a big money conspiracy, that makes plenty of sense :S

  • Kate 08:23 on 2011/08/31 Permalink | Reply  

    A young guy was stabbed to death Tuesday night in Saint-Henri after a dispute with some other young men. No mention of any capture or arrest. Homicide #24 of the year (beginning to think I need a graphic for this).

    • megan 11:53 on 2011/09/04 Permalink

      and because he was known to authorities his murderer will be walking around scott free.. no investigation, closed book,,,,that boy was 18 and abused most of his life it aint his fault
      what happened to him.. he was a brother, a son, a father, a student, and a teacher…. these fkn news people done even have the decency to put his mane smh… R.I.P. Shamarqui Mintou you are loved and you are missed… you will never be forgotten boo

    • Kim 23:12 on 2011/09/05 Permalink

      Shamarqui will be missed I know am gonna miss see him in class everyday. He was a great guy he was always making people laugh he was the life of our classroom and even tho he didn’t speak the same language as many people in that class he still tried to get to know everyone and tho I have only known Shamarqui for only a few weeks before his death I miss him our whole class miss him and I know his family and his kids are missing him like crazy. I know that God is a just God and the people that took his life will get theirs and so will the authorities that are doin nothing about it. R.I.P Shamarqui Gone but surely will never be forgotten. My depest regards to him family, relatives and all his close friends

    • Kate 18:23 on 2011/09/06 Permalink

      I am sorry you have lost your friend. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about him.

    • nick 13:25 on 2012/05/15 Permalink

      RIP shemarqui you were a chill homie :`( rip

    • Nicole 16:15 on 2014/06/13 Permalink

      Just came across this website. Did not know the young man, however was wondering if any arrests have been made. Has anyone been convicted?
      RIP Shemarqui Minto

    • Kate 16:35 on 2014/06/13 Permalink

      I have seen no mention of Shamarqui Minto in the media since that time. A Google search brings up no information.

    • Nicole 17:20 on 2014/06/13 Permalink

      Ok Kate, thank you for the update.

    • Marquita Caroll Britton 20:49 on 2016/04/13 Permalink

      Sad to know google search had no information on Shamarqui Minto death. But his family is still celebrating Shamarqui Minto has a son, father, brother, grand-son and a great grand-son, although we miss him, our love for him bring nearer” please remember to think of him with the love we have for Shamarqui Minto” his family Loves every person’s that truely Loved SHAMARQUI S MINTO HIS SMILES LIVES FOR EVER

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