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  • Kate 21:42 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    A new street gang called les Verts has shown up on the scene, and no, they don’t do home invasions to forcibly recycle your rubbish. They’re apparently the reason why the Café Ferrari in RDP can’t reopen: there’s too much likelihood of mayhem.

    • Stefan 09:02 on 2011/03/23 Permalink

      i like this idea of an eco-gang – imagine:

      ‘hey mr. in your SUV there – time to pay up your eco-tax, or we come back and tickle you!’
      or ‘mr. restaurateur, we just caught you putting out a lot of recyclables inside your trash – you better give us all a free meal!’

    • walkerp 10:15 on 2011/03/23 Permalink

      I would join this gang.

    • b.g. 11:36 on 2011/05/05 Permalink

      theres the bloods (red) the crips (blue) and i will call it THE REPTYS for reptiles (green)

  • Kate 17:33 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    Midnight Poutine has a piece about the best poutine for different occasions which follows another piece on poutine history.

  • Kate 16:08 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    At Monday night’s council session the mayor tried to pass a motion that Louise Harel is incompetent and takes Montrealers for imbeciles but, due to a technicality, it didn’t pass and she didn’t have to apologize. Is it just me, or is this whole administration descending to schoolyard name-calling?

    • Steve Quilliam 23:34 on 2011/03/22 Permalink

      Is this what’s really going on at city hall? Is that why we are ”paying” them? There’s nothing more important for them to do than passing useless stupid motions against each other?

      I don’t know what to think any more about this city hall! Someone has to help us.

    • David M 10:17 on 2011/03/23 Permalink

      allied intervention? an airstrike? bergeron as rebel leader?

    • Steve Quilliam 23:14 on 2011/03/23 Permalink

      I don’t know….how about Gilbert Rozon as mayor and Phyllis Lambert as urbanist planner ?

  • Kate 16:05 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    None of the three opposition parties buy today’s federal budget so an election will probably follow. Budget highlights from the CBC and from the Globe & Mail. Some background links from Paul Wells.

  • Kate 11:39 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    Someone left an old black propane tank on the front steps of Outremont borough hall and it caused a bomb scare Tuesday morning. All clear now.

  • Kate 11:37 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    Although the mayor has said his henchmen have not been reading the email of any elected official at city hall, some do not believe him.

    • Tux 13:14 on 2011/03/22 Permalink

      Someone should find the right disgruntled city IT person and ask if their duties include assistance with spying. Most admins I know despise having to do that kind of dirty work, the sentiment being that this kind of unethical behaviour could not occur without technical people being coerced into cooperation by the fear of unemployment.

    • Stefan 18:41 on 2011/03/22 Permalink

      quebecleaks.org is waiting …

    • walkerp 20:13 on 2011/03/22 Permalink

      We can only dream. Tux, I like your IT person wish, but I’m afraid that there often the government IT guy is very often bred like his non-technical bureaucratic counterpart: playing it safe and by the rules with a steady, secure job and no ambition.

  • Kate 08:10 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    Review of Linda Leith’s book on anglo writers in Montreal.

  • Kate 08:08 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    Millions have been drizzling away for studies on the Bonaventure Autoroute’s future and other stuff done by the Société du Havre, which is not accountable to anyone for what it does with its funding.

  • Kate 08:07 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    A slightly impressionistic meditation on transit, trams and the city sited roughly around the transit exhibit at Place des Arts metro.

  • Kate 07:59 on 2011/03/22 Permalink | Reply  

    The Champlain bridge was built too cheaply and too fast, investigators say, and its corrosion by salt water was inevitable given the limits of its structure. Also it has no resistance to seismic shock. If the bridge had to close for any length of time with no replacement it would be very bad for the city.

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