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  • Kate 11:34 on 2011/03/17 Permalink | Reply  

    On Livejournal someone has compiled a list of upcoming events to raise funds for Japan. (Although this Globe & Mail piece suggests Japan does not exactly need cash and that charities may take money given by people who want to help, and divert it elsewhere.)

  • Kate 10:55 on 2011/03/17 Permalink | Reply  

    The Mirror has a list of live music around town for St. Patrick’s Day; Nightlife has a supposed list of five top Irish pubs but it soon goes off the rails with a mention of the Burgundy Lion, ce pub anglais qui sait y faire en matière de fish’n chips. Hello! Ireland and England are not the same place!

    There are various Montreal Irish options mentioned in this piece on St. Patrick’s Day in Montreal (despite being from the Ottawa Citizen and posted on the Vancouver Sun site). Curiously, the writer describes a full Irish breakfast as an Ulster Fry (Northern Ireland isn’t really what the day is about, as they have another day they march there in June) and makes casual reference to a drink called an Irish car bomb – an American cocktail with a name that’s just a wee tad offensive.

    Because being Irish is kind of a joke nationality, it doesn’t mean you should forget it’s an actual place with a living history, not just a vague memory of the past. Also, I didn’t think I’d have to mention it, but it’s Paddy, not Patty if you feel you must shorten the name.

    Yes, I know Ulster and modern Northern Ireland are not strictly synonymous, but they’re often used that way.

    • Glenn 12:45 on 2011/03/17 Permalink

      My ancestors, both protestant and catholic, from Ulster/Norn Iron celebrated St Patrick’s day, maybe or maybe not starting the day with an Ulster Fry. Both sides were known to indulge in a good Ulster Fry though, usually before a hard day of labour. I don’t think because something is from Ulster, its not authentically Irish. Its more like a regional culture up there. Kind of like anglophone’s in the Pontiac or Gaspe regions of Quebec.

      You are definitely right, being Irish is sort of a running joke these days and the culture is appropriated to make money selling Guinness and green kitsch.

    • Lamont 13:26 on 2011/03/17 Permalink

      You can also read the Citizen/Sun story on the Gazette’s site at http://www.montrealgazette.com/travel/Celebrate+things+Irish+Montreal/4450774/story.html. The Sun just has better SEO than the Gazette.

    • Jack 06:01 on 2011/03/18 Permalink

      The Mirror used to be a sort of template for an alternative weekly. Progressive politics, avant garde music and art. Now it just seems to be cranky and careless and written to fill in the non-escort advertising. What happened?

    • Kate 08:02 on 2011/03/18 Permalink

      The Mirror belongs to Quebecor, which bought it out in 1997.

  • Kate 10:28 on 2011/03/17 Permalink | Reply  

    Maisonneuve has a pretty good blog post on poutine, and where to find a good one.

  • Kate 09:48 on 2011/03/17 Permalink | Reply  

    A dozen arrests followed the bust of a contraband cigarette distribution ring which deprived the public coffers of thousands of tax dollars.

  • Kate 08:01 on 2011/03/17 Permalink | Reply  

    Police will be wearing red caps as of today to signify their pressure for a new contract. I’ve also seen police cars flying flags, attached like those Canadiens flags but they’re not, and are probably also connected with this campaign. Ah yes – it’s the insignia of the police brotherhood.

  • Kate 07:46 on 2011/03/17 Permalink | Reply  

    The city wants to know how people are using wi-fi in public places. I hope they don’t spend a lot of money on studies to find out.

  • Kate 07:43 on 2011/03/17 Permalink | Reply  

    The folks fighting the transformation of the Centre 7400 into deluxe condos want a moratorium on the change and more discussion, but they also want a promise of a certain number of affordable condos, as mandated in city guidelines for new developments. The developer has offered a princely $300,000 to the city to build these somewhere else. Consternation.

    • walkerp 12:54 on 2011/03/17 Permalink

      I heard that the city already gave approval for the project and it is going ahead. I’ve had several organizations calling asking if there was space available in our office as they are all going to be out the door July 1st. It’s amazing how the city doesn’t see the repercussions of closing such a place down. These are organizations that provide valuable and necessary social services, like helping with transport for the aged and infirm. Seems like palms get greased and sales go down.

    • Kate 13:35 on 2011/03/17 Permalink

      Since the borough nixed turning the old Chinese hospital on Saint-Denis into an Inuit centre, maybe it could be offered to social services groups losing their spots in the Centre 7400?

    • Steve Quilliam 22:59 on 2011/03/17 Permalink

      I also thought about the old chinese hospital on St-Denis to be turned into a social service center for these ”groupe comunautaire” but since it is a good logical and practical idea then we can be sure it wont be happening !!!

  • Kate 07:30 on 2011/03/17 Permalink | Reply  

    Now it’s La Presse’s turn to ask whether Montreal could be hit by a major earthquake and, if so, what would happen to us. Short answers: maybe sometime, and nothing good. There are construction guidelines that include strengthening buildings against quakes – but many developers ignore them.

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