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  • Kate 17:10 on 2011/02/12 Permalink | Reply  

    A piece on the MMFA terracotta warriors show takes an irrelevant swipe at the show for not being about modern Chinese art, and a second swipe implicitly for supporting a “mysterious East” viewpoint. Snark kind of misses the validity of putting up a major archaeological show showcasing a piece of history unknown to many of us.

  • Kate 17:05 on 2011/02/12 Permalink | Reply  

    A free dental clinic offering help to those who can’t afford a regular dentist was opened this week in Saint-Henri. McGill dental students will do the work under supervision.

  • Kate 16:41 on 2011/02/12 Permalink | Reply  

    In an interesting twist, one of the suspects in the killing of a Canadian man in the Dominican Republic was already being sought by police for an attempt on breaking into an ATM here. A companion of his is awaiting trial in Montreal for a different case. Do we really let guys charged with serious offences leave the country on sun vacation jaunts?

    • walkerp 17:23 on 2011/02/12 Permalink

      I had the exact same reaction. The question that comes up, though, is how do you prevent them from leaving the country? I guess maybe they should have to check in with some authority on a regular basis, or their name gets on a list going to all foreign countries? In any case, it’s a bit tricky, logistically speaking.

    • Kate 17:55 on 2011/02/12 Permalink

      I guess so, but if a guy’s on a waiting list for a criminal trial, wouldn’t they be concerned about his being a flight risk? It seems slapdash to let the guy leave the country, only assuming he’ll come back to face the music. I knew someone who got in trouble merely for travelling abroad briefly while on EI benefits – is that so much worse? But then I’m lucky enough not to know how much, or in what ways, government databases are cross-linked.

    • William Raillant-Clark 20:49 on 2011/02/12 Permalink

      In New Zealand, there are immigration AND emigration controls. You can be held at the border and prevented from leaving the country for something so simple as an overdue traffic fine. I would hate to see that here in Canada.

    • Shawn 00:29 on 2011/02/13 Permalink

      this poor guy would likely still be alive if our system was doing its job. what a terrible shame.

    • Kate 00:33 on 2011/02/13 Permalink

      It’s true that we don’t have exit controls. But the second guy mentioned (who is not charged in the murder) was charged with a crime here and is awaiting trial. But I guess they can’t take your passport away if you haven’t been tried yet.

      I don’t remember how they caught my acquaintance who left the country while getting EI, but they cross-referenced something somewhere.

    • Marc 11:00 on 2011/02/13 Permalink

      Turning in your passport can be a bail condition for those who have significant resources and/or connections. That person who got nailed claiming UI while out of the country probably made the simple mistake of reporting that s/he didn’t leave on their UI report and a departure record and/or passenger manifest showed otherwise. But I think that only applies on weekdays.

  • Kate 15:31 on 2011/02/12 Permalink | Reply  

    The man found dead in a lot in Little Burgundy last night is rapper and harmonica man Bad News Brown. ProposMontréal has links to two of his videos, Gazette has a bit more detail.

    • walkerp 15:57 on 2011/02/12 Permalink

      Oh man, that’s really sad news. I don’t know much about his personal life, but I saw him perform after the Urban Jam last summer and he really tore it up, just a ferocious, sad sound on top of the beats.

  • Kate 11:53 on 2011/02/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Alleged connections with an alleged Mafia potentate have caused the Régie to block a booze permit for an establishment in lower NDG. (That’s a lotta allegations.)

  • Kate 11:48 on 2011/02/12 Permalink | Reply  

    A La Presse editorialist calls the new Champlain bridge the city’s project of the century. Comments to the piece are pretty cynical, pointing out how long it has taken us to build a couple of hospitals and asking how much of the price tag will go to pay off various friends of the political parties involved.

  • Kate 11:25 on 2011/02/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Linda Gyulai looks at the arcane workings of the city’s executive committee, a cabal we’re used to in Montreal but not a standard part of municipal operations anywhere else.

  • Kate 10:52 on 2011/02/12 Permalink | Reply  

    Chris DeWolf observes that in a Montreal winter, it’s always colder when the sun’s out.

    • Stefan 12:35 on 2011/02/12 Permalink

      the upside is that during the day in the sun it feels like 10 degrees warmer than what the thermometer reads (especially in late winter when the sun has more impact). it’s only after sunset on these days that it feels really cold …

      the purpose of those sensationally low windchill ratings seems to be to frighten us to stay inside. i’ve been outside in any weather/temperature here and clothed simply as a function of perceived temperature, have never frozen anything or felt cold even, when moving enough.

    • MB 14:42 on 2011/02/12 Permalink

      Clouds are convenient thermal insulators!

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