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  • Kate 17:51 on 2010/06/30 Permalink | Reply  

    A superior court judgement has backed the STM’s desire to open its bid for new metro cars to foreign bidders in the face of Bombardier-Alstom’s insistence that no one but them be allowed to bid.

    Radio-Canada’s done a nice thing here: it’s linking back to earlier stories on the issue, and it’s even posted the full text of the court judgement on the same page as the story. This is how to do online news!

    Now, can we get those new metro cars built before the existing ones crumble to dust?

  • Kate 07:48 on 2010/06/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Possibly useful list of things open and closed for Canada Day. Also via Rue Frontenac.

    • naftee 09:24 on 2010/06/30 Permalink

      “Good day for bangs” ?? As in, good day for banging? Who thinks up these titles :(

    • Kate 11:38 on 2010/07/01 Permalink

      I want to blame Fagstein but I don’t know whether that’s fair.

  • Kate 07:45 on 2010/06/30 Permalink | Reply  

    In pondering yesterday’s killing of Agostino Cuntrera Daniel Renaud reminds us that Paolo Renda is still missing. Both men were known to be part of the Rizzuto clan. More about the clan and yesterday’s shooting.

  • Kate 07:40 on 2010/06/30 Permalink | Reply  

    One of the people rounded up in the U.S. this bizarre Russian spy story took the identity of a Montrealer who died as a small child.

  • Kate 23:07 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Last minute to tell the city what you think they should do with the old Empress cinema (Cinema V) in NDG. In a different part of town, a cinema of similar vintage is also starting to crumble.

    • walkerp 07:36 on 2010/06/30 Permalink

      Where are the private developers? Both these theatres are potential gold mines and if this were a big American city, someone would have turned them into trendy martini bar theatres. There is no vision in this city in the private sector, probably linked as well to an ignorance and possible even self-loathing of the value, both financial as well as cultural of this old architecture.

    • Carlos 08:45 on 2010/06/30 Permalink

      Meanwhile, the city spends 8 million dollars on an underground vacuum / garbage collecting system in the Quartier des spectacles and no one says a peep. There’s plenty of municipal money out there, it’s just being spent in one place.

    • Rich 18:41 on 2010/07/01 Permalink

      So where is this supposed vacuum-based garbage collection system of which Carlos speaks anyway? It’s the second season of the newfangled QdS and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of it yet. The last I’d heard, implementing the system would’ve required the cooperation of Complexe Desjardins for the “compacting room” (or some such thing), and their cooperation was not forthcoming. Know anything about this, Kate?

    • Kate 11:31 on 2010/07/03 Permalink

      No, I don’t. If I see any items about it I will post a link.

  • Kate 23:04 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    A chef from Pied de Cochon is bringing more Montreal food attitude to New York, specifically to Queens. NYTimes link.

  • Kate 23:01 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Possibly useful house moving checklist for the many folks changing address this week.

  • Kate 22:46 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    When it rains heavily, sometimes raw sewage still gets into the river. The city’s going to be constructing four massive holding tanks to stop this from happening.

  • Kate 16:32 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    West Island mayors want to see better train service to their towns given priority over an expensive airport shuttle. I’m with Jason Prince on this: why not do both at the same time?

  • Kate 16:26 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    A Saint-Léonard shootout has killed one and injured another. Nothing else is out yet about the incident, which took place an hour and a half ago.

    Later note: Two men died, and they appear to have connections in the underworld.

  • Kate 16:13 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Despite denials it turns out that two funnel clouds seen over town yesterday were indeed baby tornadoes and it’s lucky they didn’t get any bigger.

    On the other hand, I can think of a few prominent folks here who could use a brain or a heart.

  • Kate 15:45 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Quebecor has just quit the Quebec press council, which is more or less journalism’s professional guild here. It’s tantamount to saying that we should no longer regard any of their media content as news.

  • Kate 07:24 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    The city plans more bike racks for Berri-UQÀM but I’m wondering who leaves their bike all day to the tender mercies of the folks who frequent that area. There are also meant to be lots more Bixi docks in the area.

  • Kate 07:21 on 2010/06/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Do you think the person who wrote this travel piece ever set foot here, or was just told to rephrase a PR handout from Tourisme Montréal?

    Later note: Fagstein tells me the writer actually went to school here.

    • sdf 20:31 on 2010/06/29 Permalink

      “agstein tells me the writer actually went to school here.”

      Ya, but did they learn anything?

  • Kate 22:50 on 2010/06/28 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s incredibly annoying to read about the arrogance with which Westmount mayor Peter Trent is refusing to allow access to the MUHC’s Glen project via the Westmount side. Ever.

    I suppose Westmount residents will expect to use this hospital once it’s completed?

    Projet Montréal is also concerned about pedestrian access to the new hospital. From what I heard on CBC, once you’re outside Vendome metro station, as it stands, you’ll have to trudge across a parking lot to get to the building.

    Later note: Background and diagrams from Andy Riga.

    • MG 07:42 on 2010/06/29 Permalink

      After reading that Gazette piece, could there still possibly be anyone out there who thinks the forced mergers (which were 50 years overdue) were a bad idea?

    • Cool Michael 1999 08:15 on 2010/06/29 Permalink

      Time to anchluss Westmount.

    • TS 10:20 on 2010/06/29 Permalink

      I hope this loser isn’t representative of all Westmounters. Whats a douche…

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