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  • Kate 09:52 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    At the moment, Expo 67 is the topic du jour. Metro has one of the more interesting pieces with an interview with Moshe Safdie, who designed Habitat at age 25.

    TVA credits Expo 67 for the coming of terrasses, which a historian says were never part of Montreal life before that time. (Article also reminds us that in 1967, women couldn’t drink in taverns, a law that only changed in the 1980s.)

    A new documentary called Expo 67 Mission Impossible tells about the pressure cooker 3½ years between landing the fair and its opening. QMI went to the launch of the movie; I’m not sure why those Expo hostesses with Denis Coderre look so wrong. Might be the hairstyles.

    CTV says “the theme – Man and his World – was to build bridges between people.” Possibly, but it was also a more radical statement of a human world that wasn’t dominated by religion: Terre des hommes. Of course Montreal was still a little ambivalent here, naming the new man-made island “Ile Notre-Dame”…

  • Kate 09:40 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Toula Drimonis launches into the cruel tradition of the rodeo.

    It’s typical of Denis Coderre that he lit on this idea, but despite a lot of pushback from people concerned with animal welfare and the reasonable argument that the rodeo tradition has nothing – nothing whatsoever – to do with Montreal’s history, he refuses to give it up. The man simply wants to strut around for photo ops in a Stetson.

    • Bill Binns 12:39 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      So, well fed, well cared for caleche horses standing around downtown all summer is cruelty but animals being shipped hundreds of miles to the city for the purpose of being abused in front of a crowd is wholesome entertainment? As usual, you can cut the hypocrisy in this city with a knife.

    • John B 13:03 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      I thought that it had been cancelled after the inital outcry, but apparently not. It’s weird that it hasn’t been cancelled yet – why put up with the bad publicity?

    • Kate 13:06 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      Because Coderre already has the Stetson?

  • Kate 09:33 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    A man was stabbed in Verdun Tuesday night following an altercation. Vague bit of raw video on TVA.

    We haven’t had a homicide since someone found a body in an Anjou parking lot on March 18.

  • Kate 09:25 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    The festive summer of 2017 is turning sour for a lot of folks – everyone who used the Gilles-Villeneuve track for cycling, skating or running, everyone who used the pools on St Helen’s Island, and now everyone who used the softball diamond in Jeanne-Mance Park, which is closed this summer so work can be done on the adjoining tennis courts.

    • John B 12:57 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      “« année exceptionnelle » du 375e anniversaire, comme a dit Denis Coderre.” – We seem to be celebrating this “année exceptionnelle” by preparing for the party after it starts, as opposed to having already prepared and spending this year enjoying it.

  • Kate 01:00 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    A CBC investigation finds that Andrew Potter never actually resigned from his position at the head of McGill’s Institute for the Study of Canada.

  • Kate 00:57 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is laying off its own, unionized security guards and putting out tenders for private security services instead.

  • Kate 00:54 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Not only have Jean Charest and Liberal bagman Marc Bibeau been under UPAC surveillance, the surveillance itself is under investigation. Meanwhile, Philippe Couillard is hastening to distance himself and his administration from the bad old days of Charest.

  • Kate 00:49 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Someone recorded an occurrence of the metro running with doors open. This lasted for one stop and is being blamed on a prankster.

    Update: TVA talked to the man who took the video who says he thinks it was a mechanical breakdown, as he saw no sign of anyone causing the problem.

    • ant6n 10:38 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      Somebody on reddit said the safety device should make sure doors are open less than 1/1e8 of the time. This implies that metro doors throughout the system should be open (when they shouldn’t) less then 5 minutes per year. If this only lasted a stop, we’re still within the limits this year. :-P

    • EmilyG 11:11 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      Wow. I didn’t know the doors could be pried open like that.

    • Kate 11:30 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      I don’t think it’s easy. As metro riders know, usually tampering with the doors does make the train stop.

      Also, nobody explicitly says, but it’s clear from the image that this is an MR-73 and not one of the new trains.

      Although, having been taking the metro a lot lately, am I the only person that notices that the Azur trains make a hell of a funny noise for the first half of the trip from Vendôme to Place St‑Henri?

    • EmilyG 12:02 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      I do notice that they make a noise sometimes, but I don’t remember which part of the route.

  • Kate 00:47 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that the BIG says the city lost control of costs on the Richler gazebo.

  • Kate 00:38 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Roberto Rocha turns his analytical and infographic skills loose on the matter of fashions in given names in Quebec.

    • Ian 10:07 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      Well that certainly explains why I have so many students named Caleb. I was wondering.

  • Kate 00:32 on 2017/04/26 Permalink | Reply  

    This National Post report on Denis Coderre’s rodeo says opponents are considering a challenge under Quebec’s animal cruelty laws.

    • rue david 02:07 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      Bah, everything is wrong with this guy. Coderre’s 100 IQ and issuance from the suburbs that the PQ appended to the city should speak for themselves. In 2017, in Montreal, a cretin like this would never have had a scintilla of a chance of running Montreal, except for the good luck of the amalgamations. He’s weak, embarrassing, a generation behind in terms of intellectual dexterity and policy, and utterly oblivious to how much harm he does to the city by just being who he is (baseball, monstrously obese, zero knowledge of current urbanism, speaks like a goddamned peasant in both French and English, being internationally proud of stuff that we should wear as marks of humiliation, etc).

      If the guy had any dignity (lol), he’d cede his position before the next election in favor of Bergeron or Schnobb or even a Helen Fotopoulous type.

    • ant6n 10:39 on 2017/04/26 Permalink

      “Coderre’s 100 IQ and issuance from the suburbs that the PQ appended to the city should speak for themselves.”
      What’s that?

  • Kate 11:00 on 2017/04/25 Permalink | Reply  

    It’s train safety week, so Metro got the CN police guy to talk about how people do stupid things around train tracks, harking back to the young guys who got killed doing graffiti under the Turcot in 2010, but not mentioning Sarah Stott.

  • Kate 10:38 on 2017/04/25 Permalink | Reply  

    A man was stabbed overnight during a robbery at a gas station store in NDG.

  • Kate 10:07 on 2017/04/25 Permalink | Reply  

    A fancy funeral home in St-Léonard was firebombed overnight. TVA link has text and video. CBC notes that it was similarly hit in 2011 and everyone includes the information that the business has Mafia or Rizzuto links. (CTV says “Services for […] Nicolo Rizzuto, were also held there after his 2010 murder” which is nonsense. The Rizzutos have their funerals in high Catholic pomp at Madonna della Difesa on rue Dante, not at a funeral home.)

    • Viviane 12:30 on 2017/04/25 Permalink

      Rizzuto funeral at the church, visitation at the funeral home.

    • Kate 14:18 on 2017/04/25 Permalink

      Yes, but the visitation (we used to call it a wake) is not a service.

  • Kate 00:45 on 2017/04/25 Permalink | Reply  

    A press junket this week showed journalists that the Turcot rebuild is 40% complete. With photos.

    QMI says some bits of the new Turcot will be usable before the end of the year.

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