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  • Kate 00:28 on 2017/03/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Engine trouble forced a China-bound plane back to Trudeau airport Saturday. All accounts say the plane had to dump fuel over the Laurentians. Really? Is this safe?

    • Max 02:50 on 2017/03/26 Permalink

      It’s standard procedure when you need to get a plane’s weight down to the maximum landing weight for an early landing. “Dump” is a bit of a misnomer as the excess fuel is actually pissed out and aerosolized over a distance and period of time. In terms of environmental impact I’m pretty sure it’s less damaging than burning the fuel up.


  • Kate 00:23 on 2017/03/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Gilles Proulx writes about the turning point of 1966 when suddenly most Quebec Catholics stopped going to church.

    The Centre d’histoire piece looks at a then-and-now of a corner business in Little Italy.

    • rue david 03:29 on 2017/03/26 Permalink

      man, i know you despise this guy, kate. but when i read his articles, i really want to like him because there usually is something interesting that can be pulled out of his columns. man though, he just makes it so difficult. like, this was a perfectly okay article that reminded me of a few things i knew, then the he raises the old «ville au mille clochers» sobriquet and asks whether montreal will one day be the «ville aux mille mosquées.» just so nuts.


      still, i didn’t know that old church was from 1749, very cool.

  • Kate 00:17 on 2017/03/26 Permalink | Reply  

    St-Laurent borough is to change zoning to allow for more places of worship.

  • Kate 23:32 on 2017/03/25 Permalink | Reply  

    The St-Hubert branch on St-Denis in the Plateau is going to close in mid-May. It’s not a profitable location any more – a blow to recent hopes that the street is recovering from its woes.

  • Kate 23:29 on 2017/03/25 Permalink | Reply  

    Blue collar honcha Chantal Racette is facing accusations she’s been putting union money into her own pension fund. Racette has apparently claimed she can do that without agreement from the union executive.

  • Kate 16:32 on 2017/03/25 Permalink | Reply  

    Right-wing and anti-racist groups held opposing demonstrations Saturday afternoon at Concordia, but it didn’t escalate.

  • Kate 11:50 on 2017/03/25 Permalink | Reply  

    This city has established itself as an innovator in big artistic lighting projects. Le Devoir looks into it, as well as its potential for kitsch.

  • Kate 11:26 on 2017/03/25 Permalink | Reply  

    A judge has ordered the demolition of a new mansion on Île Bizard but it’s bound to go to appeal and drag through the courts for years.

    • JaneyB 08:50 on 2017/03/26 Permalink

      I dunno. Seems strange to wedge a new mansion so close to two existing ones but more importantly why would the city of Ile Bizard have granted the building permit in the first place? Now a judge wants to penalize the owner? Clearly, there’s a backstory that were not getting. The fact that he is an excellent lawyer who knows the angles adds another layer. A Montreal story in the making…

  • Kate 11:23 on 2017/03/25 Permalink | Reply  

    Three Montreal grade schools condemned because of too much mold will be partly demolished and rebuilt with new money from Quebec. Ste-Bibiane, Ste-Lucie and Ste-Catherine-de-Sienne are named as the schools, and I know I’ve said it before, but the soi-disant nonconfessional CSDM has got to think about renaming some of these institutions.

    • Jorgh 22:38 on 2017/03/25 Permalink

      At least there is some variety there. English schools seem to have one of two names: Riverside or St-Patrick, the latter from the Irish side of the religious school board days.

  • Kate 19:15 on 2017/03/24 Permalink | Reply  

    A 460 express bus piled into a Hydro pole Friday morning on Côte-de-Liesse.

  • Kate 19:15 on 2017/03/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Friday’s snow (which has been half snow, half rain) will be followed by mixed precipitation then freezing rain on Sunday.

    It was unpleasant underfoot coming home this evening. The snow had been compressed into uneven, wet, treacherous ice wherever people were walking. I hope this gets salted and gravelled pretty quick.

  • Kate 19:13 on 2017/03/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Here’s a summary of the weekend’s roadblocks.

  • Kate 19:12 on 2017/03/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Philippe Couillard is pushing the feds for financing for the REM, while a coalition of citizens’ groups, environmentalists and a union have filed a motion to stop it.

  • Kate 18:49 on 2017/03/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Gilles Deguire, ex mayor of Montreal North, was sentenced to six months in prison and two years of probation for the sex charge to which he pleaded guilty – sexually touching a minor, and not just once, but over a period of time, going by her reported testimony.

    • steph 20:26 on 2017/03/24 Permalink

      Not long enough.

    • Kate 21:12 on 2017/03/24 Permalink

      I wonder how the girl’s parents feel about it, and whether there’s any family connection. I don’t believe it’s ever been mentioned, but then they can’t risk having her identified.

      In a way I’m glad we live in a generally law-abiding society because if I were a parent and someone did that to my kid…

  • Kate 12:20 on 2017/03/24 Permalink | Reply  

    Plans are afoot to enlarge the Palais des congrès, starting by expropriating adjoining lots. This isn’t new news: La Presse talked about it in December 2014. A couple of the buildings on that block of St-Antoine are quite old.

    It’s not spelled out, but I wonder if Quebec (and Canada in general) is hoping to get more international conference action with the U.S. border having become so openly hostile, for example the story this week about no African citizen being allowed into the U.S. for an annual African trade summit in California.

    • rue david 12:27 on 2017/03/24 Permalink

      I really hope that any expansion plans include funds to cover up at least some of the Ville Marie there. Amazing that it has been allowed to benight the city for so many decades.

    • Ephraim 12:57 on 2017/03/24 Permalink

      Betting on a four year term isn’t a smart deal… this too shall pass.

    • Phil C. 15:17 on 2017/03/24 Permalink

      The land was on reserve for a few years so this was probably in the works. Looks like good timing though

    • dominic 16:22 on 2017/03/24 Permalink

      I find that area really noisy. Some trees, green space, or some sort of noise reduction plan would help make the area around the Palais more walkable and welcoming to guests.

    • Kate 01:05 on 2017/03/26 Permalink

      Ephraim, you’re assuming Trump won’t be re-elected. He’s already put in his candidacy for 2020.

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