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  • Kate 21:45 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    A suspect has been charged with mischief against a place of worship in the vandalism of the Ontario Street mosque.

  • Kate 21:42 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    A private donor has offered a $5,000 reward for information on the man wanted in those two east-end shootings.

    Sure wish I knew who he was.

  • Kate 21:09 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    A judge has rejected a request from two members of Québec solidaire hoping to preserve Sainte-Marie–Saint-Jacques riding.

  • Kate 19:57 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Michel Cadotte was charged with murder in the second degree Tuesday in the death of his wife at the Émilie-Gamelin CHSLD in Centre-Sud on Monday. Jocelyne Lizotte was in a bad way, but her very condition made her unable to give consent to end-of-life measures, which makes me curious to what extent we can give consent to these in advance.

    La Presse has a quote from Cadotte’s Facebook page in which he implies he was acting on Lizotte’s request for aid in dying. That wouldn’t have any legal weight, it seems to me.

  • Kate 19:54 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Roghayeh Azizi, who’s been living in Montreal “illegally” with her daughter, a university student, has been arrested by border services because they say she’s a flight risk – even though the one thing she wants is to stay safely here and not be sent packing to Iran, where she’s already done time for militating for women’s rights and where her husband was executed by the government.

    • rue david 22:07 on 2017/02/21 Permalink

      So she was to be deported in five days and they took her into custody to ensure she showed at the airport. Doesn’t seem like something the federal justice minister would overturn.

      Maybe it helps her get the case reheard though. Like, wonder why they’d bother. If she doesn’t use services, doesn’t cause trouble, and probably does face some persecution if she goes home (not least because she’s likely flat broke), who cares? We’re only hearing one side though. Like, how are they living? Illegally collecting welfare? What did she admit to during the interview? She was imprisoned under Khomeini, who died in 1989, over a quarter century ago, a lot has changed since then and it might be that the immigration officer just didn’t find the government threat to be credible.

    • Kate 22:55 on 2017/02/21 Permalink

      Credible? They killed Zahra Kazemi and they put Homa Hoodfar in prison for months. This is not a regime that we can trust, especially as concerns women.

    • rue david 23:04 on 2017/02/21 Permalink

      Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be there. But these immigration officers/judges weight these when considering deportation. Why didn’t she apply for asylum when she arrives back in 2011? How did her daughter get to Quebec? How did she get busted in the first place.

      Me, I think there’s no point in deporting her but we must be wary of falling into the trap some have of assuming that the experts that decide these matters are incompetent, stupid or ideologically blind.

      Wish we could see the file.

    • rue david 23:17 on 2017/02/21 Permalink

      Aha, so I think sketching out the process would help. She wants to stay because it’s dangerous to return. That’s asking for asylum. Asylum is granted when a person can establish “persecution” (scare quote because it’s a legal term of art) based on the person’s membership in a protected class. Here, that’s political activist. So, one must show persecution, their belonging to a group, and a causal nexus between the two.

      Being in prison 25 years ago, for actions taken as part of a group that Canada understands as a terrorist group would usually kill that claim. In many cases, so would waiting until she was caught 5 years later to press that claim. We don’t know any more, but just based on that, it’s not surprising that an immigration court/officer found she failed to show she should get in as a refugee.

      There’s a process, it works, and a majority of asylum claims are accepted, even though everyone knows most people are economic migrants.

      So, that’s why I say that we should leave it to the experts who know the facts.

    • Kate 23:44 on 2017/02/21 Permalink

      rue david, I see what you mean, but if the bottom line is that this sixty-year-old widow goes into Evin prison, I don’t really care about the technicalities.

    • 00:55 on 2017/02/22 Permalink

      She should just tell them about our new ‘sanctuary city’ status.

  • Kate 18:23 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Everett-Green previews this year’s Art souterrain exhibit.

  • Kate 18:19 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    CBC is doing a feature on the city’s various ethnic communities for the 375th.

  • Kate 11:34 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Patrick Lagacé writes Tuesday about the internal police investigation he was reporting on when it came out his phone calls were being logged. He ends up with more questions than answers.

  • Kate 11:27 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    A new CROP poll shows that the $39.5-million plan to light up the bridge has little popular support. The question was sponsored by a private individual, discussed in the article.

  • Kate 10:00 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    QMI seems to have more detail on Monday’s homicide at a long-term care facility. The picture is of a man who suffocated his ailing wife with a pillow. He’s to appear in court Tuesday.

  • Kate 09:53 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    A study shows that Montreal was worst among Canadian cities for traffic congestion in 2016.

    • CE 23:54 on 2017/02/21 Permalink

      I’m living in the 5th most congested city on earth according to this study. Compared to here, Montreal’s streets are gloriously empty!

  • Kate 09:42 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    Even though the Plateau was the winner in clearing snow this week, QMI found an example of an alleged chenillette not pushing any snow on Cartier on Sunday. I think this is a pretty thin accusation: the driver could’ve been circulating in search of snow to be moved.

  • Kate 09:32 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    On Monday, city council approved a loan of $23.2 million to renovate city hall, a big project meant to start this year and finish in 2019. While the work is done, city hall’s operations will move next door into the old Palais de Justice, aka Édifice Lucien-Saulnier, and council sessions will be held there.

    • Patrick 13:40 on 2017/02/21 Permalink

      Tangential question: why do references to buildings like this one (Complexe Guy-Favreau, Pavillon Judith-Jasmin, etc. ) always include the first name of the person it’s named for? Does anyone ever just use the last name? In English, it would be pedantic to always say the”John D.” MacDonald X or the”Samuel” Bronfman Y unless there was some ambiguity. I’ve never understood if this is a French-language custom generally or just a local one.

    • Kate 14:22 on 2017/02/21 Permalink

      I will look into this. We have streets called e.g. Papineau and Crémazie but new streets would be called Louis-Joseph-Papineau and Octave-Crémazie — and I don’t know when this changed, or why. I’ll ask.

      I’m going to see if the Grande Bibliothèque can answer this one.

  • Kate 09:26 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    A man who tried to open a cannabis dispensary in Hochelaga says gangsters tried to take it over to use for money-laundering. Pat Vaillancourt maintains that with the law remaining in flux, there will be opportunities like this for crooks.

  • Kate 09:17 on 2017/02/21 Permalink | Reply  

    A mosque at Ontario and Fullum had its windows smashed Tuesday morning, and a suspect has been arrested. Raw video from TVA.

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