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  • Kate 22:22 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    A rally Sunday in the riding of Mount Royal will likely be the Stephen Harper’s first move in the longest federal campaign in history, but also a gesture towards the Tories’ intention of sullying this island with a blue mark.

    • JaneyB 23:21 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      And sullying that riding in particular – it was PE Trudeau’s riding for 20 years and one of the safest Liberal ridings in the country. Unfortunately, last time at least, some wedge politics were in play eg: zionists vs Cotler liberals. (Disclosure: I was scrutineering for Cotler). It did not give me joy to know that debates about Israel were playing any role at all in our election. That goes for any other country, not Israel in particular but in this case, the riding is strongly Jewish. I presume similar strategies will be in play in other culturally concentrated ridings. Very tight targets and a poll by poll campaign. Harper is no dummy on this, unfortunately IMO.

    • Matt G 23:33 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Harper is one of the best politicians I know of. Don’t misread me, I disagree with his policies; I’m just saying that he’s a very talented politician. He plays that game good, he does.

  • Kate 22:16 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Projet wants stricter rules to make calèche horses’ lives more tolerable. Denis Coderre wants to keep the calèches on the roads but has suggested a debate on the topic this fall.

  • Kate 22:13 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    The Jacques Cartier bridge is to be lit up for the 375th, a Moment Factory production to cost $40 million and offer 91 possible colour changes. Official page. Denis Coderre says critics of this plan are trolls pissing in your ear.

    • carswell 22:46 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Check out the video on the official page. It’s not just 91 colours. It’s animated and will change colours and patterns to reflect traffic conditions, special events and the seasons (in case you hadn’t noticed it’s winter). So, we’re going to have a tacky disco light show dominating the nighttime view of the Saint Lawrence from 2017 into the foreseeable future?

      This sounds like a make-work project for Moment Factory. Have the people behind this idiocy taken into consideration things like light pollution (which we’re supposed to be reducing)? The effect on wildlife (ornithologists are probably going to cry bloody murder)? The distraction this will cause to drivers on and around the (already dangerous) bridge? And, yeah, the price tag is quoted as $40 million. But does that include the cost of electricity every night for years and years hence?

      Mayor Youppi will probably succeed in brushing aside such questions as trolling but he’s wrong about this troll. I wouldn’t piss in his ear if his brain was on fire.

    • Kate 23:08 on 2015/07/30 Permalink


    • steph 00:16 on 2015/07/31 Permalink

      I’m enjoying the colorful names he’s been given – Mayor Youppi, McTwitter, BamBam.

    • Rachel 01:52 on 2015/07/31 Permalink

  • Kate 14:27 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Richard Henry Bain has succeeded in getting another delay in his trial, jury selection meant to begin next May. His lawyer says Bain was suffering from the effects of an antidepressant when he carried out his attack. I’m not going to put in “alleged” here because there’s no doubt about who acted, although the degree and kind of guilt remains to be ascertained.

    (Given that almost everyone is taking some form of legal psychoactive medication these days, what will it mean for jurisprudence if a court agrees that an antidepressant could make a guy kill somebody?)

    • Blork 15:27 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      I guess they’ll have to come up with a pill for that.

  • Kate 14:17 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    The app Montréal en histoires is getting a lot of notice. I haven’t tried it yet, but it offers sixty locations where you can experience snippets of the city’s history.

  • Kate 10:53 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Media are getting extra mileage this week out of their old photos of Gérald Tremblay looking tight-lipped and grim. The Journal says Tremblay is among the 15 big names in the water meter documents. La Presse’s Kathleen Lévesque says it looks like a vast conspiracy.

    And now the UPAC is visiting Bernard Trépanier, aka Monsieur 3%.

  • Kate 10:49 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    The Journal notes that calèche horses were working all day Wednesday despite a law saying horses need to be rested when it’s 30° or more. It reached 31° Wednesday afternoon.

  • Kate 10:47 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Global has a nice list of five car-free day trips from Montreal, taking intercity buses or even AMT trains.

    • Viviane 10:57 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      The hike up the Saint-Hilaire mountain is nice and very popular, but you’d probably want to take a taxi to get there once you arrive in town.

    • Mathieu 11:16 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Besides, it’s impossible to take a train for a day trip to Mont-Saint-Hilaire as they suggest. The trains are leaving St-Hilaire in the morning and going back in the evening.

    • EmilyG 11:28 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Thanks for the link. I don’t drive much (or far), so I appreciate learning about places I can go without a car.

    • Viviane 11:36 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Indeed Mathieu, a better option on week-ends would be to take the 200 bus line from the Longueuil metro station. See (Sorry, I still haven’t figured out the “secret” code to insert links).

  • Kate 10:39 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    In the Globe and Mail, Yves Boisvert writes about Denis Coderre’s passion for sports and the revival of a baseball team here: “It is estimated that the cost of buying a team and building a stadium would be more than $1 billion. A new ball park that could seat 36,000 spectators would cost around $500 million, according to Ernst & Young. The firm concluded the team would be profitable […] provided, of course, that two-thirds of the privately owned stadium would be paid for with public money.”

    In the Gazette, one Michelle Pucci looks at the pros and cons: “According to Harvard scholar Judith Grant Long, taxpayers end up footing about 78 per cent of the bill for the average professional sports facility.” Pucci points to a Globe & Mail piece from earlier this month about how spending public money on sports venues is a mug’s game.

    (“Montreal is one of the only big cities in North America without a major league team” – well, is it the only one? Or isn’t it? I always itch when I see “one of the only” because it’s a journalist putting up a big sign saying “Maybe it is, but I couldn’t be bothered to check.”)

    General warnings for article limits on both the Globe and Gazette, of course.

    • Bill Binns 10:49 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Agreed. “One of the only”, “refused to condemn”, “some people are saying”. All tools for lazy journalists.

      Where is the opposition to Coderre’s baseball ambitions? The CAQ should be all over this.

    • Ian 10:49 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      I think the reasoning there is that defining a “big city” is pretty much a matter of opinion. Over 1 million? Many have no major league team.

    • jeather 11:19 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      If we take urban area population (3.5 million) and look at US cities of that size, all of them have baseball teams. If we look just at the municipality (1.5 million), same thing.

      I don’t think that we need a baseball team at all, but it seems to be the case that Montreal is the biggest city in the US and Canada without an MLB team. Obviously if we include other countries in North America, Montreal doesn’t come close — Mexico City, Guatemala City, Havana, depending on how you define city (metro area etc), maybe Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo. But people often incorrectly use North America to mean ‘US and Canada’.

    • Douglas 11:59 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Nobody here cares about Baseball.

    • Kate 12:06 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Bill Binns, the others may be what the Wikipedia calls “weasel words” but “one of the only” is simply illogical. Either something is the only one, or it’s not. It may be one of a few, or one of the rare, but as it stands it’s meaningless.

    • Ephraim 12:24 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Why does the public need to pay for one more disastrous stadium on the public purse? Don’t we already have one that is hardly in use. And when they talk about a use, they come out saying it can’t be used for that anyway. Hey, make it a PP… one less P… PUBLIC, you know…. a private partnership!

    • Josh 19:08 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      I think the reason for language like, “one of the only” is actually in jeather’s reply: It’s either that or list a bunch of caveats, taking up valuable real estate assuming these articles actually ran in hard copy newspapers.

    • carswell 22:53 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Boisvert is wrong. Coderre doesn’t have a passion for sports. He has a passion for big business spectator sports. Big difference.

  • Kate 10:24 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    The Rogers Cup has lost one of its headliners as Roger Federer has pulled out of his appearance here. The men’s event begins here on August 10.

    • Joe Bin 18:28 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      They should call this edition the Rogerless Cup then.

  • Kate 10:22 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    The Coderre administration has changed tack and now says that more than one firm may provide electric cars for its car-sharing service.

    • Ephraim 12:26 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Frankly, just open it up based on a price per licence with each company getting a share of all the applications for licences. Then we can have competition between them. Each year on renewal, all companies apply get a share of the available licences based on their request. If the requests oversubscribe, the price increases next year for the licence.

  • Kate 10:18 on 2015/07/30 Permalink | Reply  

    Osheaga’s tenth anniversary festival opens tomorrow. The festival is sold out.

    • jeather 10:21 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      Apparently the tickets were only mailed out this week, causing problems for people who were leaving for Montreal yesterday or today.

    • Ephraim 10:45 on 2015/07/30 Permalink

      And the city hotels are also. Long weekend. PSG vs OL as well. Big weekend.

  • Kate 22:59 on 2015/07/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Brian Myles ponders the weight of the UPAC’s search of Gérald Tremblay’s house and cottage Wednesday and concludes that even if the man refrained from direct participation in city hall corruption, he still bears the responsibility of doing nothing to stop it.

  • Kate 22:44 on 2015/07/29 Permalink | Reply  

    Didier Drogba has arrived in Montreal. Youtube video.

  • Kate 22:43 on 2015/07/29 Permalink | Reply  

    The smart city? Apparently it’s nobody’s job to synchronize garbage pickup routes with road work, and this can cause traffic annoyances.

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