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  • Kate 23:31 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Patrick Lejtenyi on how the Hells Angels conquered Canada.

  • Kate 21:53 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    The MUHC has to make $28 million in cuts to fill shortfalls in its budget over the next two years. Staff may be laid off in a hospital from which we’ve already seen reports of overworked nurses burning out.

  • Kate 21:50 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Radio-Canada has a report on the new cruise terminal: it’s meant to be a new access to the river for everyone as well as a pier for cruise ships and their passengers. Metro shows some of the construction on the Alexandra Quay.

    • Faiz Imam 00:16 on 2016/10/28 Permalink

      That reminds me. While I go to old Montreal and the main area of the old port often enough, I went to the clocktower area for the first time, as well as what looks like a Dam/water control area behind Bassin Bonsecour.

      I was shocked by how wonderful a spot that is. Like, its a great picnic area with a cool view, yet It’s visually hidden on the other side of the Marina and the Labyrinth building.

      In that vein I like this project more now.

      As a modernized cruise terminal it’s meh. But now by them cutting parking in half (from 750 to 350 spots) and having more public space, especially out along the waterfront, it’s much more interesting.

      Despite being the old port, it occurs to me that there really isn’t much actual “waterfront” to the area. There’s just too much structure and activity going on, as compared to for example the Brooklyn or Toronto waterfronts.

      This plan seems to be going in the right direction.

    • Viviane 02:25 on 2016/10/28 Permalink

      Faiz Imam, that area near the clocktower is a non-swimmable beachin the summer.

  • Kate 21:48 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    An outline of what causes young women to be radicalized was presented at the National Assembly on Thursday. At the same time, stirrings of dissatisfaction are coming from the city’s much heralded anti-radicalization centre, former employees expressing concerns about alleged ethical violations.

  • Kate 19:19 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Only a few boundaries of divisions inside boroughs have been redrawn in advance of next year’s municipal election, and no borough borders are changing.

  • Kate 19:15 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    The strike is mostly over at the Old Port, and workers will be returning next week. A group that belongs to a different union is still struggling for a better deal. The workers got a promise of a gradual slight increase in salary, but failed to get the $15/hout they were looking for.

  • Kate 19:12 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    A Journal writer poses questions to Projet leadership hopeful Guillaume Lavoie. I have a feeling Lavoie’s ahead of the other two candidates and would put any bet money on him to win, although I know Valérie Plante has her supporters too. I don’t see much being said about François Limoges but I may not be looking in the right places.

    • ant6n 19:50 on 2016/10/27 Permalink

      I like Francois Limoges’ goal of building a 10-45 netowrk. 10 minutes to some mode of transit and then 45 minutes to your destination (although he may be emphasizing non-public transit options too much). It’s in interesting way to look at the problem, because it emphasizes a montreal-wide _goal_, rather than shopping list of random transit expansions. Once that goal is set, the implementation could be less politicized, a bit more technocratic, and may a bit more regional.

  • Kate 18:57 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    The New York Times pays a visit to our ruelles vertes. And for those who read Portuguese (or can run a translator) there’s a piece in that language on the same topic.

  • Kate 11:56 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Urbanist Jean-Claude Marsan writes that the city doesn’t understand the cultural value of Mount Royal well enough to propose it as a UNESCO heritage site.

    • Clément 13:16 on 2016/10/27 Permalink

      I think the city understands the financial (i.e. real estate) value of Mount Royal well enough, which is why they’re not too keen to propose it as a UNESCO WHS.

    • 13:30 on 2016/10/27 Permalink

      Would it still have value if they cut down all the trees, paved streets and build condos?

    • Faiz Imam 16:34 on 2016/10/27 Permalink

      It’s value is largely based on it being publicly accessible and usable. A private building that leaves itself open is not as much of a problem, but that never happens.

      For the most part, any privatization means total loss of access.

      But also, the natural elements don’t hurt.

  • Kate 10:08 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    The Supreme Court of Canada has overturned a ruling that Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois was guilty of contempt of court in connection with protests in 2012. The ruling.

  • Kate 09:37 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    Sud-Ouest borough is to vote on a new bylaw to hold back the proliferation of restaurants in too close proximity, along Notre-Dame West in particular. Might be closing the barn door, but maybe it will help. CP coverage via Ottawa’s Metro mentions, in the final paragraph, that the Plateau has had such a bylaw for 20 years.

    Update: The bylaw may face a local referendum if the register collects enough signatures.

    • jeather 20:03 on 2016/10/27 Permalink

      There are lots of empty storefronts, if they’re filled with other stuff it isn’t too late at all.

  • Kate 09:32 on 2016/10/27 Permalink | Reply  

    The city is still in discussions over next year’s Grand Prix. Let’s guess how much additional money they have to fork over to keep it this time.

    • Jay 11:12 on 2016/10/27 Permalink

      In my opinion, it’s undeniable that the economic spin-offs created by this event outweigh whatever we have to pay to keep it. And there are many many unmeasurable positives that come from it as well, perhaps the biggest being the showcasing of the city on a real world stage.

    • Bert 18:32 on 2016/10/27 Permalink

      All the City needs to do is get a move-on with the renovations to the pits and paddock. In the JdM article it seems that the Mayor is pushing off responsibility for this work to the Promoter. But I clearly remember in the press conference that announced the new 10-year deal that all the politicians stood up and said to the effect “we will get this done”.

      Bienvenue au Québec!

  • Kate 23:00 on 2016/10/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Two thousand people – mostly women – marched Wednesday evening against rape culture. Photos from Metro.

  • Kate 20:20 on 2016/10/26 Permalink | Reply  

    An investigation by the BEI will follow a shooting by a plainclothes cop in Montreal North.

  • Kate 20:15 on 2016/10/26 Permalink | Reply  

    Road reconstruction has only just begun. We’ll see a doubling in roadwork sites as sewers, water mains and roads are brought into the 21st century. Audio discussions about these plans on Radio-Canada. TVA evokes the anger of motorists at this prospect, with video.

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