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  • Kate 21:44 on 2016/12/10 Permalink | Reply  

    A Via Rail/Caisse de dépôt committee is going to look at whether intercity trains and the REM will be able to both use the Mount Royal tunnel.

  • Kate 21:36 on 2016/12/10 Permalink | Reply  

    The Canadiennes played a match at the Bell Centre on Saturday and defeated Calgary 1-0 in front of a crowd of 6000 people.

    Later, the Canadiens crushed the Avalanche 10-1.

  • Kate 21:33 on 2016/12/10 Permalink | Reply  

    A man has died after being hit by an SUV in Côte-Saint-Luc on Saturday morning.

  • Kate 11:54 on 2016/12/10 Permalink | Reply  

    This is provincial politics, not municipal, but this week it has been impossible not to note the populist rise of Bernard Gauthier, aka Rambo, who has started a Trump-style populist party – Citoyens en pouvoir – in the Côte-Nord. Xenophobia is one of the strings to his bow – the Journal’s quote from him is evidence enough: «Moé sauver des étrangers au détriment des miens, ben y’en est crissement pas question! On est assez dans marde comme ça pour en rajouter!» Gauthier predicts a civil war in Quebec if the Liberals continue to allow immigration and accommodations.

    Gauthier, originally a union rep, first became widely known because of his appearance at the Charbonneau commission. Later he was in the news when he was accused of intimidating a contractor, a charge that was thrown out of court. The Journal solicited political opinions on Gauthier’s prospects and Mathieu Bock-Côté has a snicker – but then we can all remember how Trump was not taken seriously enough by the American political class till too late. André‑Philippe Côté may have a more realistic view.

    • Jack 12:33 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      «C’est épeurant pour les gens des régions ce qui se passe en ville, ça nous fait peur, c’est effrayant, on voit ça les accommodements, les si pis les ça, on ne sait pas trop si c’est bon ou pas bon, mais c’est effrayant pour nous autres. On n’en veut pas de ça, des piqueries pis des gangs de rue!»

    • Kate 14:17 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      Jack, you and I can see how Gauthier is mixing up crime and multiculturalism in a quote like that, but we both live in town and we’re not frightened when we see people living a little differently from ourselves. We’d be naive to underestimate Gauthier’s connection to of feelings outside the city.

    • Jack 14:29 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      I concur, whats effrayant for me is the coverage Quebecor will provide this crypto-fascist. When someone lays on this level of stupidity shouldn’t news organizations treat them as a drunk guy on a street corner? Irritating but not news worthy.

    • Martin 15:14 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      I think it would be a fatal socio-political mistake to think for even a second that this is just a “region” versus Mtl phenomenon. Rambo’s simplistic and agressive demagogy could also play well with some citizens of Montreal. We have to be careful.

    • Frédéric Cardin 17:16 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      This guy is a bully. Pathetic. But dangerous. Unfortunately, some people (even intellectuals) because they are fed up with “the system” are too fast at jumping on this kind of “deplorable” (to quote one famous us presidential candidate)’s bandwagon. Sad.

      @Martin : an important poll today in La Presse : there is a cleavage between Mtl and the rest of Qc. Not saying everybody is oh-so-tolerant here, but, mostly, the difference seems to be clear-cut.

    • Frédéric Cardin 17:21 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      About the Côté drawing : honestly, I see Gauthier as more of a threat to PQ and CAQ than the Liberals. People who vote for the Libs will probably never even listen to whatever that thug as to say. My impression.

    • rue david 17:32 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      It is very difficult for me to believe that people would vote for a 90 IQ guy like this, and I’m pretty convinced that Trump is going to shoot down to historic unpopularity once the suckers he hustled into voting for him realize that they’ve just elected an especially incompetent and venal and brazenly corrupt Republican. Once it’s clear how stupid it is to elect the transparently unfit to govern, one expects that the fever will break. It’s actually borderline insulting to suggest that people could support a cretin like this.

    • SteveQ 17:41 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      Wow, 5 person left messages and already the guy has been called: ”Crypto-fascist”, ”stupidity”, ”agressive demagogy”, ”a bully”, ”a dangerous”, ”a 90 IQ” etc…

      And we are the tolerant ones ?

    • Kate 17:45 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      I like what Hassan Serraji has to say in Metro: people are scared, out of work and panicking, and it’s very easy for a demagogue to redirect those feelings onto the other, the immigrant, the alien.

    • Frédéric Cardin 17:53 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      Steve : we are mostly describing caracteristics of a discourse that the guy is using! You know, being tolerant doesn’t mean accepting with a friendly smile a guy who uses bullying as a way of life. This as been documented buy Radio-Canada and La Presse! The guy is a bully, that’s the name. Let’s use it.

    • ant6n 18:34 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      I am scared, of the wave of reactionary, proto-fascist populism.

  • Kate 10:59 on 2016/12/10 Permalink | Reply  

    A water main break in Montreal North in the wee hours has forced several people from their homes. TVA link has video.

  • Kate 10:55 on 2016/12/10 Permalink | Reply  

    Montreal has a program allowing the homeless to erase their ticket debt, which in some cases amounts to thousands of dollars. It might be better if the cops stopped ticketing people who obviously have no resources to pay, though. With audio clips.

    Global has a fluff piece about two businessmen handing out sleeping bags to homeless folks, which made me think back to a report from last year in which an Accueil Bonneau spokesman suggested not doing that: shelters want the homeless to come in from the cold, not be encouraged to sleep outside.

  • Kate 23:27 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    Trinity Memorial, a major church building in NDG near Vendome metro, is closing next year: the NDG Food Depot will also have to move along from where it’s been since 2013.

  • Kate 23:15 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    The Hudson’s Bay Company has been fined $765,000 for releasing 48 kg of PCBs into the river from a rooftop transformer at their downtown store. This happened in May 2011 and the store waited 3½ days to tell authorities about the mishap.

  • Kate 22:17 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    The UK Independent has a piece on a photographer who travels around looking at the remnants of world’s fairs, and the text is all about eerie and abandoned installations. But the gallery photos from Expo 67 are of the Calder statue, well loved and not neglected, Habitat 67, where it costs half a million bucks at least to move in, and the Biosphere, currently a museum. The only semi-obscure piece from Expo 67 is Yves Trudeau’s Le Phare du Cosmos – the blue robot – but even that piece is often photographed and hasn’t been in any sense forgotten. Silly.

    • Uatu 09:19 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      She also missed the casino

    • Kate 12:22 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      The article slideshow doesn’t include it, but we don’t know whether the photographer did. When she visited the site she could hardly have missed it.

      Of course, an operating casino doesn’t quite fit the theme of abandonment.

  • Kate 22:10 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    Various thoughts about Bill 121: Le Devoir’s Jeanne Corriveau takes note that although the bill gives Montreal more power, it stops short of allowing the mayor to rejig the borough system unilaterally. The CBC piece cites Dinu Bumbaru’s concern that giving the city more direct control of heritage is a mixed blessing at best: the city’s greed for more taxes may undermine preservation. Valérie Plante doesn’t think the new powers come to much: that the city needs more cash, not lagniappes like being allowed to keep bars open late, and that the city’s power to spin off nonprofits that remain opaque to public view is potentially dangerous.

  • Kate 11:15 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    The Jacques-Cartier will be completely closed Friday and Sunday overnight, and there will be various closures around the Turcot site this weekend too.

    Montreal West residents are mad about increased traffic in their town because of Turcot detours.

  • Kate 11:01 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    Tracey Lindeman has a nice piece in the Globe about a Montreal firm that’s making bank on modest Muslim fashion.

  • Kate 10:56 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    Carey Price got a double penalty for roughing in Thursday night’s game after the Devils’ Kyle Palmieri ran him down in his own net. The Gazette has the video clip as does the Journal. Habs won, 5-2.

  • Kate 10:48 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    La Presse has more details about Alain Sirard, the Ste-Justine doctor who killed himself this week, including quotes from his lengthy suicide note and a reminder that he was stabbed in the street in 2013 in an attack the police have never solved. Sirard had been involved in several cases where he alleged signs of child abuse that were not substantiated, and was facing sanctions when he did himself in.

  • Kate 10:38 on 2016/12/09 Permalink | Reply  

    The Lachine Canal bike path is not cleared of snow, so some enthusiasts have just held a shovel-in on Friday morning. Parks Canada has to agree with the city over means of clearing the path, and they haven’t done this yet.

    • Tim S 21:42 on 2016/12/09 Permalink

      Not really my neighbourhood, but aren’t there people who ski there in winter? I’d rather see it turned into a ski trail in winter than a bike lane.

    • Chris 14:29 on 2016/12/10 Permalink

      There is grass along the bike path, skiers can use it.

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